Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Road of new theatrical work appears Chen Weiting commentate piece! Wear patient to take sit wheelchair gas field is not defeated, this lays a plan too handsome also Now, chapter of old Wei thunderbolt is like Nan new theatrical work ” enlighten you ” the road is appeared commentate piece, see a suit patient takes Chen Weiting only sit on wheelchair, you Zhangre Nan is being pushed, although got hurt, but still comparative handsome, wind model is not decreased.

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At present this drama has broadcasted be over, yang Mi and Chen Weiting cooperate the conduct propaganda of new theatrical work to also be an end, media was patted recently, chen Weiting has begun to film new theatrical work, new theatrical work of it is reported is a contemporary theatrical work, in filming at present, illuminate fully from the road be pleasant to the eye, model of contemporary theatrical work is exceedingly handsome, be in in bazaar can saying is a Triton of the minnows!

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And the female star chapter behind if Nan is to plunge into horsetail simply to match pink sweater, foil color of skin and complexion are very ruddy, be the same as casing with Chen Weiting, it is appearance of male talented woman as expected very ascend right.

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From this the god turns round synchronously movement, had let a person think crack with teeth in mouth immediately the CP of two people, there is show in eye of it may be said, let a person enter mode seeing play directly.

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Fall in the camera lens of passerby so suck eyeball, the meeting when imagining teleplay broadcasts is more attractive. It is reported, what Chen Weiting films this is the teleplay of concerned firemen subject matter, he is inside personate a firemen, and of Zhang Renan personate is journalist, those who tell about is the ground epicenter before 10 years, regard the Jin Shichuan of firemen as will little girl ” Xu Lai ” rescue from inside remains, be come to for conciliation by the Xu of fright, make issued ” agreement of 10 years ” . Develop this character set, already the girl heart that firm firm ground captured numerous vermicelli made from bean starch. Include to see Chen Weiting other film the road is appeared, also be to bring leading role a ring of light oneself, wearing the training dress of firemen as everybody, also can be in however in the crowd see, no matter be body form,still be temperamental as expected, it is male like what go from inside the novel really advocate.

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See Chen Weiting new theatrical work just was sowed with respect to the horse aspirant group takes sport, a lot of netizens express, chen Weiting is really too went all out, when to know with double A of Yang Mi modern play is arranged on?

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