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Original title: ” beautiful language is endowed with ” medium great villain in drama, join unexpectedly had acted ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” , no wonder so look familiar ” beautiful language is endowed with ” in, the mother of of lineal descent with best whole world, your person encircles pink. Of course, there also is a lot of in drama not quite demand happy role. For instance, mother of aunt of a surname of one’s own mother. Willow aunt mother is heavy male light female, the thought is conservative, she feels woman this lifetime, should be the husband, for the son work.

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So, when encountering risk, willow aunt mother auxes would rather abandon Qiu Yan, also want to protect son Qiu Rong. Not only such, willow aunt mother still steals birthday character 8 of Gai Qiuyan, not quite up to the mark lets Qiu Yan give congratulate home son of a feudal prince or high official be buried with the dead. All these that willow aunt mother does, did not consider Guo Qiuyan’s plight. She treats Qiu Yan as instead castle, it is to give Qiu Rong seek a good prospect. Qiu Yan and Qiu Rong are the child of willow aunt mother likewise, willow aunt mother is heavy however male light female, such behavior is belonged to solid let a person be fed up with.

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It is so called next ” Qiu Jiada grows grandchildren ” Qiu Di, be fostered 18 years by 4 madams, be in autumn home however be in distress when, disclose oneself one’s life experience, with autumn home disengage. Must say, qiu Di is to raise not ripe supercilious look wolf really. Autumn home raised him 18 years, although do not have birth favour, also have the grace that foster. Dan Qiudi does not read aloud the friendly feelings of a tiny bit however, cast aside oneself and the relation of autumn home clear on the spot. The most crucial is, he returns He Yuanlang act in collusion with each other, desire the blame of the father corrupt Chinese ink that autumn of frame a case against handsomes.

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Answered really that ” face with imminet disaster to fly severally ” ah. The eye looks at autumn home be in distress, qiu Di is not helped not only, even buy autumn home at the deathtrap. Such autumn a kind of reed, too abominable really. Liang Yi is fortunately quick-witted, girl allowing division gives Qiu Di drug, make Qiu Di gets offline at top speed. Qiu Di such ending, too affording general satisfaction. But the most abominable in drama ” villain in drama ” yuan Lang, still continueing to do a business. Yuan because Lang is demoted 3 years ago, all the time bear grudges Liang Yi.

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Yuan Lang the first thing after coming back, look for Liang Yi’s trouble namely. Yuan the end that Lang becomes so, no more than arrives to step on Liang Yi namely below sole. When Qiu Yan mother of of lineal descent is terminally ill, when Liang Yi goes looking for yuan of Lang to seek drug, yuan Lang despiteful Liang Yi, make Liang Yi endured lash. When autumn home by search sb’s house and confiscate his property when, yuan Qiu Yan of Lang intended let slip and Qiu Min, it is to treat the pain of Liang Yi’s dereliction of duty. When autumn home person suffers the disaster of bagnio, yuan Lang tries provocative Qiu Jiaxiong the relation of younger brother, but abortive. Then, yuan Lang uses Qiu Di again, abortive.

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Next, yuan Langken still can do a business surely. And the Qiu Ying of all along envious Qiu Yan, just became yuan of Lang ” target ” . These two people touch in case together, affirmative meeting is maleficent. Must say, yuan Lang this individual was to install skinful bad water really. So, see here, do you feel yuan of Lang this individual very look familiar? Actually, he still is joined had acted ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” , in hill of front courtyard of Yuan of the personate in drama. It is later that Yuan Tingshan comes on the stage, xu Feng just encounters him when hill of past dragon tiger before New Year. He is a hanger-on of an aristocrat of Home Xuan Yuan originally, however the host that of one mind considers to make badge mountain, borrow Qing Feng of thill of machine Xiang Xuan to force so marriage. But Yuan Tingshan did not prevail, follow later beside Zhao Jie.

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Yuan Tingshan is mixed again later Xu Feng year did brushstroke to trade, give opposite party the track divulge of temple of ermine of Zhao Jie, Han, performed thereby ” the espionage in dish ” play code. At this moment Yuan Tingshan, the head wears bamboo hat, there are two beards on the cheek, there is beard on chin, still taking a knife.

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And ” beautiful language is endowed with ” yuan of medium Lang, the hair uses bob bundle above, on the face clean. Although makeup hair of hill of Yuan Langhe Yuanting, modelling, very different, but it is same individual personate really, the name of this actor is ” Zhang Yi acute hearing ” . So, you admit ” beautiful language is endowed with ” medium villain in drama yuan Lang, namely ” travel of knife of the bold in snow ” Yuan Tingshan? Admit to buckle 1, did not admit to buckle 2

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