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Original title: Shortly of Sun Yizhen big marriage has new theatrical work to show again, fabaceous valve gives a mark 6, why to want difference than homebred original A message that with Xuan Bin announce of two people official marries; Make a lot of netizens exceeding bless; Because everybody expects,the two people eventually that be together was to enter marital hall in the center; Can say this dispute often allows a business that the person rejoices;

20220219143642 6211007ac308f

Do not pass this one information that marries besides two people; A lot of netizens or blame often expect a few new work of Sun Yizhen; Nowadays she also is to gave everybody to bring to be made newly really; That is ” 39 ” this drama anthology.

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In 16 when; After Sun Yizhen is announcing to marry first undertook publicity appearing; And attend her namely new work ” 39 ” news briefing; Can saying this is likewise very make everybody exceeding expect; And this work is after news briefing end; Formal also sowed;

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Just appear ” 39 ” did not succeed this be approbated to come down by everybody; Public praise has a few attack street; So is this after all how one and the same? Look together with respect to He Lefeng below ” 39 ” a few messages introduce.

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1.” 39 ” work of this Han drama; It is to adapt a from home outstanding teleplay actually ” 30 just ” ; Will tell what still be the temperature that has a few actually to this; After all ” 30 just ” leaving at the outset after sowing; Got of audience of a lot of home love;

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Of this Han edition break up pat; Nature was to also get the heat of a few; Do not cross this ” 39 ” ; The name that follows it is same; Those who tell about is so called actually ” 40 just ” .

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It is above gut; 3 friends that main depict gave to be about to enter 40 years old; It is above friendship and love; Ceaseless area lives to his; The Luo Man that begins to achieve humanity history;

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These 3 good friends are in high school 2 grade when; Because of some day accidental a chance; Encounter so was in one case; And begin became with age friend; And this 3 people also from high school period; Go to middleaged period of 39 years old hand in hand in an instant.

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In this paragraph of period; 3 people are being experienced ordinary but storm is ceaseless daily; In the instant that cannot expect at the outset; 3 people knot issued deep friendship;

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And in some day; Criterion once boost the issue that went up to cannot be forecasted; In a day 39 years old; 3 people begin to be compared alive any when want warm blood of have one’s bosom filled with; And enjoying this 39 years old beautiful and moving; Write the story that gave to belong to oneself.

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The gut that can say whole will tell; Before following ” 30 just ” set also does not have too big distinction; Namely will 3 are about to enter the woman role of 30; Promoted 10 years old the age once more just;

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Integral frame still is as before in those days the sort of configuration; And the place is to also be put in Korea; And be in this ” 39 ” in; Also having a lot of everybody’s very familiar Korea actor actually; Continue to look with respect to He Lefeng below.

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2.In ” 39 ” medium the actor serves as above all female advocate one of; Be the actor that this everybody likes Sun Yizhen very; She goes out formally in 0 years when; Time of more than 20 years goes ceaselessly perform all sorts of outstanding Han drama work;

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For instance ” drunk picture celestial being ” , ” if love to have providential ” etc; Can saying is everybody likewise special an actor that love; And Sun Yizhen nowadays also already 40 years old; It is really very cater to this ” 39 ” theme.

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And have a partner with Sun Yizhen among them a main actor; It is Tian Meidou this is Korea female star of 40 years old likewise; After although be in,marrying 13 years; Tian Meidou gradually in exiting movie and TV to encircle; But after reappearing in last few years; Tian Meidou is to having likewise ” quick-witted doctor lives ” this is accomplished piece act;

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Although be costar merely; Still also got a few attention of everybody are spent however; And this ” 39 ” ; Program is carried for the first time after be Tian Meidou to reappear leading role when; Hope she can present an acting that lets everybody expect.

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The 3rd is Korea singer Jin Zhixian; Her famous spending is not very tall; Without the occurrence of too much representative work; In original a few years when just go out ceaselessly performing the put together of a few art program; Although be in famous degree going up is not very tall; But at least her figure is exceedingly outstanding still;

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And be above the age will tell; Jin Zhixian and Sun Yizhen, Tian Meidou is same; Be the woman that enters 40 years old; In the actor choose above; The age of these 3 main actors or blame often accord with integral fictile.

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Besides 3 female advocate besides; Be those among them actors; Among them one of it is Yan Yuzhen this outstanding actor; He ever was depended on ” common love ” and formal by everybody place is hep; And won the outstanding acting award that KBS acting grants greatly;

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In last few years still have inside time ” department hold a memorial ceremony for ” , ” nowhere look for ” those who wait for a few outstanding work piece act; In the actor famous degree above; Yan Yuzhen is very outstanding likewise; And also be one of actors that everybody loves.

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Additionally one is Limao gives birth to this actor; He ever was depended on ” my beautiful bride ” , ” husband and wife’s world ” and by the audience people hep; The Li Maosheng below most circumstance gives the role that those who act is a few costar; The attention that gets so is spent is not very tall;

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Regard drama of a lot of famous Han as medium chiliad costar; Limao gives birth to the likelihood in the eye of audience of a lot of home; It is the impression that has a few; Just not be very familiar to him; After all what everybody pays close attention to most still is those among them main actors.

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Last male advocate it is Li Taihuan; He ever went out had acted ” proud with bias ” ; And the drama market that has entered country ” hope the husband becomes dragon ” film; Although in last few years Li Taihuan’s resource also begins to decrease ceaselessly; But at least before also be the actor of a Korea that gets everybody to pay close attention to fully;

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These actors basically are all of one suit has run quickly 4 perhaps will go straight towards the person of 4; Had not arrived 30 years old besides Li Taihuan besides; The actor of the others is according with set at least on the age.

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And these actors also are very worth while everybody is expected a few; Add country ” 30 just ” heat; It is to let this as much ” 39 ” after broadcasting nowadays; Made the work of drama of a Han that everybody pays close attention to;

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Why having Sun Yizhen among them so these fine actors; Subject matter also is can allow authority be accepted; Present the result that come out finally however very differ? Continue to look with respect to He Lefeng below about ” 39 ” a few evaluations.

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3.” 39 ” why does public praise attack street? Actually about this reason; The set that follows Han play body possibly has some of concern; Although say to adapt ” 30 just ” ; But the frame of gut still is done not have too big alter; Whole will told the age besides the part to promote 10 years old besides; The place of the others is everybody’s very familiar clue almost;

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On this; For the audience to home namely ” 30 just ” first impressions are strongest; Natural ” 39 ” public praise is not quite outstanding.

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And Han drama still has a very big trouble; No matter the set of actress is how many years old,that is; The intelligence quotient that go out appears to have 19 years old only in drama; This are very common in city type work; And this ” 39 ” not exceptional also;

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3 female advocate set; Basically be the idol play set of all of one suit; Arrived to enter 40 years old to the woman age when; Can appear after all what kind of state of mind changes; Without too much development.

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Some just lets them continue around before love and close affection; Present the picture that gave sweet young woman; So final this ” 39 ” will tell to domestic audience; From belong to above gut solid it is to cannot let everybody cause resonance;


And above the acting in the actor; Sun Yizhen is this to pull hip likewise a lot of; The immortal colour of original Sun Yizhen is worth; In before also having very pretty good acting; But did not show a figure’s underlying emotion this however.


It seems that friendship is in this drama; It is ceaseless eat with good friends eat and drink drink; And so called goodness; Charity is become in heading for orphanage namely; More misinterpret place; It is considerate to the female misunderstanding; Be become by depict actually the figure that having sufficient understanding to step the man of two boats to the foot;


Can say the set of this kind of part; Even if is Sun Yizhen cannot be maintained rise; So of gut pull hip to add the member that perform to cannot fill whole role; Let this ” 39 ” public praise also glided a lot of.


And be in ” 39 ” in public praise evaluation; Le Feng also discovered very interesting it is a phenomenon; That is this ” 39 ” ; Also present those who went out to see rarely nowadays ” Z ” word grading; Before following ” fight Luo Daliu ” grading is exceedingly similar;


Can say to cause this cause; Still be everybody to Sun Yizhen this actor gave out a lot of feeling mutual affection; If change Sun Yizhen an other actresses; The likelihood did not have even feeling mutual affection.


And this ” 39 ” attack the street also is in reason; No matter be which country,turn over the work that take after all; Ineludible attack the law of the street; What be broken up to pat after all is classical certainly; Bead jade still is not what often surmount hard afore; Can hope to break up only pat drama to be able to accomplish the distinguishing feature that takes his truly.


4.Sun Yizhen is in coda nowadays after marrying; Still brought a new drama anthology work for everybody; Although public praise is a little disappointing; But also be fulfilled the wish that everybody expects to be made newly; And next a paragraph of day; Sun Yizhen begins the possibility and two people get on black Bin too sweet matrimony;


The period of time later; Also won’t the work with new reappear; Hope Sun Yizhen can be mixed Xuan Bin two people go down happily all the time; Hope to see she is new the next time of course work when; Won’t be to follow ” 39 ” the work that is not approved euqally.


Good, today the new work about Sun Yizhen ” 39 ” a few introductions had ended to here; If everybody has what viewpoint and view; The welcome undertakes leaving a message interacting beneath; Do not forget motion picture of attention A Le Le finally.

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