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Original title: Wang Jing is again right the knight-errant is classical helper, cast discloses scheming, should walk up ” lean on a day ” road? Do not know Wang Jing calculates do not calculate ” Jiang Lang just is used up ” , participate in between one’s early years make ” bet a god ” , ” stupid child ” , ” the world the first ” wait for a lot of work, take so that move. Arrive however nowadays, he was become however ” rot a specialist ” . Before paragraph time shows ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” , by the audience all-around spit groove, did not take even 4 minutes.

20220219125352 6210e8607f226

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But fail this, did not let Wang Jing wake up to reality it seems that, he did it to classical knight-errant IP again. Accidental see a piece of placard, just know him hold guided ” new 6 musical instrument pointing to demon ” , provisional 48 collect. This one IP is in numerous knight-errant is classical in do not calculate top class, nevertheless also enough countryman is spent. In version of many movie and TV, basic it is to tell about Wu Lin’s personage to be contention ” day demon musical instrument ” the conflict of generation. Among them the famousest one edition that ought to be the person main actor such as 94 years of Lin Qingxia, Yuan Biao, Liu Jialing. Because the parents that basically told about Huang Xuemei is protected ” day demon musical instrument ” , suffer 6 gates clique persecutes, her practice becomes unique god result later, return the story that all corners of the country revenges. House is decent crack oneself up is exalted, kill so that others thes family broke up however, among them acid interest is strong. Lin Qingxia is in piece be being deduced mediumly is outstanding more, shaped the image of female demon head of cold blood callosity, also showed only right little brother ability some is tender.

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Say none exaggeratively, this film gets admissive, half contribution comes from an actor. Regrettablly Lin Qingxia cannot duplicate, instantly recreation encircles the actress that internal energy compares to it, cannot find at all. And Wang Jing serves as a director, some closer year also entered decline, ” lean on a day ” did not pat good, ” 6 musical instrument pointing to demon ” the story is compared ” lean on a day ” inferior one class, he still dare break up pat, let a person understand hard indeed.

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After the cast that sees new theatrical work nevertheless, the instant understands why Wang Jing is like this persistence, probably his real purpose is absent the quality of new theatrical work, and on the actor body that participating in. Male it is Chen Hao civilian, he has bit of likeness with Wang Jing, contribute in last few years ” sodden piece ” very much, public praise drops very badly. Ask him to become protagonist, guessing is to save remuneration.

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Female it is Hu Ran. If say Chen Hao bright be stand by qualifications and record of service, hu Ran is the same as with him time, it seems that cannot be justified or explained away, after all she is tasted without too much masterpiece really. Gather up greatly to just know, so she is Wang Jing’s subordinate actor, namely ” brilliant young woman ” . Such operation, follow Wang Jing’s stock-in-trade undoubtedly.

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Just showed ” lean on a day ” it is such, be in new piece before was not being shown, the Qiuyi that Zhi of week of the Yun Qianqian that Wang Jing praises personate small clear wantonly, personate is like is thick. But audience see, their Yan Zhi and part do not match. Hold behavior in both hands forcedly to this kind, the audience is to spit groove from A to Z. Now Wang Jing classical take experienced hand, worry about the quality of this new theatrical work really.

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Additional, can see from cast, everybody does not have enough appeal power, apparent the investment of this drama is inadequate. Can’t help letting a person guess, ” new 6 musical instrument pointing to demon ” can follow ” Xin Yitian ” have identical one’s lot. The information that rice Nuo movie and TV shares arrives this, young associate people feel to break up this pat can you succeed?

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