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Original title: Between the world: Exposure of Lv plain identity, grasp in the week in his heart although elder brother does not have culture, it is the most kind-hearted person however Zhou Bingkun is filial to parents, OK to brother slotting tool of two costal region, a lot of people can envy Zhou Bingkun this friendly feelings to brother, although he is,earn money in the home most, but he as before self-abased sensitive. Zhou Bingkun meets the helps him brother in him in one’s power, but if oneself have what difficulty, he starts to talk to his brother rarely however. He bothers others rarely, always be other to consider however, how do a such goodness have the person ending of ties of friendship to meet?

20220219134908 6210f55438235

Because National Day and Wu Qian’s couple do not have a place to live, he vacates his old building to them to live, do not want chummage not only, return husband and wife two apply for a job. But the person always is very strange, favour rising rice fights Mi Chou to describe Wu Qian’s couple to had not been been, in jeopardy when the help that offers little, the family may appreciate you, if you give a person,can help too much, once stop them,meet bear grudges you.

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Zhou Bingkun helps brother kindly originally, but because of the side too much, let Wu Qian feel of course. The brotherly friendly feelings of National Day and Zhou Bingkun is gradually aloof also below the agitate of wind of Wu Qian bedside. And to Cao Debao’s couple also be do one’s best go helping, later, when Cao Debao did not work, it is Zhou Bingkun holds a relation in the palm to help those who find, but when because tear open change,dividing a room later, zhou Bingkun held a relation in the palm to divide a room to them, alleged popular feeling is not worth a snake to swallow an elephant, qiao Chunyan’s couple did not know to be thankful, want to want a house again actually, still give the Zhou Bingyi that becomes a mayor directly accused, final Zhou Bingkun and they also are troubled by broke.

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Qiao Chunyan and her mom is same, others of not to be exposed to compares her live well. To brother grandson overtake couple, zhou Bingkun is providing a help all the time euqally, the house Home Zheng Juan lets them live, this has self-knowledge very much to husband and wife, zhou Bingkun is the most owing is brotherly Lv Chuan, in so much brother, instead He Lvchuan’s relation is best, because do not have any interest issue, some is real brotherly passion merely.

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Later the university of the Beijing on Lv Chuan take an examination ofing, successful work in the court, actually the brother in right now Lv Chuan and home is not the person of an estate any more, zhou Bingkun is done not have succeed because of his and insinuate he, but lot is so wonderful, zhou Bingyi by impeach hind, just be Lv Chuan be in charge of trying Zhou Bingyi, zhou Bingyi appeals Yu Lvchuan, the hope can give an elder brother an innocence.

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Lv Chuan assures to Zhou Bingyi at that time, he believes elder brother Zhou Bingyi is a good official certainly, he believes Zhou Bingkun humanness. Final Zhou Bingyi is released. Lv Chuan is judge not just, it is the little younger brother of full brother of Zhou Bingyi life and death more. In his heart, although Zhou Bingkun does not have culture, it is the most reliable however, the most kind-hearted person.

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