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Original title: Saw hot friend group ” between the world ” , I understood fact of these 9 affection eventually

20220219152220 62110b2cdd496

These two days, the heat that saw CCTV recommend in the home sows teleplay ” between the world ” . Have resonance too as a result of this drama, chase after so that I stop no less than coming at all, cry drivel a tear. This drama, adapt according to the novel of well-known writer Liang Xiaosheng, the actor that enable one certain is composed the old show character that has acting. Give me one minute money without the person, but I still should pat chest to say: This is good theatrical work of a conscience. Its perspective from a family, the times that told about half century of Chinese to come butterfly change, friendly feelings of close affection of ethics of queasy, family, brothers, friend mixes social changes, politics human relation. In drama, the actor thunder favorable reply of great minds mature slowly, acted 3 sons Zhou Bingkun of Zhou Jia.

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Zhou Bingkun from a child is clever without elder brother and elder sister, it is that child of prospect of Home Zhou least: When school leavers go to the countryside, the elder brother went corps, the elder sister went Guizhou, as the home in ” old a knot in one’s heart ” , he stays in the city, take care of a mother. Later, the elder brother married the governor’s daughter, the elder sister married Beijing well-known poet, what he falls in love with is one has been raped however, the widow that taking blind little brother and little son. Again later, system of the university entrance exam restores, elder brother and elder sister in pairs are taken an examination of went up Beijing University, he because result is bad, the thing in the home is much, the job is not satisfactory also, still be soy factory an average worker… but, it is this Zhou Bingkun that does not have prospect most, became Zhou Jia’s most reliable person however: His a person’s mind is kind-hearted, particularly filial, guard every day beside the mother, work outerly in father, elder brother and elder sister 10 old in, support the normal movement of a home; He turns a plant into suddenly person hind in the mother, with the intimate sweetheart that Yan Tao acts, below the case that gets witch-hunting, hiding the truth from brotherly sister at the same time, serve a mother more than two years at the same time. Brush excrement to blow make water, clad feed a meal, turn over massage, just grab the mother from inside Azrael hand come back, restored divine wisdom, rehabilitation is like an ordinary person. He serves a mother not only, still take care of fosterage the niece in the home (the elder sister’s child) . He even to stem scandal, the son of the wife that ever confronted a rape, alleging external is him maiden first the child with unripe pregnant. He does not have knowledge, do not have culture, do not have skill, cannot maintain an appearance and honor to parents, it is that the the the simplest, honestest, most altruistic, sacrifice is most child in a big family however. Of by superb of thunder favorable reply deduce, feel vexed the Zhou Bingkun of simple good people performs work, also let a lot of people look cried.

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This drama has too much can look can encircle the place that can write, I no longer drama is appeared. As a many filial family is brought up 80 hind, I am having too much resonance to this drama. While I am seeing play, also sum up gave this theatrical work in simple deep 9 affection truth — 01

  • Do not have that child of prospect most, just will pay a debt of gratitude. Home Zhou of personate of thunder favorable reply often grasps 3 weeks elder brother, resemble extremely in a lot of families, do not have that child with the filialest to parents however prospect most. In much children family, those children of try to make a good showing, became an officer, sent money, gave a name, make parental outer part. Meanwhile, they are so busy also that they became parental all the year round to see the person that is less than one side. And that child that does not have prospect, guarding parents every day, run in outside running, busy go up busy below, do to parents delicious, take parental seek medical advice to see a doctor, know father and mother any subtle consenescence, also understand the feeling with parental secret heart.

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    The regular meeting when him and parents have contradiction, have conflict, when each other cannot bear the sight of. But this kind relatively interest and sulk in, concealing close condition however between the company of economize to avoid running short, and come deep the sensation of love. 02

  • That total uncared-for child, yearn for parents all the time approbate. There is a detail in drama, look so that my eye cries swollen: From on 60 time end goes to the century at the beginning of 80 time, all previous classics is hard, zhou Jiaren reunited in the Spring Festival eventually. The Zhou Fu of personate of fourth Mr. Yong Dai, cheerful region is worn children and grand children, pay a New Year call to neighbor neighbour. Everybody is in in the right way of godchild of boast week father, the eldest son is taken an examination of went up Beijing University, still became the governor’s son. The daughter also is taken an examination of went up Beijing University, still married a poet. But neither one person is carried old 3 weeks of grasping elder brother. Give that most child for parents, because was done too much and mediocre trifling thing, instead of course ground by oversight. Enjoy the parents that he takes care of every day repeatedly, also feel such. Zhou Bingkun got angry for the first time. He is whole the Spring Festival crosses beat of bring about the desired sensation to rouse. Although in whole Spring Festival, general affairs of the size in the home, expenditure of food and clothing, still be he and the wife preparation that holding out pregnant.

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    Because too much grievance gathered in the heart, the elder brother of he and prospect did two, return life first time to be in the railway station of the eyes of the public are fixed on sth, produced intense conflict with father. He replaces that grievance in the heart oneself renown. Later, his demit dropped the job of soy factory, go to work to the restaurant of press subordinate, taking the advantage of the spring breeze of reforming and opening, became the first batch first rich remove comer, the money that earn is more than brother elder sister. But he still dare not write a letter to father, speak oneself to resign, became the fact of the casual that did not weave. For whole and familial pay him too much, the most awe-stricken is father’s disappointment, what yearn for most is father approbate.

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    That does not have the child of prospect most, it is the affirmation that how longs to get father and mother, it is the halo that how expects to become father and mother. 03

  • The deep feeling between brotherly sister, also hiding relative dark emerge. Same time, same parents, same family, but different child is having different lot. Some children are intelligent, lucky, agree hard again, nature can be on better platform. Some children are addlehead, luck is poor, even if very still do not take the king flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil that belongs to oneself hard, meet the person by the mat in becoming a crowd. Below lay eye, people can see the child of those prospect only, very the child that invisibility does not have prospect that. At that time, the relation of a kind of delicate unbalance, can spread between brotherly sister: Envy and despise, misunderstanding and dispute, can arise from this. Between brotherly sister, also be to have jealousy and relative. This is human weakness. Should admit and see this.

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    What what I hope is, consanguineous and communicate, brothers and deep feeling, final meeting lets brotherly sister between, institutional conversion thinks, understand such reason then: Treat that individual that is like scene to be mixed well, also have a lot of actually act against one’s will. Because all living creatures all is sufferred from, scene altitude, same deeply cold. Treat that individual that is like feel vexed to do not have skill, also have great place actually. Be borne because of his and hold in the palm lift, the family just had backer. 04

  • All parents, will defeat their child. The daughter Zhou Rong with Home Zhou exclusive, be stubborn capricious person. She is hiding the truth from parents, run in Guizhou big hill, marry the poverty-stricken of one’s previous experience, a lot of older than oneself, man that wearing political hat. For love, be willing even and parental disengage. Also for love, be in child ask sb to bring up one’s child for years a married woman’s parents’ home, suffer the pain of body and spirit. Even if is such, zhou Fu or go to the trouble of travelling a long distance run in remote mountains to visit her, take the flour that that time looks for hard to her, because her stomach is bad, eat not to get hard rice. In drama, have a word, it is Zhou Fu says ” elope ” of Zhou Rong: “You need not want me this father, but I still want you this daughter. But I still want you this daughter..

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    A word, path the aspirations that used up parents of whole the world: In dispute and harm, the child is OK definitely absolutely, but parents is final the metropolis is softhearted. All parents, will defeat their child, because become parental person,be, chose finally to love and include. 05

  • Parents does not have culture to cannot be afraid of, love and integrity are already enough. Mr. Sa Rina is in drama personate week mother. Week mother is the woman with average sun, tender, kind-hearted, simple, laborious. She resembles extremely we the mother of a lot of people: Without what culture, had not viewed the world, know not much, but humanness is kind-hearted, as genial as the person, standing fast a person is the purest the impression of fine. Zhou Fu is the big parent of very much like us family: Average worker, do not have what too big original story, work say a principle, special be concerned about face-saving, see familial glory ponderosity, but bright logic, not muddleheaded, have vision. 3 children of Zhou Jia, although each have a destiny, but a copy kept as a record is integrity, goodness, evenhanded, honest and kind. This is the result of a wind and family education exert a subtle influence on.

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    I saw that period from which the shadow of a lot of families: 60 hind, 70 hind it may not be a bad idea, 80 hind, 90 hind it may not be a bad idea, we are actually most the person’s parents, do not have what culture. We come to the city from the country, come from poverty rich, withholding just and genial fine of the heart from beginning to end, going up somehow is the result of parental Jiaohua. This is the simple good people of Chinese in one’s heart. It is the ethical temperament that time zone does not walk along. 06

  • Hold the post of the love that when takes the place of, it is enthusiastic and tough. Speak of male joyous female love, young generation sees aged generation, filial generation sees parental generation, a word that total love says is: “You do not understand. ” actually, since ancient times up to now, hold the post of the love that when takes the place of, it is enthusiastic and tough. 3 children of Zhou Jia, be chief condition ” amative head ” : Old Zhou Bingyi, during the Great Cultural Revolution, fell in love with ” black 5 kinds of elements ” daughter, abandon recommending the quota of people that attends a college for love even. Second week Chengdu, regard love as devotional, run in Guizhou remote mountains from provincial capital without any consideration. Old 3 weeks of grasping elder brother, decide all one’s life, fell in love with the Zheng Juan of mouth of twist of one’s life experience, belt pulling the home, be not her to be not married. The honestest place in drama, drew up in the years with that turbulent politics, the youth arrives from utterance the action, bold to the blazing pursuit of love and forceful.

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    This is the glamour of love, also be human nature is true: The society is queasier, people is more in panic, grasp love closely, regard it as save atone for. Instead is flourishing age now, people material is rich, spirit is easy and comfortable, regard love as no longer must. Of city of so-called do all one can love, be like,those who tell is a person when duckweed, regard love as help of perch projectile. 07

  • Be matched for marriage, the marriage that never falls behind loves admonition. In drama, zhou Bingyi of Home Zhou old, fell in love with the governor’s daughter. When the governor is Koed, he does not leave do not abandon, with depend on each other of sweetheart life and death. After the governor is rehabilitated, the feeling of he and sweetheart does not have a problem, but two family are too big great disparity. He lives in the shanty town that differs in dirty chaos, farther-in-law is province leader a member, live in senior officer village. Because be afraid that his home poor kin searchs,come, farther-in-law mother-in-law is opposite for a time he is extremely cool. This lets he and wife very get hurt. “Inside this, without misunderstanding, have difference only. ” a word, how much door is undeserved the difficulties that one is reluctant to mention of an incorrect marriage: Not be an a circle, estate, place, pattern and station, completely different. Same a thing, understanding, experience, expression and processing technique, differ completely. This is not ” have a good opinion of ” or ” look down on ” problem, however the problem of difference. It is the fact that exists objectively.

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    Be matched for marriage, reasonable, depend on: We always are attracted by the alien, but still be willing finally and congener accrete. 08

  • The relation that always can quarrel, be can be saved. In drama, the opponent that a lot of quarrel makes fun of: Quarrel between the lover, quarrel between husband and wife, father and child quarrel, mother and female affray, the affray between brotherly sister, the affray between hair little brother… quarrel each times, it is in that way true, in that way natural, in that way vent one’s hate, let a person in that way burst into tears. Disturb excited place, one foot kick poured the elder brother little brother, father spank called a son, maternal fan daughter face. But after making a noise, the ashamed in the heart remorses and love, let them happen to coincide again the choice sits, communicate, communicate, communicate again: Speak grievance, speak fear, speak the think of a way with the realest heart, speak oneself to the other side expect, speak oneself to need the place of the change. Next, in tear and hug, each other support sb with hand go before the trend. The relation that always can quarrel, it is the relation of can be saved actually. Because, annoy and defy, itself is a kind of energy. Quarrel, be a kind of energy is interactive. But quarrel all the time, the means that uses brawl forever solves a problem, cannot take. Because, after making a noise, we see a problem even, be used to gets a change, the society grows, with nonviolent collaboration, give the person of love tenderness and patience. Such, ability changes a relationship benign and last for a long time. 09
  • An ash of the times, falling to everybody is a hill on the head. School leavers go to the countryside, the Great Cultural Revolution, system of the university entrance exam restores, reforming and opening, market economy booms, network science and technology comes. . . . . . ” between the world ” be just as a piece of picture scroll, tell about terrestrial the real situation while, also mix politics, economy the evolution of culture, enter with the means bursa of small cut among them, reveal an individual massiness and simple sense. Of the individual struggle and the destiny of domestic state, joys and sorrows is relevant. Before the times, everybody is negligible nobody. But this is not represented, the individual’s effort, kind-hearted, take good care of yourself and hold to no point. Those span the precious fortune of the times, it is aeriform and precious: Love for instance. Hope for instance. For instance kind-hearted. For instance genuine. Never abandon for instance hold to, still have small civilian the fidelity of cardinal principles of righteousness.

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    The theme song in resembling opera those who sing in that way: Music:

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    The wood can sprout the train of child chairman big years does not stop for who the platform joys and sorrows of the destiny is instant figure snowflake flies to melt very high again euqally worldly suffering ah love wants disperse rain to want to fall worldly sweet ah go how far to remember

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