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Original title: Is new theatrical work exploded to default salary? Jin Dong makes a response angrily, number of cutout of empty of popular feeling of start a rumour runs road Was stingy last year east ” break out of an encirclement ” after sowing; Although public praise is not very ideal; But the new theatrical work that also let a lot of attention see Jin Dong acts the leading role once more at least; Still just feel Jin Dong already gradually was gone forever to the road of fat uncle;

20220219125147 6210e7e34db36

And a few days ago when; Everybody is mixed by Zhang Zifeng all the time Yan Xu fine red heard the amour of two people to attract a topic; Very few somebody pays close attention to the Guan Xuan with a of Jin Dong new already formal work.

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This work is ” Lin Shen sees a deer ” ; And follow what Jin Dong has a partner still be Li Xiaoran this fine actor; Among them gut and cast; And the group of behind the curtain of drama anthology very outstanding;

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Kill blueness in new theatrical work nevertheless before long hind; Came out ” Lin Shen sees a deer ” the message that the play staff defaults salary; And Jin Dong also was introduced to in where the wind and the waves are highest; The person start a rumour that also is ill will merely of course just; Look together with respect to He Lefeng below about ” Lin Shen sees a deer ” message.

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1.” Lin Shen sees a deer ” this work is Zang Xi plain directs institute this hold those who guide; At the outset he ever was held the position of ” full city all takes gold shell ” assistant director; And in a few years of time later; Zang Xi plain begins to hold the position of the assistant director that Zhang Yi seeks all the time; Filmed with him many outstanding film work;

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In 12 years when Zang Xi plain began him to become independent hold guide work; Having ” dedicator ” this gut piece won authority approbate; Still be very pretty good on actual strength.

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And this ” Lin Shen sees a deer ” the story that relates; It is the matrimony of a pair of middleaged husband and wife; Feng Shaotao and Jian Ai two people are associate of family dependant of a pair of immortals originally; But arrived however middleaged during when; In the phase that two people walked out of a divorce because of the accident;

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Can say this one misfortune of two people; Let the close friends all round cannot understand; Especially two of Feng Shaotao good brother; Nevertheless him Feng Shaotao appears to be done not have to the thing of the divorce too too care about.

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After part company; Feng Shaotao returned duty field afresh in; The plan starts a career one time; But the early days Jian Ai that did not think of oneself; Headed for VG company to hold a post however; So two people meet once more in on-the-job field;

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Although two people are the husband and wife of a pair of divorces; But in on-the-job field; Two people still keep abreast of hand in hand; Although the condition that opposes each other is in below general situation; But every time inconvenient moment; Two person metropolises support Jian Ai and Feng Shaotao each other.

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Because husband and wife regards as old life before two people itself; Below the case that handling difficult problem so; Collaboration is very successful; Also be just about below this kind of ceaseless job collaboration; Two people begin gradually knew each other afresh; And begin admired each other;

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Although be on road of two people compound; It is difficult to having heavy block; But Feng Shaotao and Jian Ai two people; Ceaseless however keep abreast of hand in hand; After final help firm overcame difficulty; Feng Shaotao also chose to leave in the company; Consider the impact between oneself and Jian Aizhi afresh; Final two people returned the road that love each other to go up hard.

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The story that can say whole does not calculate novel; But however can very agree with the emotional problem between instantly husband and wife; After a lot of people marry; Can ceaseless at the job thereby oversight oneself family; Cause the sensation between two people finally weaker and weaker;

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And when encountering this kind of situation; Everybody also mights as well the sweetheart that changes an angle to know his; Perhaps can discover the more distinctive glitter on sweetheart body is nodded; Yield the love between two people more firm; Say this so ” Lin Shen sees a deer ” still be worth to expect very much.

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2.About ” Lin Shen sees a deer ” medium actor is in this work; Making those who be a main actor is a mentioned Jin Dong and a Li Xiaoran two people; Jin Dong from at the outset ” the person that pretend ” in prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan and red; In last few years time also calculates give everybody ceaselessly to bring a few outstanding work;

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Like Jin Dong’s person to discover however more very much nevertheless; He is a few fatter and fatter; It seems that true beginning fits those part image of middleaged uncle; Jin Dong also is the likelihood entered oneself person to lay next level.

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Although figure gradually fat; But whole is very handsome still; And be stingy the acting east also very outstanding; Believe to had watched the audience of his work; Won’t say acting differs Jin Dong;

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And Li Xiaoran this actor; Although famous degree going up is not very tall; But she is a very outstanding play bone likewise; Ceng Ping borrows ” resemble wind again like rain like mist ” , ” the Harbin below curtain of night ” these work by the audience people approbated come down.

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Although nowadays already 46 years old; But still be on appearance very outstanding; Ever was in ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” in personate grows a princess this part; The acting that depends on oneself also got everybody’s attention;

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This actor can not say Li Xiaoran to go up is a talent actor; But it is however very an actor of effort; She is enjoyed one kind when just serve as her in order to perform; Just having work of become reconciled of very much classical part so appear.

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And in this work; Already the Niu Li that for a long time disappears also appears in among them; Niu Li the time that this actor gave to have up to now 31 years from 91 years;

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In this process; She is having not only ” peerlessly beautiful double arrogant ” , ” brave the journey to the Northeast ” the go outing that waits for a few outstanding work acts; Still ascended for many times spring in late stage; The audience that is the whole nation people brought good-looking a short simple literacy or artistic creation; It is likewise on actual strength very give prize.

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Still have Hou Changrong besides bone of this old show; In 87 years when he is joined acted ” red Lou Meng ” ; Amid personate father of boreal static king and Liu Xianglian these two parts; In last few years ceaseless also receive perform a few outstanding work;

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Be like ” sweep black storm ” , ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” etc; Although be costar all the time; But acting actual strength need not say more; Nature is exceedingly outstanding; The face ginseng that still the numerous everybody such as Zhang Yu, high mountain is familiar with performed this ” Lin Shen sees a deer ” .

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Can say ” Lin Shen sees a deer ” integral cast; It is really very outstanding; Sum outstanding director and the plot of a play that can agree with the life; Let do department theatrical work also very let a person expect; Why can you come out suddenly so ” does Lin Shen see a deer ” does the play staff default group of rumors that perform salary? Continue to look with respect to He Lefeng below.

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3.About ” Lin Shen sees a deer ” the rumor that defaults salary to this of a messages come out; Because be in,be ” Lin Shen sees a deer ” kill blueness after period of time; One is called ” Beijing assist pat actor consortium ” netizen; In dispatch claims above the network a this of Jin Dong new theatrical work; Already formal kill blueness but default the actor’s salary all the time;

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Still have the salary that the farmer is versed in among them; And allegedly this drama invests two 100 million; But the salary of 300 masses actor had defaulted a many month.

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And return attach numerous site plan; Among them the picture that denounces firewood exists; And ” Lin Shen sees a deer ” the investment firm of this drama anthology; Among them one of companies that are Jin Dong; So spearhead also pointed to him Jin Dong directly; Introduced to Jin Dong where the wind and the waves are highest in;

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This topic; Also gradually began to ferment rise; Not overmuch long; Him Jin Dong also issued statement; Say oneself cannot tolerate quite absolutely the thing of this kind of start a rumour.

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Be in subsequently before dawn during; Jin Dong dispatch says ” this is their screwy state of mind ” ; Because,appear this thing; Jin Dong is true have a few anger; After all this kind of thing does not need start a rumour cost; Only by one ask for a favor;

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But the person that refute a rumor walks however leg; And also have ” Lin Shen sees a deer ” group of shows in the play staff will refute a rumor; Weigh salary already settle; This kind of thing is simple belong to start a rumour; Visible thing also has come to light.


And watch instead at that time the person of start a rumour; Was to gave off a financial butt joint to appear problem; Next the same night cancels Zhang date to run road; It is thus clear that he is to be done not have really any the bottom is angry; After all a rumor; How can you stand firm?


Although not was immersed in the disturbance of back pay,do not cross Jin Dong this; But however the statement because of this; Expose once more it seems that gave him at the outset those people set an issue; That is what nowhere is absent is erudite much ability person is set.


Mix because of Nobel mathematician before the airfield sees the thing such as the book; Those who let Jin Dong is erudite much ability person is set was broken; And refute a rumor this statement; It is saying some utter words that do not hang togethers more; Group of performs young lady elder sister to say clarity that still refute a rumor without the help even are strong;


So although Jin Dong escaped a rumor; But literary strength still was exposed as before come out; So the Jin Dong nowadays; Also do not have the necessary and sedulous person that keeps oneself to set actually; A bit truer the meeting is better perhaps; Also won’t appear the rumor of this kind of back pay.


4.Terminal at the outset Venus ever had said; Jin Dong although this actor is very outstanding; But it seems that what he performs is a flavour; No matter be to be in ” my before half a lifetime ” ; Or ” elite lawyer ” inside; It is the business suit modelling of all of one suit; Very duplicate;


But those who act is very good still; Just Jin Dong is in prospective development; Still need to jump to give oneself comfortable group; Deduce the part of same kind only after all; Meeting gradually make everybody aesthetic and fatigue.


Although this ” great gifted scholar ” ; Often like ostentation knowledge; Make a joke of a few thereby; But will tell as the actor really very outstanding; This Jin Dong had succeeded;


Go up in prospective road so; Jin Dong should return the direction that can continue to side with his to go ceaselessly; Just hope Jin Dong can be accomplished truly; Feel no regret is good at his heart; This ” Lin Shen sees a deer ” also can be worth those who expect.


Good, today about Jin Dongxin drama ” Lin Shen sees a deer ” a few introductions had ended to here; If everybody has what viewpoint and view; The welcome undertakes leaving a message interacting beneath; Do not forget motion picture of attention Le Feng finally.

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