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Original title: She is weighed the cleanest female star, give 0 kisses play 18 years, 6 years with husband marriage sweetness is like newly-married Had looked ” ordinary world ” audience people remember profundity to Tian Xiaoxia of the heroine in drama certainly, an a bit does not have the senior officer children of princess disease, have the courage to think the disposition that dare say to dare be done, like the small sun that resembles a warmth, let a person feel too perfect, the Li Xiaomeng of glow of personate cropland dawn also left deep impression to everybody accordingly.

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Li Xiaomeng goes out act ” my teardrop ” up to now still by the audience people remember, the audience call kindly her in succession ” my teardrop ” . Particularly good besides audience predestined relationship besides, she is judged in the wind inside the circle very good also, small 8 feel, this also gave Li Xiaomeng from flank report is without giving thought to outside still making fun of in play, be a person that can enrol a person to like particularly.

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In ” gold too the happiness of the wolf lives ” in, of Li Xiaomeng personate is yellow wild blueness, it is the girl with a honest nature, also be the green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse with bright gold of male housewife obstetrician, adoring him deeply.

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Still have that ” the regulation before the divorce ” , small 8 pairs of Li Xiaomeng also are memorial profundity, of her personate is Zhang Xiaofan in drama this part, hit after a graduation go all out old however the person of accomplish nothing. Li Xiaomeng counteracts what Zheng Kai acts in this drama is a pair, the adversary play can of two people says wonderful, let a person accidentally feel to have Cp feeling.

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This comes down for years, li Xiaomeng also calculates senior actor, but she had not performed kiss play actually, dare be you believed? Never mention it, still be really, li Xiaomeng agrees because of a love with husband king thunder, these year of work that has not taken a sport having a mouth really.

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Her in the photograph position is particularly good, fast readily take the opportunity to resembles an elf, the long skirt of a white, celestial being gas waves, the girl feels dye-in-the-wood, passed 30 years old so clear still pure lovely, most propbably is be bestowed favor on to come out by husband!

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