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Original title: CCTV big play ” between the world ” change ground of find a view to be here ↓ , did you go playing card? 20220219120546 6210dd1a99f67 The teleplay that heat of archives of a gold sowed CCTV on January 28 ” between the world ” by the audience people nod again and again this drama sows assist to take throne of champion of viewing rate of similarly hereinafter period of time namely20220219120547 6210dd1b95bca The government-owned intermediary dispatch such as People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency is commented on, discharge force of ten deal out! Average viewing rate starts network of CSM whole nation even CCTV-1 comes nearly 3 years teleplay is new tall. First weeks small gain heat is broken 2 billion. 20220219120548 6210dd1c12688 ” between the world ” when filming, be in Jilin find a view, a lot of vista in drama also became newly bid. As turn a person, if you saw this teleplay, discover we turns area of 2 rivers of city is the suspension bridge of village of 5 Jiang Zhengu garden in drama and had stage photo of a lot of conduct propaganda once appeared? 20220219120548 6210dd1cede9c 20220219120549 6210dd1d843de 20220219120550 6210dd1e22974 Especially, the suspension bridge in drama appears is Zhou Bingyi and a paragraph of stories that Hao Dongmei meets, reflected blueness of that special time is acerbity and pure good love adequately, suspension bridge also is the testimony of this love. So, we come along today ” suspension bridge ” play card, pass through spatio-temporal, be on suspension bridge, walk into teleplay ” between the world ” medium setting, the home town amorous feelings that feels 50 time! 20220219120550 6210dd1e9844e Suspension bridge of garden of stay of proceedings, get a name because of be located in village of garden of stay of proceedings, this suspension bridge only then built 1996, full-length 150 meters. River of muddy of whole bridge over or across connects north and south, also the quadruplet of village of garden of connective stay of proceedings and group of just a little, for the production of common people the life provided important safeguard. 20220219120551 6210dd1f32aa5 Hit card hind to suspension bridge, we can be by the way inside village of garden of stay of proceedings go for a walk of go for a walk, since 2021, village of garden of stay of proceedings of 5 rivers town with ” beautiful and rural colorful rural area ” give priority to a problem, window of focusing countryside characteristic, build total pool landscape 1 place, large Dang Jianbiao knows landscape 3 place. 20220219120551 6210dd1f99a37 20220219120551 6210dd1ff039e Undertake to dweller of village of village of garden of stay of proceedings color whitewashs curtilage, stereo coloured drawing or pattern of 3D of scale of circumjacent wall body is reached in square of garden of stay of proceedings 2000 square metre, theme of coloured drawing or pattern covers scene of nature of folk-custom of industry of characteristic of traditional culture, countryside, place, homebred animation and this locality characteristic to wait many board piece, with noveller, clever way, let rustic environment have gout feeling more, red-blooded. Walk in such country alley, can’t help letting a person experience the condition of beautiful and local home village or town that treats running water someone to little bridge. 20220219120552 6210dd2065d0f Admire beautiful rustic landscape, can sample to village of garden of stay of proceedings the rose tea of characteristic, mouthfeel Qing Dynasty is sweet, the tine after drink is buccal stay sweet. 20220219120552 6210dd20e942a Banquet of complete fish of fish of cold water of characteristic of golden source lake is none inferior also, in as far as possible reductive feed capable person originally olfactory at the same time, the taste bud that lets you becomes more rich! 20220219120553 6210dd21a6af3 Still dish of characteristic of delicate rose cake, rose and bowl of northeast firewood iron are stewed, furnace has the sweet smell of jumpy flame and farmhouse meal, make journey good all the more. 20220219120554 6210dd220b70e 20220219120554 6210dd225fce0 Believe to be in before long in the future, suspension bridge will be built by right of conduct propaganda of drama of movie and TV situation, attract the eyeball of a large number of potential tourist, become the travel destination with yearning everybody. Village of garden of stay of proceedings travels ceaseless development countryside, increase farmer income, make rustic travel becomes executive countryside to revitalize the main engine with the strategy, collective and rich implementation. 20220219120554 6210dd22b3604 Origin: Open service center of the travel that turn city

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