Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Su Yi cries thank Gu Ailing to give birth to day of blessing: This friendship is very valuable and special

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19 days, in People’s Daily dialog Su Yi cries in, su Yi cries the respecting when the blessing that mentions Gu Ailing: “Thank her blessing very much, we are known as a child, we two target and dream came true. I am very lucky can have her a such friend, an elder sister, this friendship is particularly valuable and special. This friendship is particularly valuable and special..

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And be in that evening in Gu Ailing’s direct seeding, she also mentioned the friendship of two people. Share two people to be in this Olympic Winter Games, learned how motivation of pressure melt into. Still divulge two people meet for the first time in one’s childhood, she teachs Su Yi to cry the movement that oneself just learned, two people return crossing-over veneer and double board.

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