Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Liu De Huagang pats ” break Gu ” say to the director: Rise the protection of that eldest sister that calls me rapidly 2014, liu De Huagang pats ” break Gu ” find a director to say immediately: “You rise the protection of that eldest sister that calls me rapidly! ” in those days somebody once had interviewed Liu Dehua, why to want 0 remuneration to go out act ” break Gu ” , after all this director or first time guide play, basic that’s all right invests this film, still be Liu Dehua is uncovered in the play staff contributive gold is not taken to invest this play when boil. She discloses ” the child is well off, had attended a college. ” she still told Liu Dehua this news, emphasize repeatedly, guo firm hall finds the meritorious service that the son is the Ministry of Public Security, “Do not have too big concern with the film. ” firm hall of Guo of the prototype that break Gu accepts an interview happy pole and sob, “The child was found, leave glad thing only later, old weather is not poor to us. Old weather is not poor to us..

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Reporter Zuo was visited go out together with Liu Dehua perform the film ” break Gu ” Chengdu is famous actor Tian Donglin, she says repeatedly: “Blessing! Blessing! ” Tian Donglin discloses, in those days ” break Gu ” when Chengdu films, liu Dehua is in a be favored with of field Chang Nian, if Guo is firm a son Guo Zhen that can find be separated from and lose touch with each other at an early date is good! This year, liu Dehua ” break Gu ” hall of archetypal Guo Gang found a son eventually, eat mid-autumn went up reunion meal. But child Guo Xinzhen of more than 20 years decides this be lost however stay in foster parent home.

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Peng Sanyuan: I am very happy of course, everybody still remembers this movie all the time. But actually this concerns with my individual that’s all right, this film did not cause so big impact and change to him, and our film had been shown 5, 6 years, the force that is surface of whole society square side actually is helping this group. For instance, we took the motion picture, CCTV is being done ” waiting for me ” program, still have ” baby comes home ” commonweal website, especially the effort of door of the Ministry of Public Security, if do not have the effort of door of the Ministry of Public Security, the child is impossible to find. So, still rely on the whole society attention to this thing.

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Have each square enthusiastic public figure fortunately, defy actively with trader in human beings, ability lets these children be looked for in short time internal energy, is not manhood hind just is found, what still can produce the child to select foster parent otherwise is tragic! Otherwise one’s own parents finds finish to cannot be defended, how can these culprits enjoy foster parent however old age, make social morality how patient?

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