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Original title: One market is strong on 9.7, HBO leaves year ” king blast ” ! Reprint origin: Sodden tomato of movie and TV (Mvmtv1) too absolutely. Before continuation quality is inferior to, make, it is drama of movie and TV common phenomenon. But this drama however act out of normal behaviour, one season is taller than one season cent. The first season. 140 thousand person gives a mark, 9.3. The 2nd season. 92 thousand person gives a mark, 9.5. Separate two years, the 3rd season came. Open cent to rush on 9.7. 20220219143210 6210ff6a25c8e ” my talent cummer ” adapt the Naples tetralogy from fashionable whole world, by us familiar HBO manufactures. Because origianl work author and drama are medium female advocate call Ailaina, many people can think this is an autobiography novel by accident. Actually otherwise, ailaina Feilante is the author’s pseudonym only. As the most mysterious anonymous writer, he / she is communicated through character and world only — however can adept apply excellent brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy, blurred true the borderline with fiction, enter the reader’s era feeling is infinite promotion. 20220219143211 6210ff6b20627 Generally speaking, literary work and drama of movie and TV serve as two kinds of different artistic carrier, in changed course, can appear more or less deviation. However ” my talent cummer ” attribute few number, the high-quality goods that after adapting, can rival with original work. One season drama says a book, went to the 3rd now. 20220219143211 6210ff6bad38d 20220219143212 6210ff6c71565 Two small town girls. Likeness of one’s previous experience, and have but the appearance of compare and intelligence quotient. Fall in a variety of choices and fortune however, produced disparate life contrail. Janitor daughter Ailaina, read hard promotion class, ascend body is brownstone. Shoemaker daughter Li is pulled, experience family difficult position abandons entering learn, animal farm admires at other people admired marriage, tear off the current situation to return to ground floor again. 20220219143212 6210ff6ce094b They the muddled from peep of the first season, the green acerbity decay of the 2nd season, spread out new page to respective nowadays independence. Ailaina takes advanced courses from pizza return, not only the novel that published oneself, still concluded with the family that has speech right in academia affiance. Look was like love career to stride brand-new step, actually undercurrent emerges move. 20220219143213 6210ff6d8483b She by drag of traditional idea place. The depict of a few large scale in her work, let her become target of public criticism. Small town dweller casts peculiar eye to her, family scolds her is slut, connect the person of strong recognition, think she does not have a bottom line, can start work to her use a base. 20220219143214 6210ff6e4b641 20220219143214 6210ff6ea9a0e Regard new era as the female, ailaina agreed with a spouse not to hold wedding in cathedral, request in what civil administration bureau registers only however. Did not object strongly into what wanted to suffer a mother however. 20220219143215 6210ff6f4db4e 20220219143216 6210ff70142e6 Ailaina is longed for escape small town, but this is contradiction. For quite a long time go all out in work can’t bear biff. Her knowledge is other eye medium arrogant, her spouse also is only nevertheless ” person ugly leg is not straight ” college professor. Backward small town and her dispute, grow in her trunk, extort is worn each her vigor, let her feel asphyxial. No matter she escapes toward He Fang, cannot remove this kind of confirmed effect. 20220219143216 6210ff70c2a92 Meanwhile, li pulls her bosom friend to also suffer torment. Once the Li with that infinite scene is pulled, the sausage that must smoke a day in bad smell lives in the factory. Accompany her, have the fat flesh in the hand only, and male fellow worker’s likewise fat yellow jest. 20220219143217 6210ff717fe61 The pains of day after day, the appearance that lets Li pull gradually vicissitudes of life. But her conspicuous individual character and thought, did not lose glamour as time. Every man wants to be pulled in Li before what does the proof nod, like seeming to wanted to conquer this resembles male lion only the woman of air of arrogance, entered the peak of influence. The in one’s heart that Dan Li pulls that stubborn shoemaker daughter. Even if pulls the home to take a mouth to struggle on line of dress warmly and ear one’s fill, also do not wish to abandon what dignity accepts capital hanging down pity. 20220219143218 6210ff720e070 Li is pulled be invited to attend to discuss about working people’s group in breathing space, what because she is had,never be masked not only is intelligent, also because of her current capacity — a honest worker. Li plays the unjust experience that suffers in the factory, make organizers indignant and ablaze. Their hundreds respond to a single call, do sth without authorization pours out hers publish to newspaper, return appeal media to surround the factory that blocked Li up to play a place. However they had not considered however, li plays the place that be in a dilemma. 20220219143218 6210ff72aa797 The talent with only rich life has time to ponder over the working class, true the working class does not have that leisure. Join the person of this group of processional the classes, can use self-righteous care attitude only, look down at is worn the life of rock-bottom people, achieve ego to satisfy with this. Saying to be able to protect Li to pull the companion that He Li pulls on their mouth, actually essential the life in a difficult position that inextricability Li draws. “Why to eat the meat rotten? “Why to eat the meat rotten?? 20220219143220 6210ff7468e8c Li is pulled and Ailaina looks be like is two kinds of styles, two kinds of contrail. But actually is different in approach but equally satisfactory in result. Just Li pulled a force to show, and Ailaina chooses to deceive oneself as well as others, in unwilling with compliant struggle. 20220219143221 6210ff752236e Face marriage, two people are nodded to be cut with self interest at first. Li is pulled selected rich and powerful person of the second on the town, hind rebel because of too depressive nature again. Ailaina criterion to promote a class. Although do not have bright say, but the technique that psychological montage used ably in drama, go out true opinion tray of Ailaina. 20220219143221 6210ff75c46f3 In serve love field, they also are having identical kernel. Although the likelihood has some of audience to was not understood, think they are cheated so that turn all round by broken bits male Ni Nuo. Actually completely contrary, they regarded Ni Nuo as tool, regarded as cast off the current situation ” gangplank ” . The complex relation of they and Ni Nuo, just answer the palm to ego to accuse to search, also be to alleviate at the same time heart to danger, that is longed for by what be unable to bear. 20220219143222 6210ff7633086 ” my talent cummer ” the friendship story that those who tell about is span a few years not just. It also is the actual portraiture that complex human nature interweaves, it is an Italy society changes more below setting group resemble epitome. “In this drama, everybody can find him. Everybody can find him.. 20220219143222 6210ff76a6f98 Article picture originates network, if have tort, if say 5 stars full marks is the best opinion that gives a work,connection is deleted. That to this drama, 5 stars are cent of its due lowest only.

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