Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Ren Dahua speaks Zhang Zhilin: Cry beautiful beautiful do not buy so much to wrap! Zhang Zhilin’s reaction is too true Zhang Zhilin is the paradigmatic delegate of good man in recreational group all the time, in bestow favor on wife carry out after all all the time on this thing, who does the Yuan appearance that chant marry to won’t have so happy, can saying Yuan chants appearance only is to marry pair of people really. Make money with respect to what spelled a life when first love loves, marry to can chant appearance with Yuan only, the hobby that if it were not for firsts wife too costly, two people are unlikely also the love that talked 9 years marries again.

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Yuan chants appearance to like to buy a package is the well-known issue in recreational group, buy a 180 bags package one year to Zhang Zhilin it is a very simple thing. But what Yuan Yong appearance likes is bag of famous brand set limit to, drape ” set limit to ” after two words, the social status of a bag is different.

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Zhang Zhilin once auctioned meeting contest to pat to clinch a deal finally for the Yuan appearance that chant valence is the bag of 630 thousand, light is to see Yuan chant appearance these year of bag bag that has basked in spent a few ten million, it is the imagination that poverty restricted us really. Zhang Zhilin ever expressed publicly, hear be an official love a horse every time this brand hits shiver with respect to what can cannot help, to Yuan Yong appearance buys the interest of the bag this, zhang Zhilin does not have a divorce for years so, only true love is undoubted.

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With respect to the Yuan Yong that spit groove in the Zhang Zhilin in the program appearance bought too much bag to wrap, aside Ren Dahua speaks Zhang Zhilin, your training is beautiful beautiful cook to need not buy so much to wrap. Zhang Zhilin expresses special self-identity, went in respecting the bottom of one’s heart simply. But call Yuan Yong appearance not to buy so much to wrap, estimation of the Yuan appearance that chant can follow Zhang Zhilin desperately.

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