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Original title: Discriminate passes: Mother of an emperor is early the boy-girl twin that discovered discriminate is not imperial one’s own, why actually not expose A lot of people like to look ” discriminate is passed ” , because this gut is medium,this is of that gout be overflowing with not just among them story clue, because those reflect the life philosophy of a lot of actual societies in this play more returning.

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Although this palace fights drama to fight a side inside palace of depict quiet day, a little brutal clue lets a person cannot be accepted, but, it also reflects a lot of time the selfishness in giving human nature and greedy natural instincts. So, the ancients cloud: The day does not calculate high tall, popular feeling the first tall. As the Yong Zheng at that time, he although as the emperor, but as a result of its the selfishness on disposition is mixed suspicious, undoubted meeting causes that to help young imperial concubine people malcontent, so that place had Shenyang eyebrow village and discriminate to be betrayed to his, this says from reason, actually also girl of no wonder family.

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Nevertheless, the imperial concubine that serves as the emperor dare go carry on a clandestine love affair, this is in that time looks at that time, true it may be said is ” lubricious bravery includes a day ” ! Discriminate especially when gives birth to a boy-girl twin, actually, mother of an emperor is early the boy-girl twin that discovered discriminate is not imperial one’s own, but why actually not Where is expose? To mother of an emperor, royal blood arteries and veins is the most important for certain. Because,discriminate is in ” pure yuan of reason garment ” after incident and Yong Zheng are troubled by contradiction, became a monk or nun manna temple, fall in love afresh again with fruit county king over, conceived the bone blood of fruit county king.

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Can discriminate later the news of sb’s death that gets fruit county king by accident however! This makes the discriminate that already had pregnant personally heartstricken, at the same time fraught, on one hand, her bitterness is good at oneself find true love not easily, however painful lost beau. On the other hand, there had been the child in him abdomen, this is in the feudal society at that time, can make her how vivid! So, this ability had the discriminate later to answer Gong Fuchong 2 times through the relation of eunuch Su Peicheng!

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But, discriminate cherishs the child to answer palace, the confidential job that calculates her is done again well, also hard to avoid not give oneself away. The suspicion that this has two people among them is most dangerous, one is the emperor Yong Zheng; The 2nd is mother of an emperor. And also alluded them to be full of suspicion to the child of discriminate already in gut. To the emperor Yongzheng, there ever was few points to reflect Yong Zheng adequately to not be at ease to discriminate in gut. Palace is answered the 2nd times in discriminate when, at that time, the person that is in charge of receive her is her the fruit county king that day thinks of night to want.

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Say from reason, when discriminate issues litter at that time, see the affirmation on affection of fruit county king can fluctuate somewhat, but unexpected is, she is behaved quite calmly unexpectedly, be discriminate marble? Not be of course! When because be in,discriminate crouchs next bodies, she has discovered far has a pair of eyes to be worn in surveillance her, so, in her heart understood at a draught at that time! Who dare monitor imperial imperial concubine? Of course only the emperor dare incite a person to do!

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The 2nd place is to rise then ” drop blood test is close ” disturbance, although make an event place of of discriminate of circumvent of that side person is seem China the wife of a prince, however, if him Yong Zheng does not suspect, does he agree to acquiesce in allowing a surname to do ” is drop blood test close ” ? The 2nd boy-girl twin to discriminate fills what suspect completely is mother of an emperor. Do not look down upon mother of an emperor to be like classics of of Buddha of ceremony of all day long, pay no attention to affairs of human life, actually, thing of the what in face does not escape to cross her eye.

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But, before doing not have authentic evidence, she is impossible also expose, otherwise, why to discriminate when is delivered of a boy-girl twin, can mother of an emperor dismiss bamboo breath aunt will see the child? Here, I think mother of an emperor not the identity of expose boy-girl twin, the likelihood has the following reasons: One of, a palace of discriminate next coming back acquiesce in mother of an emperor. At that time, mother of an emperor lets discriminate answer palace, because think allowing a surname answers palace,be diversionary empress, because mother of an emperor is early,know, appropriate repairs empress for many times to cruelly kill Huang Si, this can make mother of an emperor repairs empress to appropriate of course exceeding dissatisfaction.

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But, empress cruellies kill Huang Si’s method comparatives again brillant, although mother of an emperor knows obviously, however suffer from cannot find evidence, so, the of dead correct discriminate that she lets empress answers palace to come diversionary she, let her scruple somewhat. Secondly, the discriminate relation in manna temple and fruit county king, not certain mother of an emperor does not have discovery, if mother of an emperor knows the personal relationship of discriminate and fruit county king, so, to mother of an emperor, although the boy-girl twin is not bone blood of Yong Zheng, also be fruit county king however, it is their royal bone blood, do this have what to distinguish again?

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Also because such, after discriminate answers palace from manna temple, mother of an emperor ever warned empress clearly to cannot move the child in discriminate abdomen for a time. So, the ancients cloud: Fat water not sheds alien cropland. Probably mother of an emperor at that time is such state of mind! Besides, if the identity of expose boy-girl twin, also can make their emperor family finally humiliating only, can place of mother of an emperor does not want to see this, how does everybody look?

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