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Original title: ” double banger ” do not want exclusively to let a men and women advocate the drama that be together, may not of heroic female a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is suit

20220219120947 6210de0b91a0b

Broadcasted 2003 ” a firecracker which goes off twice prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan ” , it is the teleplay that adapts according to homonymic caricature of Zhu Deyong, the 2 people of husband and wife in telling about caricature the love story before marriage, be worth very tall Lv Xia about rash tonsorial Yan Xiong and armed strength, how to experience a variety of stories to go. Fated encountering Lv Xia had not seen father as a child, depend on each other with maternal You Ping. When 20 years old of birthday, you Ping heated the building of fane carelessly, two people walk to Japan, the Lv Ming giving birth to father of glow of Lv of go and seek refuge with sb, unexpectedly Lv Ming is given to bump by rash tonsorial Yan Xiong ” dead ” . From now on Lv Xia and You Ping tangle went up Yan Xiong, let him be in charge of for two people, generated a lot of stories.

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In drama, lv Xia is true ” female a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” , not only have excellent force, also like to help puny, be ready to help others for a just cause; Hero although name homophonic ” hero ” , but do not have heroic boldness of vision already, work gentle also and timid, devoid definite idea; You Ping homophonic ” oily bottle ” , be Yan Xiong ” bottle pulling oil ” , become the troublesome mother-in-law that he casts off hard finally.

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“Hero ” encounter ” female a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” , did not see admire, cold-shoulder each other instead. Yan Xiong cold-shoulders You Ping’s mother and daughter to disturb oneself quiet life, lv Xia cannot bear the sight of Yan Xiong to did not take on, have an affair with with other woman not clear. However, “Heroic female a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” be destined to want together. The abundant hero introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad arms that does not have definite idea is very handsome, dan Yanxiong is an ability however general,

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Yan Xiong does not know a sword to, depend on skill however crash ” scissors kongfu ” knife law, defeated Pan Di of sword path ace to be born; Craft flatly he, in Wang Ling of Great Master of hairstyle of international of airport come across, do obeisance to the other side smoothly to be division; Yan Xiong deal compensate became smooth money, in the home the position is low, be gone after actively by Meng Mei of violin performance home however, show consideration for him softly, affable entertainment.

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Just, of Yan Xiong ” luck ” it is good to have many, disposition has much weakness. Be in Japan, yan Xiong encountered Li of art ability snow. After Xue Li is pregnant, be born to abandon by male friendly Pan Di, see with abundant hero sees eye to eye, with respect to the request he makes child nominal father, yan Xiong is not willing to cannot bear again the heart refuses, be moved by Xue Li’s parents later, disregard the little sister’s opposition actually, active Xiang Xueli proposes.

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A few twists and turns, pan Di gives birth to thoroughly rectify one’s errors, with Xue Li become reconciled, yan Xiong still is determined to propose again to Xue Li, by excuse oneself from of the other side. Yan Xiong is handsome and broken bits passed a lot of businesses, each other of glow of Yan Xiong Lv has good opinion, go eventually, dan Yanxiong is done not have very much occasionally take on. Arrived the last unit, a lot of audiences are overcome this hero.

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Abundant grand deal fails, lv glow mother and daughter prepared 300 thousand set up shop to him, was forgotten to be on the taxi by him, plus the keepsake deciding affection that broke He Lvxia into pieces, yan Xiong dare not face Lv glow mother and daughter, go to avoid disaster the same night escapes Singapore, the first month of the cummer before go to somewhere for shelter is beautiful.

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Already had the Yan Xiong of affiance with Lv Xia, after as beautiful as the first month meet again, date countless times with her secretly, disregard a few times meet by chance two people to have a meal, of the hug the mood of card cummer Lv Xia. After Lv Xia chases after Singapore, abundant great ambition empty dare be not faced, all the time play tricks avoids Lv Xia.

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Know perfectly well Meng Mei going after oneself, yan Xiong does not refuse not actively however, be enmeshed in tender home village or town of Meng Mei, still plan to propose with Meng Mei.

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Meng Mei takes Yan Xiong to go the isle swims 3 days, allude him to propose to oneself. To prevent two people, lv Xia forgoed the opportunity trying lens of hard-earned, hurry to an isle to look for Yan Xiong, save in the conflagration of traffic accident spot issued Yan Xiong. And right now Meng Mei, the violin in him rescue, do not consider at all on Yan Xiong’s safety.

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Abundant hero discovers eventually, what Meng Mei loves most is not him, however violin, and Lv Xia just is that person that is willing to pay everything for him. Yan Xiong matchs Lv Xia Yanxiong hard to decide to return Lv Xia beside, dan Lvxia has been hurt appeared a heart.

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Yan Zi says even Yan Xiong’s little sister, lv Xia has auspicious outlook originally, dan Yanxiong is irresponsible, say to run, do not have money to do not have a career again, do not have a law what to bring Lv Xia, lv Xia needs Yan Xiong far from.

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Dan Yanxiong knows Lv Xia can excuse him certainly, because she is softhearted, weigh feeling, won’t inspect money to be like a life. Yan Xiong wants Xiang Lvxia to prove, oneself are a heroic man, sign up then attend international hair art contest. Surpass first however afterwards, was attacked to break down by formidable opponent confidence, drink everyday drink pickledly, lost fight.

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The moment of truth, remain Lv Xia to appear, one language does not send the ground to clear away housework for him, wash clothes cook, guard silently, hero letting abundant feels the power of love, requicken, depend on the inspiration of arise suddenly, the 3rd is taken in the match. Why did Lv Xia guard Yan Xiong to choose Yan Xiong finally? Lv Xia once also had encountered love a lot of times. Just, the Jiang Yongjun that has good opinion with Lv glow each other already had fiancee; The go smoothly of company general manager Xu of a perfect match between a man and a girl, because sell overdue food, be rejected by Lv Xia; When encountering Singapore star He Long, lv Xia Xinzhong has had Yan Xiong only.

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Either the opportunity is incorrect, it is viewpoint of value not agree with. Lv Xia once had said to Xu Heng, “The value of a person does not depend on him money does not have money, I despise to money has the person with egoistic however situation, can respect however impecunious, but persistent importunate man ” , in perhaps abundanting hero is her mouth this ” do not have without cent personally, persistent importunate man ” .

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So, although audience people spit groove ” any male match with female advocate CP feeling is compared male advocate strong ” , dan Lvxia still chose Yan Xiong. Lv Xia’s love is watched, value a person and do not value status position. Control pendulous abundant hero in love however, be persistent importunate man really? Epilogue teleplay ” a firecracker which goes off twice prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan ” gist is ” a man eventually will by two women bondage — wife and mother-in-law ” , no matter Yan Xiong how ” escape ” , final metropolis is caught by Lv glow mother and daughter ” bully ” . All Dan Lvxia and You Ping’s mother and daughter’s male to abundant overpay go out, cannot ignore.

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Compared with take do not rise put no less than abundant hero, for Yan Xiong sacrificial career is mixed the future, wife that does sweetheart backside readily, redeem glow of this paragraph of emotive Lv ceaselessly, just be true ” female a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” .

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