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Original title: Jin Dong responds to a rumor by ridicule, the person that do not have award is set, the audience saw with respect to prep before The net passes Jin Dong, Li Xiaoran to act the leading role ” Lin Shen sees a deer ” default a play staff the salary of many 300 staff members. 17 days of evening, jin Dong sent small gain to respond to this rumor: “Ineffable receive a lot of information, say new show just killed blueness, how to produce such problem, gave what issue, the problem is start a rumour does not have cost. The person that cherishs me always says to be not paid attention to, but I thinks flagrant, be like in September 2017, not, absolutely not. Absolutely not..

20220219152117 62110aed63cd0

Party sends the response to this rumor, approbate without what obtain netizens however. Actually, look with respect to rumor itself, do not have particularly strong aggressiveness, even if comes out to explain without person station, also meet as time break up gradually piece. But advocate achieve stood to explain bout, also did not see sensible netizen, or station of vermicelli made from bean starch comes out, like before, saying start a rumour to do not have cost, feel by the star of accidentally injure it is a victim.

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This, everybody brushs the watch that brush the ground together to show: “Is Jin Dong saying some of what? ” ” he this accent I is not very Get. ” return words of some person dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed to express, way of foreign language of the word in his this word is wrong, take the branch for the root idiom to be used in disorder. Always report the place of this news, it is to mock the person with indisposition of hold tight Jin Dong completely below comment area.

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A thing that cannot deny quite is, jin Dong is one of star that can carry viewing rate most. East is defended inspect these year come, what sitting on the throne of not little television year champion is Jin Dong, leaf through several downward again, also have his work. Even if exist a few quality are special do not amount to mark, also can on a list of names posted up famous. East defends inspect still circulate even a word: Male Jin Dong female grandson couple. Why does that see the person of drama, resembling with what publish a comment on the net is two batches of people, in the Jin Dong in network world, where is the difference with such public praise?

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Presumably the first reason, because the praise with particularly high Troy is contained without what on Jin Dong hand,the likelihood is, nominating repeatedly is not very much. With respect to this matter character, there had been many media person checks to cross Jin Dong to be the same as the award of age person on the net military successes. The person such as the Zhang Jia beneficial of be far ahead, Chen Jianbin, Sun Gonglei need not be carried more, they are to go out early also, young masterpiece is tasted, name is quite big also. Retreat one pace to look, was mocked a lot of years by everybody, can perform the person such as the Zhong Hanliang of idol play, Huo Jianhua only, also mix actually in everybody it seems that the Jin Dong that turns equality sign with actual strength clique belongs to an echelon formation in the eye. ” my before half a lifetime ” explode this greatly in drama, favorable reply of thunder of one numerous actor, Ma Yili, Yuan Quan, Wu Yue took Bai Yulan’s nomination entirely, eliminate Jin Dong alone only outer. Whole class party did not call him, really awkward. And with Jin Dong, teleplay 3 award are entire the Huo Jianhua of odd, anyhow still has taken the nomination of the optimal hero of award of white yulan magnolia, watch Jin Dong instead, just having Bai Yulan the nomination of optimal male costar just.

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More of cruel heart is, nominated together with him in those days Bai Yulan is optimal the Wang Kai of male costar already first he one pace, took Bai Yulan and golden eagle prize respectively two award the nomination of optimal hero. General view Mesozoic Era all sorts of star, military successes odd of Jin Dong, take off with oneself repeatedly on the head that the little brother of yellow Teng Da has ridden in him, looking at is to call a person to feel the heart fills in really.

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The 2nd reason, the person that is Jin Dong personate is set all the time Dou Taiwei is smooth. Early spits groove to say with respect to somebody, jin Dong is worn in personate all the time so called elite. But whenever this moment, with respect to the vermicelli made from bean starch that can have him the station comes out, listing which part to be not is traditional elite. Can want really him these one word discharges year of part of personate, we can discover, he all parts basically are holding a kind of position, there is sense of justice very much between forehead namely, treating an issue is not confused no hurry, ad cool-headed and sober, still can the attitude with a kind of perch, give one time to someone else homiletic.

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Can be an audience people know, resembling is Jin Dong this age, father’s younger brother encircles the male star inside, the part of personate, the person is set the more complex, just the more can congenial. Be just like is to go out together acted ” the person that pretend ” and ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” Mr. Liu Yijun, the female vermicelli made from bean starch on the net opens a fun to say, that resembles is to be like indescribable action his path. Did not allow even if because of its often the villain in drama with personate complex one’s life experience, answered that one, the man is not bad, the woman does not love. Everybody has gone off those look be like special Wei light part, occasionally, because villain in drama is modelled full, let everybody feel vivid, just more suffer people love.

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The 3rd reason, the defect that is cultural worker of Jin Dong outfit does not change. The Nobel maths award with vessel famous vessel, had been mocked by everybody for a long time. Nowadays this be related to defaulting salary, statement top comes over to go, the netizen says his that dialect for fun between, seem wants to imitate Lu Xun, since Jiashangyizhi by everybody jest however all along not the original complex form of a simplified Chinese character of give up, flashy let an audience not have language. Outfit is foolish not terrible, outfit culture talent most let everybody feel disgusted.

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He current perhaps is aunt killer really, in the hundreds respond to a single call on viewing rate, but more or less, netizens are evaluated to his, can produce certain effect to its career.

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