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Original title: 10 when be worth to chase after 2022 good theatrical work, gut is wonderful the hotspot is dye-in-the-wood, always having is you stay up late chase after 10 when be worth to chase after 2022 good theatrical work, gut is wonderful the hotspot is dye-in-the-wood, always having is you stay up late chase after 1, ” surmount ” this drama with Beijing was applied 2015 the Olympic Games will be historical setting successfully Autumn 2022, told about ” exhibit south boreal ice ” in tide, annulus Chen Mian decides slippery girl with short way fast slippery the career goal that is oneself, be not professional player from, behead of one road pass a test will, enter national group finally to become a top player, winter of go out for a battle the story of the abstruse competition ground, win honour for that it is a country. Plum the person such as Geng Xi, Hu Jun, Sha Yi, Tu Songyan acts the leading role, have a strong lineup, this drama place pays close attention to ” surmount ” , principal is not pair of adversary surmount, not be pair of clock scale surmount, be opposite however of ego surmount, to inner confine surmount. 2, ” the heartbeat on the tip of the tongue “

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This drama is adapted according to the homonymic novel of caramel wax gourd, the hutch god Jiang Qianfan that told about the girl forest Ke Songqiao that has breathtaking taste to meet Chinese cate group, developed the old practice of a paragraph of cate and love hand in hand thereby. With youth of cate encourage annals drama is fixed position, the cures the instant, road that pursue a dream to go up joys and sorrows of life that the daily, cate of focusing instantly youth brings, just can reach resonance with the audience. This drama can bring warm heart to watch drama experience actively again to everybody in cold winter, love and cate are companion in all, the audience that invites cherish dream is not alone. 3, ” lens twin city “

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Homonymic novel adapts month of dark blue of this drama basis, told about enthusiasm optimistic in city girl Na Sheng is avoid troubled times, trudge searchs the old practice of barren of fantast garden cloud. Lie between when Li Yifeng go out again for years perform ancient costume theatrical work, did not make everybody disappointed really too, appearance is handsome, ancient costume the appearance of an actor is very interesting, as a cruel absolutely, men and women advocate acting is very pretty good. 4, ” special battle acts “

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This drama was told about fear new condition falling instead in international, an assemble of the high intelligence quotient such as sagacious of Qin Guan, peaceful Meng, Tong Mengyao, Chen Hao, tall record of formal schooling, high level ” the men and women is mixed make up ” fear battle group is established temporarily and be being become especially instead, in be being killed with igneous wrestle in blood, with cruel fear an element launching have a contest of life and death, be born with dead go through the mill in, oneself gets all previous drills, grow and the story of decay. This drama is a very good army brigade theatrical work, gao Weiguang and Hu Bingqing act the leading role, acting blast of the actor is cracked, and exceedingly true also in drama. 5, ” pan “

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This drama ground comes ear novel ” fetch of 1986 pan Jing ” adapt, told about golden boss Wu Jianchao to to disembark to retire scrape up arenaceous gold of several years is felt encounter reach general by the crisis of annex, pan novice Chen Baojin pursues the story of the truth that elder brother accident dies. Liao Fan, Chen Feiyu acts the leading role, the partner of old show bone and Neozoic actor has a hotspot exceedingly, die out before gold when human nature and reason, cleaned out gold, did not have life possibly finally. 6, ” germinant “

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This drama is adapted pray oneself homonymic novel of gentleman, told about game framework division ” Xiao Heyun ” and in school undergraduate ” Li Shi affection ” the rise again after encountering the bus bursts, fight side-by-side in time loop, stop the explosion, old practice that searchs the truth hard. It is dapper that this drama can say, although volume number is not much, but each collect is classical, wheat regards Bai Jingting and Zhao Jin as young actor, acting is very pretty good still, gut is wonderful, violent wind of old show bone makes fun of very satisfy a craving. 7, ” sleep deeply garden “

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Must say, gong Jun and tall glad are very suit really, the acting of two actors is very pretty good, this drama told about rich of affection public date advocate Xiao Xiao, with professional psychology advisory division Lin Shen passes a series of psychology to refer a case, accomplish each other to become better each other old practice. 8, ” perfect companion “

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Problem of marriage of men and women of city of this drama focusing, told about two families two pairs of husband and wife the balance between career and family and choice. No matter be the prevue of stage photo, exposure,still be all sorts of roads fully medium, the condition of tall round circle is quite good from beginning to end, years not only the beauty that did not weaken her, instead gifted she more things. 9, ” hot-blooded god explore “

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This drama told about Qing Dynasty at the beginning of end civilian austral auspicious city, civilian wisdom did not leave, vicious power infestation. The Kong Xueli that catch a head and Wu make Fang Dong, not Wei is evil, the contemporary and scientific knowledge that masters with oneself and the dark interest that hold divine lane spirit launched the fight of the again and again. 10, ” this life has you “

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This drama basis nots I consider the novel that put ” loving you is best days ” adapt, told about a heart surgical Nie Yu Cheng and once Tan Jing of lover, single close mother faces a destiny hand in hand, greet the story of happy life finally. Zhong Hanliang and Li Xiaoran act the leading role this drama, after just broadcasting, heat explodes watch, must say, two actors are cooperate again for years, acting is spotless, and Yan Zhi is very tall, can say the ceiling that is middleaged love drama. Small today make up a few teleplay that share these a few to was worth to chase after 2022 to everybody, each are very pretty good, gut is wonderful, the actor’s acting is pretty good also, where ministry does everybody like most? Welcome the comment casing below and everybody to be shared together.

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