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Original title: ” accompany you to have a meal well together ” sow, be like tide reputably, men and women advocate Yan Zhi acting makes person Jing colourful Foreword the heart with capturing a person is self-denying, in order to allow heart tolerate with others of oneself. Make to each square for, no matter they are filming some teleplay or some film when, affirmative won’t blind goes undertaking choosing, they also can take the lead in knowing the market now in after all the teleplay of what type will be more welcome, suffer numerous group more, the number that views teleplay is more also, have when them roughly after understanding, they just can cost more time and energy to be in some sort above teleplay. But the audience that I believe to like to see teleplay more very much people also should have a very clear acknowledge, no matter be,be in namely then before still be in later, sweet bestow favor on kind teleplay in the market affirmative metropolis takes the side have position, what teleplay watchs above the market now after all is a few youths mostly, the teleplay kind that they like to look is for certain the sort of particularly sweet, below such circumstance, sweet the indefectible position that bestows favor on drama to be able to maintain it all the time undoubtedly, having pretty good heat and viewing rate. When going up one year, hunan is defended inspect depending on ” the honor that you are me ” the attraction with this successful drama arrived a lot of young audiences, let them followed to talk about a sweet love as main actor of male and female. This year when, hunan is defended inspect depending on again again ” accompany you to have a meal well together ” this drama, took throne of viewing rate first successfully. And although this drama broadcasts drama volume number still is not very much, but from current in light of the state, return Youshangsheng’s trend. The audience that a lot of have see this teleplay now people it is above fabaceous valve him miserly of a bit not stint reputably, view this theatrical work in order to attract to the front of more audiences. Although say this drama is a be mingled with only,wear of cate element sweet bestow favor on drama, but undeniable is this adds cent for this drama really many, make a lot of audiences straight breathe out cannot seek theatrical work in the late evening. 01 gut guileless is simple, but rich cooked food is angry generally speaking those compare ground connection gas, and the teleplay that rich cooked food enrages can invite an audience normally people there is very strong generation to enter when watch feeling, and this drama is this sort model teleplay. Although say what what tell about this drama is main,be to concern the love story that produces between mad boss of a job and a lovely small subordinate, unavoidable the gut that lets a lot of people associate to strong president. But the person of this drama is set and content is done not have however so dog blood. The Yu Hao that serves as a boss all the time since put oneself focus in the job above, he has a defect to won’t cook namely, and female advocate Su Kelan serves as a small staff, also be in a company to become everyday with present a lot of people ” salty fish ” , but female advocate to cate this is to be had deep love for exceedingly however on one hand. Because,also be so female advocate ability is in quite when encountering crisis of cate public relations, stood, this also lets she and this boss place acquaintance. And be after this the be mixed between two people is increasing also, feeling also warms up gradually, from the point of the gut that broadcasts now, there also is the contact on what limbs actually between two people, more it is the job and phonetic communication, but audience people can see them from inside their every act namely between the feeling of the dead of the sort of be bored with, especially male advocate right female advocate care silently and cherish, let a lot of audiences wish oneself change to be become personally female advocate. So everything looks, it is follow a rational line to do some work well, the thing of success will come when conditions are ripe, very ground connection is angry. 02 male advocate bully total person is set not fat the play of downstage bay idol that be in be the rage when, the young girl that has a lot of possibly hopes particularly those strong presidents inside drama can in actual life appears, achievement is in the love before prince and Cinderella. But the ceaseless development that takes the place of as present tense, people also has become sober gradually rise, know this kind of thing in consist in novel and idol play, and the occurrence as play of idol of increasing strong president, audience people aesthetic also appeared fatigue. Look in them, present very much strong president resembles no longer absorbing in that way before, become exceedingly fat instead, very provoking be fed up with. But in this drama, although the person of hero is set,also be a strong president, but however not fat, show because of outstanding watch of Gao Hanyu even, make a lot of people right strong president had a brand-new acknowledge, also let a lot of woman audiences liked to go up this part of his place personate. The appearance that should know Gao Hanyu actually exceedingly pretty good, stature and figure are exceedingly good also, this makes Yu Hao also is very forceful and brilliant, put on business suit in him especially later, the figure that does a person was in with respect to perfect showing audience people before. And can in control of a big company, yu Hao’s intelligence quotient is apparent not low also, it is even when those who face subordinate is minatory, he is none flurried also. Say so, gao Hanyu actually this bully total person is set perform work. 03 female advocate Yan Zhi is online, warmth is cured in this drama personate daughter advocate is Zheng Jiaohong, although say she is young actor of a new personality only, but her appearance is exceedingly melting however, especially of her place personate female advocate, resembling actually in this drama is a person that cure, be opposite with oneself of cate love to cure male advocate, warm male advocate, let male advocate also experience warmth. But female advocate also be to be in actually cure oneself, want to know her experience does not calculate happiness actually. The broken bits that encountered him disappoint not only male, and still got work in the same place in the job privately doubt, still have the mother of a sicken plus her, but she never because of this depression, walk out of a shadow very quickly instead, laugh at pair of life, enjoy oneself everyday the life, she all along won’t blame everyone and everything but not oneself. Personate daughter advocate although Zheng Jiaohong is a new personality only, but what she shows the acting that come out to let a lot of people feel in this drama astonish exceedingly. Especially her in all affection ability, when she is lovelorn, she also cried greatly like very much common girl, but the sadness of this moment and distressed and absolutely so cannot simple dissolve, be in so later after she came up against a cup not carefully to warm a hand, her mood goes forward one by one again, crouch on the ground, cried small posse, a lot of audiences that let once had been experienced can feel with experience. Epilogue according to now of this drama broadcast in light of the circumstance, men and women advocate Yan Zhi acting and expression actually exceedingly pretty good, and this drama is mixed in gut there also is hinder sb above rhythm, let a lot of audiences that view this theatrical work find a surprise. A lot of audiences that also may invite fabaceous valve to go up because of such ability just about are not miserly oneself reputably, lie after we expect the development of gut.

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