Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: ” winter abstruse family ” heat is sowed, scene comedy aids force winter abstruse, xiao Tianren encircles pink by acting Winter abstruse topic temperature is high, this year with the winter abstruse work of relevant movie and TV also has many going out to encircle, have comedy of a scene among them ” winter abstruse family ” special get an audience love.

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This drama is told about basically told about before Beijing Olympic Winter Games came 2022, beijing alley family begins ice and snow to move, in all the encourage annals story that round Olympic Games dreams. ” winter abstruse family ” will explain a winter with comedic means abstruse subject matter and encourage annals theme. Developed life of scene comedy press close to, information content is big, the window with comedic strong sex, modelled each lovely the domestic member that has little weakness each again, depicted those who reveal times drive is familial group picture.

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A tough guy that conceives Chuai Guanjun dream grandfather Cheng Yifan, in the education of family next paces side with the grandchildren Cheng fruit that champion grows, there is distinctive charm on every part body. Fruit of its intermediate range is by young actor personate of Xiao Tianren place, what see him in the everybody in drama is clever and bright, lovely and piquant, many audiences are encircled by this young actor pink.

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Xiao Tianren each part of his place personate very denounce happy event, do not see him the age is small, but acting is online however, expressional strength a few old actors in no less than drama. Each small expression is taken hold reach the designated position, let an audience also can experience joy when seeing play.

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