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Original title: Head sow close inspect the first! The exploding that weeps by the side of Bian Xiao letting a person drama of paragraph campus Han, be worthy of is TvN manufactures Head sow the first collect to close inspect 6.37% , successful sailing; The 2nd market closes inspect rush to upsurge quickly to 8.01% public praise, take similarly hereinafter period of time to close inspect the first. Leave formally before sowing, everybody did not think of Jin Taili, Na Zhu drama of campus of youth of time of hertz main actor ” one hundred and ninety-five thousand one hundred and ninety-one ” can obtain so good result. Story beautiful, acting is strong, plus organize laugh gut strike, men and women advocate between the Gao Tian feeling that become really interested, strong take name of year of drama of the strongest Han.

20220219152314 62110b626b7d1

Story open is spent at Luo Xi of girl of 1998 vigour high school (Jin Taili is acted the role of) with abjection rich 2 generation Bai Yichen (Na Zhu conspicuous is acted the role of) encounter. Period of Korea banking crisis is in when those, luo Xi spends the chance that loses study fencing accordingly, because of,be more in Home Bai Yichen this decline, the average crowd that can live in basement only is become between one night.

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Luo Xi spends the image that one adores very, the name is Gao Youlin, it is the fencing champion with rare and young Korea. Be in school fencing company to head for Gao Youlin, luo Xi spends think up sundry the method that allows an audience to be between tears and smiles: Attend the campus force action, dress that puts on mom to go bar, exert all over skill hope police can catch him the police station, in order to achieve ” compulsive transfer ” purpose. This paragraph of gut is absorbing, it is to invert everywhere, it is every 5 minutes have to laugh at a dot almost.

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Across, it is the road of Bai Yichen’s difficult to apply for a job. Decline of family financial situation makes like that, bai Yichen fails finish school leaves school early. Everywhere to apply for a job however everywhere be rebuffed, originally fair-weather friend people also hit a person when he is down in succession. The most abjection during, bai Yichen and Luo Xi are spent encounter. The girl’s vigour cures young melancholy, two people break through financial crisis together under green confused, tear of the belt in bringing to laugh to the audience, cure full story…

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Begin from the first collect, ” one hundred and ninety-five thousand one hundred and ninety-one ” present a strong green sense and hot-blooded feeling, picture complexion attune is very nostalgic also, invite an audience one second passes through a Korea 1988. Arrive again to setting from OST the actor’s acting, if say full marks is 10 minutes, so this drama can be hit on 8 minutes.

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Green feeling is shown be spent in Luo Xi now and be encouraged of Bai Yichen each other and cure each other. If title place character differs 4 years old between two people, luo Xi is spent is to return minor high school to be born, and the world that Bai Yichen has entered adult ahead of schedule. The difference on the age, let two people get along from time to tome a kind very wonderful year on the feeling that love bud — if be mandatory transfer is successful, before Luo Xi is spent, past bar drinks, very artful enter Bai Yichen to be in balcony. Want to install bad student to drink however by Bai Yichen one reaves wine, max of male friendly force while, the sweet feeling that is protected is very enough also.

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If Luo Xi spends the dream that tells white easy him morning,be after becoming fencing champion, the eyes that Bai Yichen encourages, and those who come from detail place is delicate caress: Tell Luo Xi to spend with the experience of adult, minor has the privilege that seeks a help to the person; With ” protect athlete ” excuse, go up to let the position to Luo Xi spend to suffer from a bus completely in the person sit.

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Corresponding, be full of in minor still brain strange think of clever the Luo Xi that want is spent, also bring Bai Yichen the joy that all sorts of expect are less than: Head because caricature book is ripped bad by mom,sow the first concentration, so Luo Xi is spent must the renown occasion that oneself go to on filling picture, lovely cannot help to Bai Yichen titter. Because be chased after by creditor duty and when the mood is low, luo Xi spends the artificial rain that falls for Bai Yichen is more romantic and cure. The setting with poor age, let the emotional line between two people can see a gender become more sufficient, encourage each other cure each other, two people will become better adult under the influence in each other, such affection trend is greener than telling about the campus of love only drama undoubtedly excellent much.

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Hot-blooded feeling is shown leading role is round now people ” under 1988 banking crisis agonistic not dicey ” firm is powerful. Somebody loses the chance that realizes a dream in this, return somebody to lose family even. Leading role is round people experience ” those who snatch me to dream is a times ” confused, but it is temporary only, be in ” absolutely emulative ” under interest of pliable but strong, leading role is round people seeking the means that overcomes adversity hard. Process warm blood is lighted high, look so that the person cries and laugh at the same time.

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— everybody not dare in believe look, luo Xi is spent gold champion Gao Youlin suffers a defeat in contest of practice of company of the fencing inside school. — frequently be rebuffed but the pursuit that Bai Yichen never has suspended to live to the new student, even if the basement that lives in stricture, also remember once was being written in paper all the time ” dream ” 2 words, work hard, capture all time study, do not do by the destiny fugacious the cowardly crowd that suffer a defeat.

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Acting of two actors in this drama special favor. If not be to had affirmed cast, the Jin Taili that dare not believe personate heroine Luo Xi is spent absolutely has had 32 years old this year. The lovely about of girl of vigour high school is completely in drama, walk scamper about, got angry to be about to say aloud, feel happiness hopes the whole world knows. The lovely degree in drama, let the countless audiences that are a female together also be gone to by bud, add cent for the story many.

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Compare at ” the bride of river uncle ” in inflexible and by the acting of ridicule, and ” started ” in 2 person sets apparently inferior Yu Nan, acting of this conspicuous of second Na Zhu progresses a lot of, will bear and firm and persistent abjection rich 2 generation are explained very stereoly. Place personate Bai Yichen the set of this one part also becomes more vivid, this one character in follow-up gut will be greeted very big grow, be worth to pay close attention to.

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” one hundred and ninety-five thousand one hundred and ninety-one ” before 2 collect, drama anthology just still told the associate with of leading role of male and female and the story after encountering. There still are 3 heroes in drama in addition, it is fencing champion Gao Youlin respectively, like schoolboy Wen Zhixiong of Gao Youlin, and pool of green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse gets the better of Guan. From calm archives premonitory in light of, there is very familiar friendship line between this 5 people, at the same time two people also will become Gao Youlin and article wisdom hero the deputy Cp that loves each other to be killed in this drama. Believe according to at present this story rhythm develops, follow-up gut will be more and more good-looking, our wait and see what happens.

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