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Original title: ” Chen Qing makes ” win award of literary award third class, wang Hailin heats up search on criticism: Make a person awkward ” Chen Qing makes ” had the honor to win the 8th Guizhou Province literary award to mount hot search.

20220219125439 6210e88fa8188

This one work is in when after lying between two years, obtained the 8th Guizhou Province in work of literary award bear the palm ” TV kind ” third class award. During filming because of this drama, dou Yun of Ceng Zaigui city is many find a view. As drama anthology broadcast, also take internal heat place travels, many audiences play card to place, to the place travel development is having positive effect. And nowadays to encourage base of local movie and TV, be opposite so ” Chen Qing makes ” made commend.

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Can see from list of bear the palm with its a few his work appear antipathetic nevertheless, because other a few work are thematic make, only alone this one is drama be changinged by the delay that everybody calls. And work of this one type also is nowadays public proclamation illicit. Review this theatrical work of course, ” Chen Qing makes ” also was to win award of a lot of other, also take internal heat a lot of actor, in discharge and heat respect, this drama cannot be ignored, exist on viewpoint of value and follow-up influence of course a lot of problem, also be to get all sorts of controversy. Nowadays as win a place award of literary award third class, let this drama be paid close attention to again, the sound of natural criticism also is incessant Yu Er. Especially playwrite Wang Hailin, also commented on for this dispatch ” Chen Qing makes ” search is heated up on bear the palm.

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To ” Chen Qing makes ” bear the palm, wang Hailin say, this is the prize that be based on local interest and awards, it is to give local movie and TV the encouragement that base grows and does, giving third class award is for low-key. After all this is with policy not of conform to. But be introduced to to heat up search nowadays, wang Hailin thinks this meeting makes a person awkward, with actual and literary oriented run in the opposite direction, this is not to sponsor what just want to see. From Wang Hailin in commenting on, can see he goes up to this drama the dissatisfaction of hot search, also be rational has of course according to, do not accord with with the environment after all, also spoke this drama can the reason of bear the palm, it is to be based on a place to expand an admissibility, not be work itself. ” Chen Qing makes ” into under flow times, also was born God of two large flow, although this one work is having certain and artistic value, but be in,deviation appeared on viewpoint of value, cannot agree with mainstream viewpoint of value, adding itself of work of this one type is capital the work that makes below flow times. Also appeared after this large quantities of one delay change work, the effect that causes of course also is tremendous, restrict finally, let a series of work cannot broadcast normally.

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Delay changes drama and discharge are be closely bound up, of course itself of work of this one type wanders namely in the brim, no matter be the deflection of viewpoint of value of its itself, still be its follow-up and ecbolic discharge culture, caused undesirable consequence. And work of this one type is capital with the child with small big gain, in the interest the biggest on the implementation that change, it is some closer undoubtedly year a kind of most successful work. Can be the God of a few discharge that bring up, and brought undesirable wind direction, undesirable viewpoint of value, encounter average viewer resents, also cause superstratum finally to prohibit. Recreation encircles development of nearly 10 years is be obvious to all, but be under high speed development, the problem also is increasing, and the problem that delay corrects drama to cause is compared among them namely big. No matter be of rice group all sorts of abusive, still be the problem of the vermicelli made from bean starch in real life, cannot have not let person attention. From capital level, delay changes tall redound of drama low cost, and the huge trade value that its can dig backside adequately. Without giving thought to short-term long-term still, this one work is advantageous to the development of platform, but pursue interest under, birth problem lives without complete control again, final increasing, cause masses dissatisfaction. As ” Chen Qing makes ” hot, about a hundred delay is amounted to to change drama to be carried early or late later program, can be mere two years of time, major work cannot go up as scheduled the line broadcasts, in succession come to a standstill, be familiar with like the masses especially ” Zhang Gong case ” ” bright garment goes ” etc.

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All without exception of this one incident gives whole movie and TV the industry one vigilant, after all how should work of movie and TV develop, want to consider commercial value not just, should consider social value and impact more, suffer very easily otherwise inflict heavy losses on, be restricted. Of course to recumbent the actor that fire of work of this one type rises, also want to having clear acknowledge, discharge and heat are forever temporarily of the gender, and business goes also is provisionality now, if want to pursue this one trade, so give priority to with oneself own job even as the actor, promote the professional ability of ego ceaselessly, but should father more at the same time at be self restrained, strengthen the promotion of moral accomplishment, namely art and heart should unite development.

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