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Original title: ” this killer is not quite sober ” Wei Xiang of a dark horse head when male advocate, acting is caused in all affection, give a group successfully Movies of Spring Festival grade, the unexpectedly is killed give an a dark horse, be this heat is discussed ceaseless ” this killer is not quite sober ” before its show this motion picture really, be not valued by the masses, even someone looks title to be persuaded to retreat directly, but everybody did not think of, this are to leave unexpectedly year explode paragraph, after first day of the lunar year is shown, had done not have how to long lift entire network heat to discuss

20220219143420 6210ffec5978c

What make a person impressive most is Wei Xiang greeting classic movie ” the music in rain ” one paragraph that, he is in piece in of personate is actor of utility man of a 18 lines ‘ Wei Chenggong ‘ coxcombical acting is not directed to value all the time, can get suddenly however the appreciate of the big star Milan of Ma Li personate, invite Wei Chenggong to come him personate male, right now Wei Chenggong is excited unceasingly

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In audience fine long hair extemporaneous circumstance falls, fault output, came to a paragraph ‘ the music in rain ‘ Wei Chenggong is in this rain, as if the life that found oneself, saw a bundle of ray, be enmeshed in him however among them the moment of truth, the other side tells him however ‘ we need not you ‘ right now Wei Chenggong one face is spellbound, breathe out continuously ‘ why ‘ the give out answer of the other side is very perfunctory

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The answer says to do not have money, this reason is without be convinced force, to do not miss the opportunity of hero, wei Chenggong auxes would rather do not want remuneration, OK still even the deposit with him not much amount to takes help play staff, it is OK also to even if be OK only,hold to one day more, see Wei Xiang says actor’s lines at the same time only, at the same time lachrymal eye, this paragraph of clue looks cried the audience before many screen

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The audience can experience the real situation that this is Wei Xiang adequately to reveal, be without performance trace, actually this ability is most the clue of test actor acting, far more complex than shaking a package to want much, want to come out person heart expression already, cannot stir forcibly again, have a bit can persuade to return an audience carelessly

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Fortunately Wei Xiang ‘ Wei Chenggong ‘ character psychology is taken hold so that Zhang Chi has degree, in his eye very naturally was revealed suppliance and do not abandon, let an audience ased if to see a nobody stands in the dream really the abjection about when broken brim, succeed soon only the Yao of one pace, but how is he stridden however give the first condition, this lets a few work that before many audiences remembered him, take

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Say for example ” Xi Hong city head rich ” ” hello, li Huanying ” ” gallop life ” etc, although part person is set,differ, but they have collective and idiosyncratic, it is real life in, conceal in the nobody beside us, in a lot of films, all of Wei Xiang personate is small part, if do not go be being leafed through afresh, the audience remembers who of his personate is very hard

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It is the strongest that come to an agreement or understanding listened auxiliary, say offensive it is person of tool of a gut, tall smooth hour vacates a person in Shenyang forever, but after becoming hero when Wei Xiang, he sends out the glamour that come out, can saying is the second kills Shen Teng, can discover on his body a lot of leading role had more reflection to the character and more the design that takes a heart

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In the final analysis, wei Xiang this good actor, just be short of a good platform to develop his acting, pass this this ” this killer is not quite sober ” not only overturned traditional comedy, still encircled pink of a big passerby, many netizens express in succession, look with Wei Xiang’s current acting, can play the leading role completely alone in any work

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It is nowadays in work of a few movie and TV, the director likes to shed an actor with the top, of capital market intervene, wei Xiang such good actor is squeezed so that can go without the road, OK without anybody static next hearts come slowly burnish a good work, want to have the extra dividend of discharge, everything pursues a word, that is fast, wish to kill blueness today, will broadcast tomorrow

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But factual proof, a good work needs to relapse deliberate achieves perfect result with ceaseless modification ability, and this ‘ killer not quite sober ‘ the high quality work that accords with each requirement so just about, wei Xiang attacks popular feeling continuously through masterly acting, this apparently look, do not have flatly strange, do not search to give any window even

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But fine if tasting, can discover, its reserve strength is very great, resemble a cup of red wine same, ‘ on the stage one minute, below the stage 10 years of result ‘ the meaning explanation of this word gets incisively and vividly, the person that sees him sets counterattack, the audience is met he feels position of feeling of fact of the real situation happy, can stand on his angle to understand, successful the backside of this word, bore the weight of countless feel sad and loneliness

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Piece in a lot of clues make our meaning still was not used up, with Japanese original ” demon unreal hour ” almost exactly like actor’s lines setting and behavioral design, but the flavour that was explained to go out to differ by Wei Xiang however, whole person looks to very much era is entered feeling, the instant can let an audience believe, in this momently, wei Xiang has performed a role in the intention, and the part been performinging forcibly ‘ pinchbeck killer ‘

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After seeing sinister gang eldest brother, wei Chenggong’s powerful powerful gas field had cheated present holder, all parts are in of Wei Chenggong add hold below, established belief move, leading role knows before even if audience looks the Kingdom of Wei succeeds even if shaking a package purely, also won’t have the feeling of a play, because leading role is round whole journey is high-energy, whole journey laughs in serious doing, not be make eyes, laugh to do and do laugh

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Altogether, wei Xiang is actor of a treasure undoubtedly, believe to be in before long in the future, he can have more and outstanding work to meet with us, what say like the netizen is same ‘ Wei Xiang not fire, providential hard look ‘ welcome to share, collect, dot assist, transmit, one key 3 even!

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