Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Direct seeding of cereal love approach is promoted to call cereal teacher double Jin Wanggao affection by Zhang Yi business dissolves awkwardness 19 days of evening, gu Ailing suffers invite participate in direct seeding, zhang Yi promotes a surprise to show body direct seeding, two people cross a bound to chat even wheat. In whole direct seeding, gu Ailing is without frame special ground connection is angry, true disposition is lovely very. When trifling awkwardness is immersed in in joining wheat course when two people, gu Ailing also can use his tall affection business to dissolve awkward situation.

20220219144024 6211015871d9b

Just entered the when Zhang Yi between direct seeding to promote, because not be familiar with,so approach of tubal cereal love cries ” cereal teacher ” , gu Ailing is to place a hand again and again, say to cry ” love approach ” OK.

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The Long Wen that Gu Ailing shares him dress, ski, helmet later designs pattern, take advantage of an opportunity arrived to also can change Cheng Hu a little or sheep, then Zhang Yi of ↓ of two people dialog promotes: The sheep is very good also. Gu Ailing: Ah right, I belong to a sheep! Zhang Yi promotes: I also am! Compere: Be a bit awkward? In the word of Chinese congeneric photograph, or be of the same age, or… … netizen this ability response comes original Zhang Yi is promoted bigger than Gu Ailing 12 years old, farewell settle on narrates a dialog to be able to ‘t help feeling some are comical.

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In addition, gu Ailing still is between direct seeding in beautiful one top class ” Fan Ersai ” ↓ Zhang Yi promotes approach of love asking cereal: Do you have a block of stone or wood glacial mound? Gu Ailing replies: Not… I have golden mound a block of stone or wood (3! )

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Finally, two people talked about cate. As the Gu Ailing of pure and northward girl, promoting mentioned southern cate to Zhang Yi apparently is not very familiar, but can try actively. Promote recommended Changsha strong-smelling preserved bean curd to Zhang Yi nevertheless, gu Ailing states he is some cannot be accepted really, but cereal mom likes very much.

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At 9 o’clock, after Gu Ailing is finishing 1 hour of direct seeding, punctual end, state oneself want to slept rapidly: My spy love sleeps, want to sleep 10 hours, now at 9 o’clock, I am busy be over discharge makeup bathes be about to sleep. Yes, before sleeping, read meeting, the mobile phone does not see before sleeping. To this, the netizen is to speak: This is the difference of I and world champion.

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