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Original title: This peaceful drama is very sweet, female principal and subordinate is small dark love male advocate, arrive from green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse repair Cheng Zhengguo The dog blood theatrical work that must admit Thailand very dog blood, small sweet drama is sweet also be sweet really, small today make up everybody to share sweet drama ” my legal husband ” , do not know you had looked, but this is absolutely very of above, let us see this play specific tell about how story!

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Regard green plum as a pair of friends of a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, mei Ai and the base of a fruit are installed, two people play together as a child, and in adolescence in this paragraph of time, mei Ai is dark all the time install loving the base of a fruit, but the base of a fruit is installed,just regard Mei Ai as oneself young join a regular shift or class, can be in only occupied when, meet the person that goes searching. As time elapse, they were brought up, the base of a fruit installs authority be havinged by to have the married woman of situation is annoyed and pester, and the company business that still involved him, do not have method, mei Ai sees no less than going to, go helping him cast off predicament.

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And solve the method with this first-rate job, let the base of a fruit how become a married man namely, so married to man, install can that woman let off the base of a fruit, after all the ascendancy of that woman won’t allow her such. Be in so of plum moxa one-sided dark love below, how to enter marital hall with the base of a fruit, but how doesn’t the base of a fruit like Mei Ai, in the meantime, the ideal that the base of a fruit installs it is the sort of very perfect wife, and Mei Ai’s disposition is exceedingly careless, the ideal with him do not accord with.

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In living after two individual marriage later, mei Ai helps the base of a fruit how solve a lot of difficult problem by right of his clever wisdom. Rely on immanent wisdom to let the base of a fruit how change to oneself, the feeling of two people also is in warm up slowly. This is the play code that loves after marriage first, inside a lot of interacting appear after marriage, the relation of young husband and wife warms up, cause candy cent to exceed bid!

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Inside male advocate personate person it is Mak, as the schoolboy that is born 90 years, since he goes out, had broadcasted a lot of nice theatrical work, because his theatrical work is very much,be introduced China, so audience of a lot of China likes him, his voice is very loud. Have in 20 years at the same time broadcast a lot of drama, the temperature that brings about him is very high, the gut inside this drama is very much is to do laugh sweet, attracted more people to like.

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The personate in drama female advocate is Mew, she and male advocate it is same be born 90 years, in 16 years when, by right of the film ” love each other one day ” , the golden swan award that won Thailand is optimal heroine award, because she filmed during the university very much advertisement and be dug 3 times to enter by Thailand perform art circle, later act art experience also is very rich. Cooperate this together with Mak, be said to be small by assist of a lot of person sweet the colour cost ceiling of drama, because the two the individual’s collaboration inside are very comfortable, those who do not have very much gaudy is interactive, and just is such common, attracted a lot of people to like, do not know your happy event does not like this theatrical work?

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