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Original title: ” between the world ” 7 old evil person: Yao Lisong is hypocritical, feng Huacheng is dirty, most those who be fed up with be not Zhou Rong Return remnant 10 come collect is about of ending ” between the world ” , look popular in block up unbearably: The Zhou Bingkun that is personate of thunder favorable reply at the same time the destiny anxious of this nobody; It is a few again at the same time ” bored essence ” gas gets braincase to ache.

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As from come on the stage that is not denounced momently of happy event ” Zhou Rong ” , personate person Song Jia’s mom looks for her to spit groove directly even: This Zhou Rong is too angry person…

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Nevertheless, undertake in gut now, appeared to compare unexpectedly ” Zhou Rong ” selfish still person, who is he after all? Article check 6, look and your unanimous? Achieve formerly not easy, do not be fond of not gush. The 7th / Yao Lisong: The most hypocritical Yao Lisong this part is original not affect the whole: He is the comrade-in-arms when Zhou Bingyi go to the countryside — although look unlike good person, but no more than is pliable the ways of the world.

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Feng Lei this actor itself is ” hellion ” spokesman, had acted ” Kang Xi is small take illicit visit write down ” ” snowflake waves that ” ” people’s name ” in waiting for drama, before still having paragraph of time ” small quick home ” , make a person impressive.

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” between the world ” in, although he is not great illicit sexual relations big evil, but the abhorrent place that also has oneself: He uses the capacity with Zhou Bingyi’s comrade-in-arms, help Luo Shibin beg in the dark the child, the purpose exchanges his interest.

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This plants Yao Lisong hypocritical and real person, catch a big possibly in the life, what fortunately he faces is the Zhou Bingyi that rear fierce mother-in-law, itself regains consciousness again, just avoid be duped at be in an unfavorable situation. The 6th / Wu Qian: Most if Babbitt says what Yao establishs a pine ” be fed up with ” just because of the career, so of Wu Qian ” be fed up with ” it is for living.

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As Zhou Bingkun brother is like the wife of National Day, wu Qian does not have too much existence to feel in the gut of early days, the impression that gives a person has the contradiction of the trifles on the life with the husband namely, have nothing to do blames a few, but the time passes calmly also and content with one’s lot.

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National Day is unemployed later nevertheless, there is other difficulty again in the home, as it happens catchs up with career of week of grasping elder brother to have bought ” small villa ” , lend to them his Laofang a few live. Trade in Zhou Bingkun’s bridal chamber the problem is called in, he wants ” drive ” walk along National Day when, wu Qian showed ” shrew ” the anger of type: She not only ingrate graph newspaper, make a scene instead roll about.

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Someone says: Be willing without the woman such, just Wu Qian is for subsist — but, the premise of subsist is he spelled the effort of 100% , is not the person that blames to once had helped his no longer ” almsgiving ” .

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Be this paragraph of play, make public praise suffer a disastrous decline of Wu Qian, the amount to in making theatrical work is not much ” evil person ” . The 5th / water do as one pleases: The goodiest although the Hong Ting of the actor grandson of personate water do as one pleases is handsome, but cannot mask as before ” water elder brother ” the be fed up with place in drama.

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In drama, perhaps go up in bright face, water do as one pleases had not done the thing with rebarbative what, still care Luo Shibin and child Zhou Nan of Zheng Juan unusually instead.

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But arrived later period, he helps Luo Shibin by hook and crook grab Hui Zhounan, do not have the bad person that can prevent the ground to become one hundred percent. Actually, in drama to water do as one pleases explaining still is too feeble, he also is a part that has a story very much actually, but but limited space.

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The 4th / Feng Huacheng: The dirtiest ” poet ” Feng Huacheng also is drama in already affectation exists dirtily again one of: Without doubt, in the poet on this profession, he is eligible, his what come out publicly a few times poem in drama is made, very arrogant.

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It is nevertheless when the part that serves as a husband and father, the selfishness that Feng Huacheng is having your person to cannot tolerate and absolutely affection. From Guizhou big hill comes out, he and week Chengdu are able to come home eventually visit one’s family, however a poem because of oneself and so called ideal, disregard the wife and daughter’s present condition to fall, with person conflict, be caught.

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If say this is a kind of times is helpless, so after be released from prison, he hurries off to Beijing for his future, appear more selfish. Can say, he at that time did not consider the mood of the wife already, also did not show consideration for and take care to preserve young grow femaly, be in for oneself only the undeserved reputation of Parnassus.

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Later his accomplish nothing, but under return home town with Zhou Rong, did not score the success in the imagination however, natural meeting forms fall in mentally. Husband and wife of alleged poor and lowly 100 things sad, at this moment Zhou Rong also because of him for poetry match can bear the palm and the teacher that goes disturbing oneself, heart repugn is irritated. The contradiction of two people arises from this — after this also is Feng Huacheng cursory and off the rails, made bedding.

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So, does Feng Huacheng love Wang Zi? Of course not, he is another young Zhou Rong only just, was being satisfied is the his endless feeling that is doted on.

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Say so, ” between the world ” medium Feng Huacheng also is a very sad person: He does not have Cai Xiaoguang to be mixed to the persistence of love already altruistic; Also do not experience Zhou Bingkun to love mix purely be thankful, just be an an utterly worthless person that can make a poetry stopped.

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The 3rd / Luo Shibin: The meanest be in Luo Shibin platoon tertiary is the biggest reason, it is the behavior that the birds and beasts that he makes to Zheng Juan is inferior to.

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But tell from some kind of meaning, two people also are Luo Shibin and water do as one pleases the go-between between Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun, what although this kind of pull wires is built,is difficult the following pharynx in the bridge is agonized. Nevertheless, from character, luo Shibin is inferior to water do as one pleases — after Zheng Juan produces the son that leaves him, he returns Ceng Yi to spend ” think oneself won’t adieu that child ” , never also had wanted to compensate Zheng Juan so.

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Even if be 35 money that entrust Zhou Bingkun to bring Zheng Juan the home every months, also be water do as one pleases advocate and persuade — go up from this, luo Shibin is dye-in-the-wood blamed. After be released from prison, he and accompany of water do as one pleases are in business, became the first batch rich remove comer, had money to begin to want more; Money more than 1, thought of unripe son succeeds family property.

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But the destiny opened an extremely big fun to him — he cannot be born. Because encountered this a Gordian knot, again and again of Bincai of person of a white horse with a black mane finds Zheng Juan, Zhou Bingkun, it is minatory Zhou Bingyi persuades a little brother to want to return the child even, did not invest otherwise. So, luo Shibin may not love Zhou Nan to end from the beginning, because he is his only son,be only, ability can please the other side indefinitely.

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Someone says Zhou Nan also is wolf of a small supercilious look, but the individual thinks his processing means in this phase is accurate: No matter past is what kind of circumstance, the exposure itself of this thing also is a kind of harm him to, and fall from the day a rich dear father, zhou Nan’s hesitation, bewilderment is reason in.

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In origianl work, luo Shibin’s ending is tear at be been in by Zhou Bingkun calumniatory to afterbrain, be not treated and die. Although this ending is met,Jiang Bingkun sends into jail again, but wanting is vent one’s anger. After all, “Blamed ” Luo Shibin matchs this final result. The 2nd / Zhou Rong: Most ego serves as Zhou Jiawei of one, and a very outstanding daughter, zhou Rong is having advantaged advantage: Before elder brother Zhou Bingyi, she can act like a spoiled child, enjoy the protection that eldest brother brings; In little brother Zhou Bingkun, her study is good, long good, it is smooth word piece the most outstanding girl, having proud sth used to one’s own advantage, enjoy what little younger brother brings to adore.

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Perhaps, just about because of Zhou Rong’s inherent superior move, just make her in one’s heart is engraved full the selfishness of bristle with anger making a person and great-hearted. When 19 years old, zhou Rong is carrying parents on the back, set foot on the train that is driven toward Guizhou jump the queue alone, go follow is so called perfect love. Put forward to divorce till Feng Huacheng, ask whether she has loved herself dirtily still, somebody just plaints: “She is crying, he is asking, be informed the other side to had not loved his, as before disappointed! As before disappointed!!



But in fact? Zhou Rong just helps of frustrated at that time Feng Huacheng straw, it is a spouse that accompanies him to walk out of provoking days, but the likelihood is not love associate. And does Feng change didymous Yu Zhourong? Perhaps have love, but he more was to bear the weight of the stage property that Zhou Rong idealism pursues dream, ego to touch just.


This, cong Zhourong elopes to go after love and him, and abandon raising a daughter to pursue a dream, it is a truth. The Song Jia of personate week Chengdu says: “She is the brave female in an ideal ” , really, the Zhou Rong of early days all the time very Utopian, arrived to want to divide the crises of the house finally even, what she tries hard to maintaining her as before is great-hearted.


The contradiction between she and Feng Huacheng also arises from this: She is overcome his lay. Even if use oneself near 20 years green, of the husband that changes finally off the rails, zhou Rong has him as before to love hold read aloud, not hesitate even harm others.


This encourage daughter Feng to look for Zhou Nan to ask whether he loves himself from her, can see, calculate plum of sister-in-law Hao winter to had reminded her, such doing is the scar in Jie Zhengjuan. No matter be drama edition or origianl work,do not pass, the ending of final Zhou Rong is good, she accepted Cai Xiaoguang’s pursuit bravely again, established new family.




But, perhaps she prospective is met by once oneself selfishness turns over bite, meet after daughter Feng after all the anguish her inflict family, still come back intactly. Someone says: Zhou Rong is the biggest to Zhou Jia comfort, knew Cai Xiaoguang namely — perhaps, this also is the biggest backer that Zhou Rong counts second sole to rebound eventually.


The 1st / Feng : The coldest blood has netizen opinion: “Feng is ” between the world ” in most wretch ” — think carefully actually, right. Her come on the stage very lovely, very pitiful also, because the mother is to elope far walk along an alien land, Zhou Rong in love of out-of-the-way Guizhou follow, the birth of Feng is so original not sweet.


Zhou Rong is recollected later, give birth to her Feng Huacheng was not that day beside, in cold night, herself clipping umbilical, she likewise will beautiful takes this the world. In special time, selfish Zhou Rong for love, the fellow worker of father of her small resign to, feng ability flounder returns grandmother beside, and be beside grasping elder brother of old uncle week ” live under another’s roof ” 12, 3 years long.


Perhaps everybody can say: Zheng beautiful He Bingkun is kind-hearted, won’t let Feng feel live under another’s roof, but will tell from the corner of Feng , she is Gu bitter unfriended really as a child. She is traitorous by nature, to maternal speak bluntly: “You are the parents on my biology ” — really, the university entrance exam is about to be faced with in her before, when preparation accepts the mother of this pair of neglect one’s duty, two people become off the rails divorce because of Fenghua again.


Perhaps, feng to Zhou Nan ” love ” , besides the sincere feeling of a few muddled of Huai Chun’s girl, more it is two people each other are warm ten years, a kind of primitive attaching. But of Feng miserable, when can’t offsetting she is choosing all sorts of sudden situations ” egocentric thought ” .


Be informed Lao to a form of a address for an official or rich man from her Zhou Zhigang is travel-stained emeritus those who return is flashy, the first reaction is not to give an old person to say hello to, whether can the single room that worries about oneself however protect that to rise momently, explained, feng ” accede ” of the mother egoistic. Later, whether to return Zhou Rong, Feng Huacheng in kink beside parents of this pair of one’s own when, the entire content that she considers is him: She likes Zhou Nan, do not want to leave an elder brother; Had not thought to end little mother’s brother, little wife of mother’s brother is like ten years one day from the beginning take care of.


Include her to go to home of big wife of mother’s brother shacking, lived for some time even, when this old lady hates to part with even Jin Yueji her, feng however because mix brawl between big wife of mother’s brother, decide to pat immediately pat the buttock to go person…


This shows, how Feng is cold blood — what doesn’t she know to be called close affection at all. Current, feng is in the ending in drama edition still unknown, but light sees her above a variety of behavior, the platoon is in ” most be fed up with ” part the first, the name comes solid return.



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