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Original title: Fight king of energy of life of person of broken government elect by ballot, xiao Xun person energy of life is highest, is queen of beautiful Du Sha inferior to Yun Yun?

” fight broken canopy ” the government undertook elect by ballot, will ” bottle broken ” medium belle had vote, the official matchs Xiao Xun the number that nod assist is not high, but, interactive quantity is a highest however. As female does the person of queen of beautiful Du Sha of 2 enrage a value to be inferior to female charm matching the cloud actually? Final result, make indeed everybody feels accident!

Although not be female,value of person energy of life exceeds Jiang Yunyun advocate position, but the position that Bai Yueguang is in Xiao Yan’s heart, also be the person that can treat Xiao Yan rarely sincerely. Nevertheless your person feels regrettablly is Yun Yun does not have He Xiaoyan finally to pull a hand, mix for the master however career, married the person that does not love, accordingly, yun Yun is become countless ” bottle broken ” confused meaning is made the same score hard!

20220219120806 6210dda651197

Because desolate as kind of sweet grass,value of energy of life of beautiful Du Sha’s person is inferior to Yun Yun come on the stage the time is little little, queen of beautiful Du Sha was assumed almost female advocate position, had superhigh person successfully also to enrage a value. In origianl work, queenly of beautiful Du Sha because the disposition of bully gas, so, absorbed the vermicelli made from bean starch that exceeds many. But the dot assist from official statistic, comment, share, in light of interactive quantity, does value of queenly person energy of life have beautiful Du Sha rather is the point too low was confused?

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Want to know queenly hand does beautiful Du Sha, but buy out of stock, and it is slow-moving that Yun Yun’s hand does. Accordingly, data of queenly of beautiful Du Sha and value of person energy of life are inferior to Yun Yun, it is very easy however suspicion letting a person, whether to put in cheat behavior! Elegant humble waiting in momentum of elegant humble each other is female likewise match, but the tall affection business because of elegant humble, high intelligence quotient encircles pink successfully many. Elegant humble is a mind which perceives both past and future knowledge person, after seeing Xiao Yan from the first, conclude Xiao Yan’s future won’t be too poor, so, it is to Xiao Yan all the way photograph of your kind effort is aided. Elegant humble and Xiao Yan are sterling friend relation all the time, accordingly, elegant humble is him successfully also to encircle pink in, this data is right elegant humble, still be truer!

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Young doctor celestial being slants in coarse the gut of early days of young doctor celestial being is less, all the time when later period, just be gut of young doctor celestial being advocate, so, everybody enrages a value to the person of young doctor celestial being now low, also be a business that does not pass normally again!

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Accept orchid beautiful pays a copy ” agreement of 3 years ” firm end, normally for, accept orchid beautifuls as ” 3 years about ” heroine, value of person energy of life won’t be too poor, the disposition that accept orchid beautifuls does not invite do sth to a person happy event, enrol a person to detest however instead, so, the person that likes accept orchid beautiful truly is little little, more it is unending deceive quarrelling sound!

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Xiao Xun interactive quantity is highest Xiao Xun the time that come on the stage is little, but about Xiao Xun the controversy did not stop all the time however. Xiao Xun the quantity that nod assist, comment quantity, transmit quantity is had pity on less, but interactive quantity exceeded 100 thousand, is this the aureola of heroine? Before in the four seasons, xiao Xun come on the stage very few all the time, but when in the 5th season, xiao Yan heads for academic study, began Xiao Xun sweet love, accordingly, xiao Xun give a time also subsequently much rise!

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From the point of the king of person energy of life of official elect by ballot, xiao Xun the first, Yun Yun the 2nd, beautiful Du Sha the 3rd, Yafeidi 4, young doctor celestial being the 5th, accept orchid beautifuls the 6th, to before rank, how do you look? Good! Today’s share come here end, to above content, what what wants to say do you still have? Greeting lower part leaves a message to comment on or spit groove, enjoy together chase after enjoyment joy!

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