Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Han drama ” peacock city ” market market inverts, woman of high intelligence quotient each is firm role, bright arrives explode Relation of wife and mother is the contradiction that every family can appear, average household is the life of plutocrat daughter-in-law what is more,the rather that more inaccessibly quite, the Han drama name that brings profit to everybody today is ” peacock city ” , gut market market inverts, every actor acting is online not very pull hip, human nature this kind of thing can have the seamy side before influence and money, subject matter supports whole department theatrical work with the female for clew, the woman of high intelligence quotient each is firm role, the bright of a few things that is done arrives, the grading of this drama and review are very high also, so what is those who tell about after all? We look together. ” peacock city ” this drama is with becoming a town group art gallery is setting, this group but not general, it can shake the political bound of Korea. Of beautiful love personate ” Yin Zaixi ” it is to come true the daughter-in-law of the group, explicit to the pursuit of fortune, her no more than is a woman that loves money, so ability abandons the boy friend with old association and the illegitimate child that chooses to press down a group will have political marriage. The Yin Zaixi that became plutocrat daughter-in-law and art gallery curator is greedier and greedier really, the man that she considers to help her enters into an election contest successfully on Korea president, the effort that passes oneself and person arteries and veins push him to top position. To reach this goal, she and below chief procurator together.

20220219134158 6210f3a63e8f4

Intrigue against each other is for seek interest, the female in this drama business of each Dou Zhi explodes watch and very intentional machine, the gut of dog blood is natural also cannot little. Female advocate go accomplishing a few things by hook and crook, it is to become the person that masters real power truly. And her husband is advocate sow, brilliant appearance is liked by the masses. But he also has fearing thing, he is an illegitimate child this thing is a bank in the heart all the time. This label lets him feel self-abased, but before outer person, he builds a good man and the man that have deep love for a career hard.

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Do you think two people are a perfect match between a man and a girl? The cullet that actually their marriage resembles full ground actually is same. Do not have after man marriage, before the face of wife and other woman ogle. Old love is very much, right female advocate special inequity, but for the interest, she chose submit to humiliation. The passionate sport in drama was stimulated too, but this drama still includes suspense and avenge, inquisitor madam dies suddenly, let these begin in popular feeling flurried, who is the murderer after all? Is their marriage still denied can surrive?

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