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Original title: ” between the world ” ending: What doesn’t Zhou Rong calculate, feng is become actively small 3, she is selfish too complete Not little recently audience by teleplay ” between the world ” brush screen, this adapts the teleplay from work of bear the palm of award of cogongrass aegis literature as expected very wonderful, the Zhou Bingkun of personate of thunder favorable reply touched countless people, he and the feeling between Zheng Juan also make a person use a facial expression, but an outstanding teleplay cannot have leading role only, ” between the world ” ” part of villain in drama ” fictile also comparatives reach the designated position.

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Selfish Zhou Rong suffers fully in sibling of the Zhou Jiasan that spit groove, zhou Rong is most a when be fed up with by the audience. Zhou Rong grows beautifully as a child, often neighbour comes to talk about a marriage, to be perfunctory this helps a person, zhou Rong lets Cai Xiaoguang become his boy friend, actually Zhou Rong does not like him, treat him as only ” spare wheel ” , unluckily Cai Xiaoguang returns be most willing to, thenceforth begins her to know what how use someone else to like.

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Zhou Rong fell in love with Beijing poet Feng to be changed later, not far 10 thousand lis head for Guizhou alone when educated youth, marry to be changed with Feng only. She did not consider those who cross parental family completely to experience, after eloping, be more to the family without any consideration, outer lead a wandering life 3 years to did not give a bit money has been sent in the home, get a severe disease even the mother even do not know.

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Zhou Rong and Feng Huacheng have a child to call Feng , she is daughter fosterage in home of grasping elder brother of little brother week, oneself go to Beijing reading an university together with the husband however instead. Zhou Rong goes is more than 10 years, be opposite during daughter without any consideration, say on the mouth ” must receive at once come back ” , actually also it doesn’t matter acts.

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Feng fosterage is in Home Zhou Bingkun, be brought up together with respect to He Zhounan as a child, this kind of close affection develops love gradually, feng is pained because of the elder brother that fell in love with his. Ke Zhourong knows Zhou Nan is Zheng Juan and Luo Shibin place is strange, the ashamed that she wants to make up for pair of remorses, then she bears 2 people love, look for Zheng beautiful plead for mercy for sb actively even, see here audience is given to be enraged by Zhou Rong’s selfishness.

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More complete common saying says Feng selfishness ” have its mother surely its female ” , will describe Zhou Rong with this word mother and daughter is the most appropriate did not pass, the Feng after be brought up acceded the gene of her mother, make the little wife of mother’s brother that brought up oneself more than 10 years embarrassed to go after love to not hesitate, never feel distressed Guo Zhengjuan.

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Many audiences guess, so selfish Feng ending should not be differred, but her final result is quite actually miserable. Feng of one mind likes Zhou Nan, but Zhou Bingkun does not agree with this paragraph of marriage, feng is overcome of uncle aunt homiletic, the choice follows Feng Huacheng giving birth to father heads for France, zhou Rong abandoned the job also going for the daughter France is accompanied. Going is 12 years. After going abroad, Feng or He Zhounan were together, still do not have happiness nevertheless how long, be involved in of other place of week Nan meaning in a campus pop case, die unfortunately. The day of week Chengdu mother and daughter is uneasy after that, be forced abjection go back to the motherland. Xiao Guang of spare wheel Cai remembered after Zhou Rong goes back to the motherland, for bread she or choice married him.

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What Feng learns is business management major, eye does not wish high to bear hardships again, cannot find proper job at all in home. Then she monarchs additionally path, begin to mix circle of slash wealthy businessman, depend on fine-looking her rapidly go up in the world, became to a wealthy businessman of many years old 50 finally small 3, on the success did goodwife. Zhou Rong and Feng are amative head, not far 10 thousand lis chase after love, one does not care about a section, but they too too selfish, think him move never considers another person only, praise independent female cultural worker, must rely on a man finally however, this ability is the most lamentable.

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Nevertheless the word says, ” between the world ” story wonderful, because have the unimportant person with too much complex nature,be, they are faulty talent is so real. Do you feel Zhou Rong is selfish? Do you hope Feng and week Nan are together? In the comment the area remains your view!

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