Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: ” send you a small safflower ” : Collect is neat worldly can fearless Went seeing 1000 royal seal act the leading role today ” send you a small safflower ” , whole motion picture does not have the camera lens of one, all clues buckle a theme closely. No matter be love,still kiss affection or be deep to illness life and death my heart. Can say, this is a collect neat worldly and all happiness will defy a film of serious illness, without the expression of ferocious twist, without hysterical sad wail, those who do not have medical god is bloody. Film avoids the important and dwell on the trivial, the silk of close affection silk of the love of the foolish that use foolish and massiness is twined, each other is warm oneself, in cruelty realistic in performed a warm affection to make fun of greatly, although do not cover pain, but let a person be full of a hope however, it is worth while to feel the world.

20220219160004 62111404257fb

The film has a lot of to discuss close situation, one boat mom escapes for live frugaly of 5 money stop ticket, gather sodden leave. Stomach-ache also does not go to one boat him father see a doctor, go step on the gas goes to 10 thousand of Qinghai to one boat collect, the grandma sees a doctor for one boat say to want to sell a house. All these was reflected the care of meticulously is mixed between family pay, but also give one boat a lot of responsibilities, disease and life and death. One boat because oneself are cancer patient envisages normal person to live euqally, but very difficult, what he eats is before fighting cancer 10 vegetable, eat orchid matchs medlar on the west, cannot Lu is strung together, cannot drink soda water. Face life and death, we very evade talk about life and death, this film sets an example very well to me, if I left,can asking the person that care how you can do before one’s death for instance, xiao Mei says for company she, a lot of things we are unalterable but company can solace the fear of a lot of hearts. The care of a person and love are the hope that can give another belt be born, the courage of two people is enough cope with this world. Hoped how everybody heart ining good health often is embraced 2021

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