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Original title: Looked ” still feed ” calm archives is premonitory, feel deeply anxious for Yuzheng Xu Kai Looked ” still feed ” calm archives is premonitory, feel deeply anxious for Yuzheng Xu Kai recently, the drama of cate of ancient costume palace that Xu Kai and Wu Jin character present as leading role to act the leading role ” still feed ” released one after another stage photo and piece the stock such as the flower, and decide network of the route on archives successfully sow. The audience that this message expresses to expecting to this drama the value explodes and drama are confused is to be fond of again really for friends anger. Happy is this drama sow delay to want to meet with everybody eventually through be being discharged for many times, angry is this drama broadcasts difficult labor, because the element outside all sorts of play comes out,cannot discharge normally time and again sow, so although this drama can broadcast as scheduled, but also do not have the star on the predestined relationship, drama anthology force should call half discount, everybody is so high-quality goods big play feels sigh. 20220219143605 62110055b28fc Well-known, ” still feed ” this drama is hold a knife at manufacturing, look abruptly, xu Kai and Wu Jin character this 2 building was to make up for pink of 18 years of drama it seems that to Fu Heng He Weiying Luo loves each other to cannot be defended however hold read aloud, hit banner also is edition of cate of Ming Dynasty palace ” the strategy that delay happiness ” , this advocate achieve ordinary members of theatrical troupe to listen very ” acerbity bright ” , have fatal attraction to friend of a lot of audiences, but read a countless sophisticate to still must remind audience friends as ” careful ahead has bluff somebody into giving information ” . 20220219143606 621100568ff88 Sound have allure all the more say decline, it is early days enrols business to cheat ad business actually the method that comes in to be killed again just, it is the letter is not gotten really, before be being sowed in homebred drama, blow give an extravagantly colourful description, the goods after sowing is incorrect board work is simply ” common occurrence ” , everybody should be opposite this kind early to anticipate the work be accustomed to sth with tall low redound, did not expect to do not have disappointment after all. 20220219143607 6211005717bf8 Holding in the arms ” try water ” state of mind, opened two edition near future to release ” still feed ” prevue, triumphant Wu Jin is made for Yuzheng really after looking this does talk advocate achieve be worried, this drama may be really ” goods is incorrect board ” . 20220219143607 62110057ed838 From premonitory in light of, xu Kai and Wu Jin character clearly cannot make up for this group of Cp audience to ” Fu Ying ” the regret that cannot defend. We discover, two years of much time are lain between when, they again partner, cp feeling gets more than little infirmly. This problem, return so that mention from gut character set. 20220219143608 6211005846196 We look premonitory can discover, xu Kai is in ” still feed ” the part in is one has a palm to accuse force and big male advocate the one individual content of lofty quality, it is the Chu Jun that regards purple as candidate, it is Huang Taisun Zhu Zhan radical, he is the core character of top of the pyramid in feudal dynasty, for the moment of ruse gest count as one of the best is not carried, light is sovereign right must make a person bow one’s head weighs me, the impression of this part is leakage of bully gas side; And of personate of place of Wu Jin character female advocate be from palace board room cautious the hutch woman that promotes duty step by step, she the impression of this part is effeminate, part temperament is complementary, original part itself is a pretty good Cp, but their problem depends on inadequacy of a bully gas, a tenderness is not shown, they two continued more or less in this drama Fu Heng and the part impression of Wei Ying Luo, xu Kai is effeminate and too much doughty inadequacy, it is only big wolfhound originally, temperament turned small grandma into the dog however; Yan Taiba enrages Wu Jin doughty, her appearance too swift and fierce, not quite downy, at the same time herself continued again the performance mode of Wei Ying Luo, so they appear gave a kind ” male weak female strong ” feeling, this is put on Fu Heng and body of Wei Ying Luo probably normal, fu Heng is the official in feudal times that succumbs to fall at emperor life, wei Ying Luo is the lady-in-waiting with body negative doughty and brave vendetta, their environmental experience and character nature caused them to be able to love each other only the tragedy that cannot defend, mode of this kind of Cp is in ” the strategy that delay happiness ” in more absorbing, can be in ” still feed ” in be the existence of leaf of the dish that be thrown by the audience, so this calculates going up is error of Yu Zhengxuan horn, actually female advocate so tender part more agree with the Xiaobai of softer beauty below the banner spends delegate white deer, and Xu Kai is need promotion acting, need more study and experience. Chen Daoming acts in those days ” Kang Xi dynasty ” when very young also, but whole person imposing manner is dye-in-the-wood, perform an imperial be more than equal to a task, be worth discharge fresh pork people study is drawn lessons from. 20220219143608 62110058c1b6f Besides the problem of Cp, this drama is macroscopical cannot duplicate ” Yan Xi strategy ” ” acerbity bright ” . As a result of a variety of reasons this drama ” Gong Dou ” the element is little little, bright feeling is insufficient for certain, additional from premonitory saw this drama spend many length to tell face hall, big male advocate group play promotion, this kind of play says to Yu Zhenglai is not a strong point, and now Yu Zheng has been Tian Lei billow nowadays, once involve detail of Ming Dynasty history,be flames of war of network of a field probably not knowable also. This drama still emphasizes particularly on cate in the meantime, although cate is inviting, can be gut too cross Wen Shui, the audience is sought without patience, so Yu Zheng is returned this afresh in those days ” beauty calculation ” ” palace ” and ” Liu Zhen legend ” it is extremely difficult that summit summit is afraid of. 20220219143609 62110059a1f98 Finally is the element beyond gut — at original person. Because one’s early years borroweds at be being involved, litigate for a time, suffer the condemn of hundreds playwrite inside the industry and boycott even, it is to suffer for many times more cannon and be immersed in a network to scold battle, his way relations with people and public feelings are very bad, some closer year come everybody is more captious to his work, boycott and inform against Qi Fei, this is apparent to ” still feed ” for also be potential adverse factor, so to present ” still feed ” for, likelihood cannot seek is so called explode paragraph, can smooth and successful sow already pretty good.

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