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Original title: Repair 10 years Zhang Mosen? The defects cannot obscure the virtues of flickering bright tiny spot, or into dark 2022 love the ceiling Autumn 2022, most who is the male part that makes a person enchanted? ” flickering bright tiny spot ” the Zhang Mosen in has position certainly.

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Will generalize Zhang Mosen with a few label, it seems that very simple. In the school classy unripe, dark love the ceiling, indrawn and bashful, brave persistence… but he far more than hereat. Borrow by accident spatio-temporal loop, female advocate Lin Beixing realizes, in associate with years, it is so important that heart heart reads aloud the person that read aloud to be done not have actually, and the corner that become aware is not had in ignorance in, have an individual guarding oneself silently. As nod, “Open-armed person ” Zhang Mosen is low-key come on stage, fill the other one side of the story complete.

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Likelihood the terminus because of be concerned about is love, what so drama of this green campus came true to go up somehow is low leave to go high. Before drama anthology half part, still have the problem of clue in suspension, but arrived second half part, spatio-temporal the advantage that passes through to be united in wedlock with perceptual theme is shown. As circular grow in quantity, of Zhang Mosen dark love history, be gotten by spread out even more exquisite and complete, lin Beixing also was harvested in this process cure, experience arrives real love and grow. This drama is right of girl heart represent way, pure and fresh and romantic, do not lose Han theatrical work, and shunned Han theatrical work problem of constant some sodden end, it is the trial with full sincerity of homebred drama.

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Can overflow the girl the clue is deduced nature is touchingly, result of two main actors cannot be done not have. Zhang Jia is the actor that has clever energy of life all the time rather, ” the first furnace is sweet ” in look askance, ” if exemplary,pass ” the clever the wife of a prince in, ” know to deny ” in be like orchid, it is one of be in a story bright color. This Lin Beixing, dug her Han drama female advocate at the same time, and rate sex is candid, not be affectedly bashful is not argumentative. In the part figure that this is piece of beautiful peace, very a bit what action person likes.

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And the desolate that bend Hunan had very big breakthrough this. At ordinary times, everybody is crop teenager to his impression, have unyielding man temperamental, this his act out of normal behaviour, reincarnate soft bud learns bully, remaining clever student head, handed over to exceed expectant acting exam paper. The detail on Zhang Mosen body is too much. Gaze at deep-feltly, of vicinity dodge, feel happy secretly unbeknownly with lose, learn angry gait, those who protect the person oen is in love with is brave… fall in the joint efforts of actor, playwrite, photography, this part stands firmly, be convinced making a person.

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The most magical is, zhang Mosen assembled like the good form of a variety of advantages, it is like in green days true had appeared, silent not of language such-and-such. Often be this kind of vacillate the part between dream and reality (for example ” love letter ” the cany Jing Shu in, ” I won’t love you possibly ” medium Li Daren, ” reply please 1988 ” in shine) , just let audience bear in mind constantly, spread out long discussion and associate. ” flickering bright tiny spot ” also be in greet exceed those who anticipate is welcome degree. “Beg the 2nd season ” and ” beg time outside ” in cry, guanbo announced the news that film edition starts.

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As the audience, very expect shadow edition add is made. Because this drama is,circulate kind of work, the story has a lot of can offer play leave Bai Zhi to be in. For instance, what kind of is Zhang Mosen’s more detailed individual perspective? Whether to put in other and parallel world? Still have positive winding-up stage, is the person that supports an umbrella to Lin Beixing Zhang Mosen? Two people can be in Chu Xue that day meet again, still add up to meet again in the yard that does not have national boundaries vet? If 30 years old them, develop the mature love of social personage at the same time, run quickly to collective dream at the same time, that also can be a good story. No matter add is made,I want to adopt why to plant form, the key won’t change, that is ” two-way hurry off to ” — cautious dark love, will appear to fall in sunshine eventually, be communicated and accept, lin Beixing and Zhang Mosen, will search that jointly no longer the alone, future that grows hand in hand. That also is the picture that the audience expects. Place of rich of official of no less than says, wish each worldly like, can have an echo.

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