Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Film of main actor of rain of summer of beautiful Qi of net the first month exposing to the sun ” my heart flies upwards ” decide archives to will be shown on Feburary 25 afresh

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19 days, the netizen exposes to the sun film of main actor of rain of Meng Meiqi, summer ” my heart flies upwards ” decide archives afresh, graph having section shows this film parent dish the copy has been sent at 19 days, or will show on Feburary 25. It is reported, ” my heart flies upwards ” You Xuzheng supervise the manufacture of, the main actor such as Meng Meiqi, Xia Yu, Sarina. First day of the lunar year shows calm file before, but because of Meng Meiqi red is heard and silent archives of evacuate Spring Festival, sequel is made clear to show arrangement without the government all the time later.

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By last year October, ” my heart flies upwards ” the Meng Meiqi that the government will release October 15 celebrates unripe placard to delete. The Meng Meiqi before this because Chen Lingtao of producer of music of be involved in is off the rails incident causes heat to discuss, earlier Qian Lehua recreation sends solemn statement, say Meng Meiqi is lone, never intervene actively other feeling. On January 19, 2021, the motion picture that netizen discovery shows in the platform that buy a ticket the Spring Festival was shown that day remnant 8, act the leading role by Meng Meiqi, Xia Yu ” my heart flies upwards ” already did not have specific show time. Current, look from fabaceous valve and cat eye platform, ” my heart flies upwards ” still did not show specific show date.

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