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Original title: ” Chen Qing makes ” : In work of 7 bear the palm exclusive ” be not thematic drama ” ! Sponsor Fang Shouxiao fight Several years are lain between when, drama of classical ancient costume ” Chen Qing makes ” it is audience memory is medium as before ” red rose ” . In the tiger year in spring breeze, “Guizhou is literary award ” will ” TV kind ” third class award issued this drama. From the point of sheet of a list of names posted up, go up of a list of names posted up it is such as almost ” great transition ” , ” branch numerous Xie Mao ” the thematic drama that waits for a type. ” Chen Qing makes ” it is work of 7 bear the palm in exclusive ” net drama ” , ” IP drama ” , ” ancient occasionally drama ” ! Even if is such, ” Chen Qing makes ” appear the sudden move that does not have a bit! After all ” Chen Qing makes ” aesthetic and decorous, not only story sex is strong, still have district spirit intention extremely. It is issued successfully abroad hind, the upsurge that seek theatrical work is caused when overseas broadcasts, outside letting the sea, view numerous experience goes to the glamour of Chinese culture, each country audience contends for the elegant demeanour that witnesses this antediluvian drama, make the successful case that Chinese culture outputs. ” Chen Qing makes ” in a few years of time after broadcasting, it is a piece of calling card of Chinese culture all the time. Main actor Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo book from this of drama add hold, become inside the two big celebrities of amusement. Resemble battle especially, from ” Chen Qing makes ” after having one’s moment, have quite clear, deep knowledge and fixed position to oneself! Grasp all the time hold ” rely on work to talk ” concept, facing dispute to comment also is to be not paid attention to. He fills period in the vessel, stand fast all the time in ” ace army ” play staff, be being waited for is large half an year, reject all public activities, put together art, do not be willing to cover show flow! ” jade bone Yao ” calm makeup according to explode after going out, when the film is thin and not cold, qing Dynasty is expensive and bearing natural and graceful, do not have actually ” Wei Moxian ” the trace of a tiny bit. “When shadow ” make exclaim of global audience all without exception: Xiao Zhan has the acting with general face-lifting! Xiao Zhan is in ” Chen Qing makes ” hind, piece acted ” ace army ” , ” the dream that is like a dream ” , ” that sea in the dream ” , proceed his artistic road. ” fight Luo Daliu ” acceded ” Chen Qing makes ” brilliant, in global viewing rate, public praise rise steeply forces continuously ” Chen Qing makes ” . ” ace army ” the performance of profit from Xiao Zhan, model go out ” Gu Yiye ” make many audiences infatuate, thematic drama is none inferior before IP drama. A good theatrical work should have heat, viewing rate not only, have potential economic value even! ” Chen Qing makes ” a lot of exterior are film in Guizhou, a lot of drama are confused be affected place to travel, hope ground of be personally on the scene experiences the setting in drama. Be this kind is driven, make place achieves earnings, be opposite thereby ” Chen Qing makes ” the camera that blow eye, it is it is born in the set each other off in one numerous thematic drama brightness. Particularly notable is, “Guizhou Province is literary award ” sponsor square ” Guizhou daily ” Guan Wei alludes ” Chen Qing makes ” when relevant content, above all @ ” Wei Moxian ” Xiao Zhan! Such making known one’s position, also be this drama is male advocate a footnote that contend for! To ” Chen Qing makes ” for vermicelli made from bean starch, this drama again bear the palm also is reason in, because it is too distinctive really,mix outstanding! And to hero ” Wei Moxian ” for Xiao Zhan, ” Chen Qing makes ” just begin, more wonderful still be from the back!

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