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Original title: Homebred drama most urge lachrymal female minor role, it is in celestial being sword Series of celestial being sword is very magical, the 85 flowers that had performed it fire, the most sneaking generation with accepted audience, keep oneself most classical part in celestial being sword at the same time actually. Nowadays celestial being sword 4 transmitted doubt of Ju Jing Dai to appear an information that act again. Bringing up Jing Dai to act also is not to be no good, she should act really, do bad that this series rots namely the blessing ground of an actress, acting is again sodden acted can film gold. Although be a hearsay only, but this heats up search or hanged near most day, vermicelli made from bean starch and passerby are born forcedly be born to carry the topic on the head in the head again the position. Say, ju Jing Dai acts ancient also not be what news occasionally, because she wants,this thing is worth to say is those who act is celestial being sword — the Bai Yueguang of generation person. 20220219152036 62110ac4609e8 Regard knight-errant and drama of Gu Ouxiu celestial being as the work of interim, strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed with those are ancient now differ occasionally, it let knight-errant spirit had built leading role aureola. Leading role people the renown bugle call that also won’t make salvation, talk about love every day. But somebody of total also meeting sacrifices to love to generate electricity everything, even life of go ahead regardless, the hair on the net understands a new term now, be in charge of this kind of person to cry ” bad luck is planted ” . Bad luck is planted also is not a what good word. But if must be planted according to this view, come ten years, series of celestial being sword can be become to do classical bear in mind constantly by the audience all the time, very big one part reason, there is one to pile bad luck to plant in drama namely. Especially the bad luck in their mouth is planted woman. For instance, the Lin Yueru of one accompanies celestial being run a long time, fasten stone of human life funeral finally to fall to help sb to fulfill his wishes. Celestial being the black nightshade follow the same old disastrous road of 3, with sword of body hold a memorial ceremony for, what just change red-spotted stonecrop and Xue Jian is restful. 20220219152036 62110ac4de161 Actually, want true so if telling, that female a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct people 10 have 89 is bad luck is planted. Dan Xia fills the person of idealism namely, they can be ties of friendship slotting tool of two costal region, sacrifice even oneself. In Ke Xianjian these are alleged ” bad luck is planted female ” , touched a big person in those days. Lie between when old, I still also can be celestial being sword in ” bad luck is planted ” tear of female stream of people. Celestial being sword one medium Lin Yueru, it is to allow the part that my around manner turns 180 degrees greatly. 20220219152037 62110ac540285 Regard Lin Jiabao’s size as elder sister, about of a Diao Man’s capricious size elder sister is when she just comes on the stage. 20220219152037 62110ac58c645 She hits two her servents so that that calls miserable, serve as leading role plum free can not help a person, had two people then encounter first. When comparing fierce marry into and live with one’s bride’s family later, she was encountered again plum free. If be defeated,he gave in month of battle middle forest, but also begin pair of free generation at this point sincere feeling. 20220219152037 62110ac5e9e1d Thought a lot of method hope first wife is clever more later leave plum free, coerce face to face not only, still searched even dark the cousin A that loves oneself 7 will help oneself think way. This moment, I still am not too good to Lin Yueru’s impression. Change to hers, be in Zhao Ling change after the snake runs away, lin Yueru is formal for company plum is free enter swing all corners of the country. Clever leave, plum free be about to search clever, if month of this moment forest volunteers to go together accordingly. In this process, I slowly discovery, lin Yueru thinks without me actually so be fed up with, even on her body, gas of share a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is in. Really, she likes plum free, but she did not make fun of scheming and Zhao Ling go grabbing. She knows plum free those who like is Zhao Ling, and in Zhao Ling say with her she is mixed personally plum free more when deserving to should be together more, she is not happy. She did not listen to Zhao Ling, facilitate actively instead Zhao Ling and plum free. 20220219152038 62110ac64c8d0 The openness on bright face, forever the disclose knives of jab of feel well dark jab. Fortunately strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed is not Gong Dou drama, in every case of code of this kind of play is not to put aside in drama of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, lin Yueru must be the 2nd An Lingrong. Clever after Lin Jiabao and free depart, first time reunion is in white river village. Free see clever sullen, thought of to be fooled with gules dandelion clever method. For no risk at all, free let lunar Buddha try first. 20220219152038 62110ac6ccb81 See gules dandelion flies that is flashy, if the month was touched, although know perfectly well this,do not prepare for oneself, but she still is that free sincerity to touch. 20220219152039 62110ac724806 Free a spirit cry, if the month was not done not only destroy, still help at the same time free let dandelion fly, let at the same time free and clever go saying a private words. 20220219152039 62110ac76eb3f They cope with bare ghost king together, free chose to be like,save a month first, the month is like after regaining consciousness, say, later such case, must save first clever. I know you become me alien, but I am not alien ah, I am clever elder sister. Actually, her love is contradictory. She likes free, can be her also really clever regarded as good sister. She does not control herself to want to follow on one hand free together, can control oneself to be not harmed desperately again on the other hand clever. Zhao Ling leave plum free later, it is Lin Yueru is accompanied all the time be in plum free beside, although plum free did not let her accompany, but in this distance, lin Yueru does not have hinder sb. Free and malty, she attends meticulously. 20220219152039 62110ac7c7c5e To save free, would rather go goverment office in feudal China confesses his crime, say oneself are female a burglar who makes his way into a house over walls and roofs, bear bastinado punishment. 20220219152040 62110ac821926 Her him unship ” Mo Shi ” bell, with Ji San the woman says, let free send this small bell clever. She hopes they two people not can be broken not forget, as to oneself, not important. Highest tide when lock up bewitching tower in Sichuan hill namely, at that time plum free be informed sword emperor with Lin Yueru will clever after closing in the tower that lock up bewitching, resolutely enter the tower that lock up bewitching to want to help a person. And in this process, plum free restored memory gradually, told Lin Yueru he has been mixed clever get married, still had the child. 20220219152040 62110ac86d3b5 In the meantime, delegate plum is free the move that return love is sharp control ” clever ” the symbol also is shown, proof plum is free love a spirit all the time, never the change passes. In subsequently gut, lin Yueru plants pull sb’s leg female explanation arrived acme. 20220219152040 62110ac8b677e She at the same time sad weep, choose to help sb to fulfill his wishes again at the same time plum free. Jungle, when block should fall, thinking in 3 popular feeling, break me. But, have Lin Yueru only a person acted, relied on actual strength to make series of celestial being sword ” bad luck is planted ” boss. She plum free and clever pushed, oneself stay in place. 20220219152041 62110ac917f16 Look at 10 point to what buckle closely plum free and clever, lin Yueru spoke last actor’s lines that belongs to her: “So me already so old ” . She ever followed plum free agreement ” eat old, play old ” . But her life, already in the end. And plum free ” eat old, play old ” the agreement has not cashed, as block heavy flump falls, lin Yueru gets offline formally. As me what treat a customer, heartbreak becomes broken bits. This has affection justice, pleased the terrestrial female a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of favour enemy, in that ancient occasionally drama is returned not the time of be current, earn sufficient tear and good impression. But in be current hoggish, utilitarian today, chivalrous world is ideal world no longer, of Lin Yueru pay and sacrifice, how looking is the portraiture that bad luck plants. But I like her as before, one dare love to dare be hated, however kind-hearted and courageous and resolute spoony female a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct. Respecting sacrifices, still must carry a part. She is ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed 3 ” the Long Kui in. The preexistence of black nightshade is small princess of Jiang Guo, parental conjugal love, king a courteous form of address between men shelters, live carefreely. 20220219152041 62110ac95f8ec Elder brother Long Yang calls to bestow favor on then to her, is Gong Li dull? The elder brother accompanies you to play! 20220219152041 62110ac9acf48 Like wide sleeve to shed celestial being skirt? The elder brother gives you! But good times don’t last long, jiangguo edifice general bend during, the hearsay casts demon sword to be able to be solved destroy national danger. Long Yang called together magician, hammer into shape what demon sword undertook more than 100 days. 20220219152042 62110aca110e3 That inserts the sword in ablaze burner, gules ray is Jiang Guocun’s vivid hope. Long Yang ah wait, good boil that not easily one day, lian Jian’s rabbi tells him however, the sword of human body hold a memorial ceremony for that drills the last pace of demon sword is the flesh and blood that uses Long Kui. Why does this rabbi say not early, that kongfu cannot dig two moat more, one caboodle person follows you to work a long time in vain. Black nightshade is crying to be troubled by sword wanting hold a memorial ceremony for, long Yang however iron wears the face said: Without that sword, I can destroy all the same the enemy! Next fight the enemy of go into battle of in a rage. Regrettablly, this goes to Long Yang, sibling two be to part forever. Black nightshade when the posthumous papers that is king a courteous form of address between men, there is last hope above that, black nightshade of hope little sister can well subsist. Black nightshade serves as traitorous Xiaogong to lift, get follow elder brother of course. 20220219152042 62110aca65944 Then she is catching Long Yang’s posthumous papers, plunge into directly took igneous sea mile, the soul and demon sword close 2 for one. Follow demon sword with respect to such black nightshade by coop the tower that lock up bewitching, this is millenarian, black nightshade is tormented by each alluring woman of lock bewitching tower, she to protect oneself, broke up even oneself the 2nd character, namely the Gong Kui that we see. 20220219152042 62110acab2779 Disrupt force is powerful, millenarian past, black nightshade escapes from inside demon sword, saw the red-spotted stonecrop like dragon Yang Yimo, she is glad extremely, burst into tears, breathe out continuously elder brother. Then, black nightshade all the way for company red-spotted stonecrop, she is glad, this generation is to be turn for her to protect an elder brother at long last. But we know, red-spotted stonecrop is not Long Yang, long Yang was in early to death in that war. Red-spotted stonecrop is an Everyman, he also is having the emotional base that is brought up together with Long Kui like unlike dragon this world, what be brought up this together with him is Mao Mao. 20220219152043 62110acb046ed When so Long Kui helps branch of 10 thousand jade, hurt Mao Mao, red-spotted stonecrop is very indignant, even he hit black nightshade spank. At this moment Long Kui is clear also, red-spotted stonecrop and the dragon this world previously are different, there also is her not merely again in the eye in his heart a person. Grow besides Maomao dear, much still beautiful, lively girl, xue Jian. She for before of generation hold read aloud, be born forcedly give birth to the jealousy that depressed oneself and dissatisfaction. She is mixed actively reconcile, identify Xue Jian into his elder brother’s wife, like behaving oneself so that resemble doing not have thing person next. Dan Longkui is again kind-hearted also not be a sage, eventually, when covey person goes taking Leilingzhu, grind in celestial being of sword of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease those who grind chirp is incendiary below, she erupted. 20220219152043 62110acb7f90f Small Gong Kui of her the 2nd character killed Xue Jian to turn a plant into the person, let celestial being of sword of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease catch Xue Jian again, also kill everybody to rush about overworked goes seeking a person, a flock of people make up for Long Kui to make the fault below together. This red-spotted stonecrop had understood Long Kui’s distress, he was not blamed. But change after answering small La Kui self-condemned, spend the reprimand of principle columns of a hall, include to erupt this everything what bring is sequential, her all unwilling, all extravagant hopes, hit afresh. She also dare not have the idea of even more quadrature again, black nightshade closes him afresh again those who answered that tenderness, the person sees the person loves, the little sister of take from me as sb please-make unlimited demands. Sword of quadratic be buried alive with the dead is so automatical also came. Red-spotted stonecrop should follow decisive battle of celestial being of sword of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease eventually, regain extraordinary power to let demon sword, xuejian and Long Kui must have a person can sword of hold a memorial ceremony for. (sword of hold a memorial ceremony for, it is sword of hold a memorial ceremony for… say a person cannot hang by the neck is on a tree, drop dead still can go in a hole) Long Kui is right the deep feeling of red-spotted stonecrop, remorse to Xue Jian’s ashamed, and the depression to oneself, drove her to step that one pace. 20220219152043 62110acbefbb5 For red-spotted stonecrop, black nightshade chose him sacrifice again, but this, she knows she also is answered again did not come. Millenarian past, small broken certain herbaceous plants with big flowers chose similar final result. See Long Kui jumps down that is flashy, still reading elementary school I of 4 grade cry so that that calls sad. Xue Jian a long time, do not step even Jio one pace finally. Finally, still must be Long Kui. 20220219152044 62110acc43132 Black nightshade knows red-spotted stonecrop is not Long Yang all the time, but she is willing to help red-spotted stonecrop, because she knows red-spotted stonecrop follows elder brother Long Yang,also be same, doing a very significant thing, that exchanges the world peace and tranquility namely. Long Yang and red-spotted stonecrop are the reincarnation of bitter fleabane, only Long Kui is that Long Kui forever. ” celestial being sword 3 ” it is to Long Kui’s court verdict ” chiliad is eternal, only affection just ” . This affection, black nightshade is awaited with chiliad photograph, with hold a memorial ceremony for of photograph of flesh and blood. Small princess of this ginger country, as Long Yang of her elder brother, it is the old hero of respect making a person. The impression that I leave another female admeasure is very deep also. 20220219152044 62110accb1738 Because sound fell in love with brook wind,goddess water greens jade, brook wind because deformed and appearance is self-abased,dare not see Shui Bi however. Brook wind can appear before the sweetheart with beautiful appearance to let his, not hesitate to betray oneself and the most precious sound demon to value a building, trade the good-looking skin bag that gets a day. Of course, chip is to lose freedom, become the slave of heavy building. 20220219152045 62110acd1f7ca After getting along momently, brook wind went. Shui Bi can have sung the seaside of the song to await hard in him only, time is long, changed a stone resembling. The brook wind that becomes slave reunites to green jade with water at an early date, challenge demon to value a building frequently, the hope can defeat heavy building, remove servile bond. But wind waiting for a brook again from encountering Shuibi, shui Bi has become stone to resemble a lot of years. Brook wind can find demon to value a building only, him recapture sound, vocally woke up Shui Bi. 20220219152045 62110acd6c0eb And right now underwater palace begins a collapse however, comforter of Shui Bi general bead give after person of red-spotted stonecrop group, be buried in sea floor together with brook wind. They chose to devote hand in hand, suppress marine volcano together, discharge a catastrophe for the world. Shui Biwei loves fossil 500 years, it is the common people and the person death sea floor that love each other again. About their two show share actually very few, but at this late hour, still meet somebody thinks this is Be aesthetic Top1. Irrespective, two-way Be is He. She and this beloved person can be together eventually. Check so much, I also had seen play of many celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, dan Xianjian series is the ceiling in my memory as before. Because of those woman roles, carry a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct in getting a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct removing celestial being, they can sacrifice for love, but also know general, bright righteous cause, have affection justice interesting also. In fact, more wonderful part often is jumped over complex, it is self-contradictory even. More what is more,the rather that the setting of celestial being sword is a chivalrous world, cannot use blame is black namely white standard goes defining them. Also ought not to use alleged ” bad luck is planted ” them compressed change. And celestial being sword presents us, it is bright, the figure of vivid. Series of celestial being sword female advocate people touching place, do not depend on everybody for male advocate turn to dedicate blindly all round everything, below the condition that carries the fact that get Qing Dynasty in them however, be willing to be paid for the other side. What now Manbing emphasizes starting a career is big female advocate in a list of plays, this kind of ties of friendship and altruistic particularly commendable. There is the common people in my heart, have 10 thousand civilian, also have you. I wish break through brambles and thorns-hack one’s way through difficulties holds aid the world concurrently, also wish to be your one person photograph to forget all corners of the country. Such sensibility and come with affection deep, is why the Gao Guang on body of woman of celestial being sword? Once I think, series of celestial being sword can be the beginning of drama of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of Chinese celestial being. Can look now, it made summit summit however. Sword of flash celestial being went more than 10 years, as to what can surmount it. 20220219152045 62110acdcce31 I think, the likelihood still gets again wait-and-see the next 10 years. Reprint each other to push: FakeLittleSheep business affairs cooperates: I meet Lsxhrg shed ↘ of tear ↘ ↘ for the woman in celestial being sword forever

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