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Original title: Difference of beautiful chief of drama of 8 ancient costume is big, stunner and ” fat other people ” coexist, somebody Jing colourful somebody is spat groove Difference of beautiful chief of drama of 8 ancient costume is big, stunner and ” fat other people ” coexist, somebody Jing colourful somebody is spat groove is short of a belle least of all in recreational group obviously, but do not know when to begin, the Yan Zhi of the part in drama of movie and TV always amounts to audience satisfaction hard however. Especially those people are set is ” the first belle ” , Hua Kui, ” help a wall up and go out ” the part that waits a type a moment, the expectation of the audience is worth taller, disappointed possibility is larger. It is in order to spend chief part exemple, before those card in ancient costume drama people with respect to difference quite big. Can says stunner and ” fat other people ” coexist, jing of the somebody in them is colourful, somebody is spat groove. 20220219134932 6210f56cf0409 Recently, qiao Xin and Xu Zhengxi are new drama ” beautiful language is endowed with ” a form of address for one’s wife of medium a Hua Kui again and again because fine-looking give a group. This part is called division in drama small, her figure is slim, skin gets the better of snow, frown and smile all amorous feelings. Garment of fund of lotus pace fund sleeves wave, the classic beautiful woman that ases if to go from inside the picture is average. Division is small sending out up and down all over enchanting breath, canthus mole of a tear, let this fawn on much a few minutes. Carry on answer eye to laugh at 100 fawn on to give birth to this word. Wander for years place of Yu Feng month, let her look lucidly to popular feeling, can be an upright person very much. Can harvest so many attention and approbate, division is small this one part is a success undoubtedly. The actress of this part is called personate Jing Ruyang, be not new personality actor. She ever went out before this had acted ” mermaid 2 ” , ” 12 Tan ” wait for work. Although Yanzhi is tall, did not cause too great attention however. Depend on this fine-looking give a circle to be a good appearance. 20220219134933 6210f56de8d5d ” the Imperial College came a female child ” medium simple wine, as much Ceng Yin is fine-looking give a group. Name of if of simple wine person, have prostitution flavor extremely on the appearance of an actor. She has two capacities in drama, whorehouse head card is on bright face, it is the assassin of the kill without batting an eyelid stealthily. Amorous feelings of red garment of a suit of from time to time 10 thousand kinds, hot callosity of firm of black clothes of a suit of from time to time. But such she still fails finally to had escaped one of affection word, it is part of a pathos. Personate person name of Zhang Hao is not big, but acting is pretty good, yan Zhi is tall also. She broadcasts recently ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” in have wonderful show, set contrast with simple wine person quite big, its plasticity is very strong it is thus clear that. 20220219134937 6210f5719facf Still remember ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” in the Nie Yunzhu of city of one dance bend? Gas of celestial being of a white garment waves, figure is lithe and graceful person of dance appearance hold up, although she ever was infected with prostitution, however as before Qing Li is free from vulgarity. Nie Yunzhu not bewitching not fawn on, general like its name. The actress of personate Nie Yun Zhu is called introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Dan Dan, it is a belle of ancient model. This kind of face with temperament and ancient costume drama comfortable deserve to spend very tall. Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Dan Dan before work is give priority to with contemporary theatrical work, although Yanzhi is tall, however not quite piece carry. After many netizens been seeinging the Nie Yunzhu of her personate, hope introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Dan Dan next can great piece perform ancient costume work. Nie Yunzhu is fine-looking if spend, silili also not Huang lets more. 20220219134938 6210f5720f43e “The life is like floating dust, wave in the wind beautiful woman ” . This word is right ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” in the person sets Silili unscramble. She what regard a head as the card, come on the stage card face is round, servant girl around clusters round, surround audience person to exclaim loudly. Li Chun deductive manages manage manages to also have this sth used to one’s own advantage really. See be used to the vicious people beauty that she performs, leng Buding performs storm affection 10 thousand kinds head card, many audiences replace her be breathless with anxiety or tension. Li Chun acting is fortunately masterly, silili this one part performs work. This ability discovers netizens, original Li Chun besides perform negative character besides, still have more possibility. And, unlike before Dou Yiliang color fastens head card beauty or dress of department of white, pink is given priority to, li Chun’s the appearance of an actor more brunet still dresses. This kind of color is bad to control, appear very easily arrogant on account of one’s seniority. But apparent, li Chun is an exception. 20220219134938 6210f5726f092 Like Silili, ” the Luoyang since wind ” medium Hua Kui a form of address for one’s wife Yu Wenpei admire also is the character with a miserable one’s life experience. The appearance of body of admire of space article an ornament worn as a pendant at the waist in ancient times in drama is slender, modelling is luxuriant, spend unsurpassed of Rong Weimei of makeup of coin or money, appear the part is more beautiful colourful. When this drama heat is sowed, a copy makeup wind still is started on the network, it is fine-looking to admire of space article an ornament worn as a pendant at the waist in ancient times affirmation. Although her dance appearance is simple, enough however draw a person, hua Kuizhi weighs be worthy of. The personate of admire of space article an ornament worn as a pendant at the waist in ancient times person Cai Zhuo Yin is a tall Yan Zhi’s schoolgirl originally, because a group of green beauty are illuminated,once had his moment network. Besides ” the Luoyang since wind ” besides, cai Zhuo Yin still goes out had performed work of a few movie and TV, but the name of her oneself is not big however. Cost of Cai Zhuo Yin colour is high, acting is pretty good also, the hope can have more opportunity later, bring more good work for us. 20220219134938 6210f572df4a0 Admire lifetime is in Yu Wenpei to be controlled, final die a tragic death, another Hua Kui is as apropos as its however contrary. ” coloured glaze beauty evil spirit ” in, there was generation to become Hua Kui in preexistence of female Zhu Xuanji. It is Na Zhangqing’s pure face as before, have his heart filled with completely however in the eyes machine. She not resign oneself to adversity, having oneself idea however. Have calculation, enough firm, it is her besides fine-looking besides, unlike the place of part of numerous floriferous chief. Actor Yuan puts beautiful on the ice one person cent impersonates much character, huge of two kinds of contrast the person is set deduce very give prize, acting belongs to the person that above average in floret. The Yuan Bing nowadays beautifuled to had become hot female star, of collaboration also be actor of big shop sign, career foreground auspicious. 20220219134939 6210f5734eb33 Division little charm, amorous feelings of department manage manage 10 thousand kinds, beauty of appearance of Xuan Ji preexistence has calculation, of these beautiful chief parts model be approbated by the audience. But somebody jubilates somebody anxious. The heat before this sows ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” besides knight-errant wind wide outside be being discussed for heat, the belle in origianl work is like the cloud, also be attract eyeball particle greatly. But the propulsion as gut, the one numerous belle in drama is pointed to to choose horn and person to set however not agree with, the Yu Youwei that spend chief is a controversy is more. The renown head that carrying Hua Kui on the head, show slightly however on Yan Zhi common, cannot achieve popular psychology to anticipate. Yu Youwei’s personate person be called Jia Ze, in the belle that a be worthy of the name also is in the life. Contemporary makeup she has temperament of wind of a kind of harbor, suit to perform chilly goddess very much. 20220219134939 6210f573d76c4 Be shown Yan Zhi is carried likewise not the part of rocket chief, still have ” the Chen Qian Qian in the hearsay ” medium Liu Peng one horn. With above those card is the woman differs, liu Peng is a man. The Liu Peng in drama not only Tang of not tasteful Ti, fat instead move is very, be spat by the netizen groove is ” terrestrial fat other people ” . Nevertheless, actor him Chen Tengyue however very look so that leave, return for many times oneself are used stalk speak, more because this is planted additional kind the operation encircled a good impression. 20220219134940 6210f5745bc37 Interesting is, the his true still Dai Yan that received rapeseed oil is invited about, let a person find both funny and annoying. But this kind of example that encircles good impression reversely is not much, horn still is being chosen to go up after work of hope movie and TV can more person of press close to is set, otherwise the actor arouses controversy easily also. To this, how do you look?

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