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Original title: Princely different, Fan Chengcheng and Cai Xukun, who is just most meeting ” tortuous path overtake ” a that?

20220219143538 6211003a1a73e

You Jinchen and the teleplay that princely different acts the leading role ” won’t of love we ” broadcasted on Feburary 8, show according to the data of professional platform, this drama is opening the Ceng Ping after sowing to borrow be proud the person’s data for a time force pressing the corresponding period broadcasts ” flickering bright tiny spot ” ” beautiful language is endowed with ” ” former times has glazed tile ” wait for work. Because the gut of this drama has,not be how novel, contrary gut and drama of traditional Ma Li Su differ very few, resembling is the quantity on automation line produces work. Instead is Jin Chen and princely different as the main actor, save not only answered this set play, still pullbacked the public praise of this drama.

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Jin Chen need not say oneself, these the part in drama of Wen Yuan comparing wants year of red that she comes out in recreational group more wonderful, the Hold with her oneself figure and in good condition also temperament lived Zhao Jiang Yue this part, can saying even is instinctive quality goes out act. And princely different the Gu Jia heart of this personate, exceeded the anticipation of major audience already completely, make netizens straight breathe out he and Jin Chen this is to the name ” raises of month in and month out ” Cp earth sweet. Although apparent and princely different is not one’s previous experience of actor of regular professional training, but he does not try in drama skill, show jerky acting to want slightly more stress popular feeling. Look now, he is NINE PERCENT probably in most meeting ” tortuous path overtake ” a that.

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It is early before NINE PERCENT, princely different ever was in 2017 with Sun Hao like that, Lin Haojie, Li Zhijie comprises a man to sing assorted BBT. But be in the 2nd year, princely different attended love to surprise art contest of God male group performs nurturance kind true person excellent program ” God trainee ” , in final total final, rank with 8561329 tickets the 7th, xu Kun, Chen Li farming, Fan Chengcheng, Huang Minghao, Lin Yanjun, Zhu Zhengting, as impish as Cai with You Changjing compositive man sings assorted NINE PERCENT, go out formally. At present NINE PERCENT has been disbanded, members are respective solo flight, instantly develops weller in recreational group, often active in masses eye shot besides princely different, also remained Fan Chengcheng and Cai Xukun only 2 people, and still have between them common feature: In first choice after put together art expands a line this, and still be in bound of put together art mixes the unboiled water that get wind to rise.

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Fan Chengcheng serves as ” green annulus travel notes ” permanent MC, put so that leave in the program, also be willing to try different modelling, at any time and place can catching Gu Ling casts the stalk that go out, be returned even and Gu Ling group Cp of sister younger brother, art feeling should compare dye-in-the-wood put together with age actor is good on too much, accordingly very suffer an audience to like, attention is spent and good impression is spent also rise sharply. See national put together again art ” run ” leave oneself since sowing, reside firmly constantly close inspect the first, and Cai Xukun from ” youth has you ” arrive again ” run ” without seam a butt joint, it is permanent honored guest not only, it is the group in the program is bestowed favor on more. Because put together art feels,highlight likewise, cai Xukun became each greatly the new advance cosset of program of put together art.

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Besides ” run ” beyond, still the message comes out Cai Xukun runs partner country person He Gui democratically, join in with the identity of permanent honored guest ” the friend has listened please 2 ” , the instant causes numerous netizen attention. Here is not the meaning that says put together art is bad, it is Cai Xukun and Fan Chengcheng only encircle the new personality in as recreation, from choose elementary course of put together art at the beginning, so it is so easy to want to develop to be done not have toward other side in the future. Especially Fan Chengcheng ever had said he is the following professional program: Likelihood not quite yearn which respect develops the singer, very yearning the living that makes an actor. Not fathomless Fan Chengcheng attends put together art is conceivable more person to approbate at present, be paid close attention to by more director, get more ginseng performs the opportunity of drama of movie and TV thereby.

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But if the actor is mixed put together art is both the measure between accuse bad word, he thinks the desire that becomes a good actor is afraid is to do not have so easy implementation. Compare under, from the princely different that chooses profession of quarter at movie and TV at the beginning, be about apparently well-advised much. (the person that create formerly: Hong Xing 2 Guo head; We are in the backyard of recreational brick home hard to be close to the truth without accredit, prohibit reprinting, the person that violate needs investigate) the picture comes from a network, invade cutout

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