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Original title: ” rustic love 14 ” the line on the first love of Xie Yongjiang’s rival in love, Song Qinglian, booth is placed to sell goods in street edge Teleplay of 14# of # countryside love ” rustic love 14 ” sowing in some platform heat, from last year the line on the twelfth month of the lunar year leaves sow now, the welcome degree of this drama all the time very tall, network discussion heat has add without decrease. Drama of a series insists to update seventeen years, the audience still can upsurge so enthusiasticly solid belong to god-given. If let an audience say ” rustic love ” the change that comes ten this years, that everybody can be spoken certainly a lot of, the path of the village is for instance wide, the house of villager home is more and more capacious and bright etc. And I think, ” rustic love ” the biggest change is actors after living conditions became good, all grow stout. The Liu Neng in drama, An Kun, Zhao Si, compare rich voice with past photograph a lot of, this also is witnessing social development it seems that, with rural surroundings, level rise. An article ever had been written before the author, those who think the grow stout in male part is the fiercest is undergraduate Xie Yongjiang, woman role is Liu Ying, looking now is not such. Be in ” rustic love ” in the gut that updates recently, always the line on the arms of first love king of strong rival in love, Song Qinglian, much day does not see Wang Zong fat gave new height. Person of Wang Bing that act calls Wang Zhuo, also be ” rustic love ” in the character of patriarch level, xie Yongjiang’s classmate, like Wang Xiaomeng old, special do not suffer Xie Ankun to wait for see. Be in ” rustic love ” in, wang Bing ever also had become opposite person, the means that uses low is hit control the product in Guo Xiaomeng yard. Because have,be probably ” criminal record ” cause, this small unconscious factory gave an issue, what everybody thinks of above all still is Wang Bing. In ” rustic love 14 ” in the product of plant of products of small Meng Dou is stuck by person ill will again card, down clew Bai Qingming is searched, happen to is touched on Wang Bing is in street cry out. Wang Bing is worthy of is businessmen, he invited technically circus wagon will perform, will attract a customer with this kind of means. See Bai Qingming comes, wang Bing is very enthusiastic, it is under the inquiry of the other side, wang Bing denies him is the product that stick a card, it is the capacity that acts as agent with small unconscious company will sell goods all the time. Bai Qingming is half believing and half doubting, stayed moment left. According to ” rustic love ” consistent narration style, this Wang Xiaomeng’s product is stuck card and Wang Bing should not take off implication. Broadcasted last year ” rustic love 13 ” in the figure that also has Wang Bing, xie Ankun and Wang Xiaomeng are troubled by contradiction in those days, the courtyard intermediate build by laying bricks or stones a wall, wang Bing is taking a gift to see small unconscious He Yongjiang, the result was blocked to be outside house by An Kun. Wang Bing says she is to look for small unconscious He Yongjiang to talk about shoppy thing at that time, but Xie Ankun felt disgusted too to him, say whats do not believe. In those days Wang Bing already grow stout many, be apart appears one year again, wang Zong besides figure get fat serious outside, the face is fat big. Recently a few ” rustic love ” in, the key of complete theatrical work already no longer small Meng Heyong is strong go up personally, the contradiction of their love respect already was the masterstroke of complete theatrical work no longer, this also decreases considerably with respect to the show share that causes Wang Bing. Drama ever also just tried to arrange the show of emotional respect to Wang Bing, green lotus of wife the Song Dynasty ever was Wang Bing is enthusiastic now hunter, also be her first love, how king arms does not have settle on green lotus, this paragraph of feeling did not have later development. Write down so that Xie Yongjiang is attending some program transcribe, speak of oneself one year fatter than a year when, he said a such words: “Years is worn without be used to I, I also am worn without be used to years. ” look now, years not only wear without be used to always strong, also wear without be used to her old schoolmate Wang Bing. From the point of each respect, it is many bits OKer that this character returns Wang Bing of show share, the hope is in the following gut, can see his more and wonderful show.

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