Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Although late but arrive! Ren Ziwei and Huang Zitao are noted related small gain each other

20220219160016 621114107e335

Be in before this on Feburary 7, dispatch of Huang Zitao small gain congratulates Ren Ziwei to carry off short way fast slippery man 1000 meters of gold, ” excited one in the evening! Individual contest also is team game! Chinese line is fine, we are won clean. We are won clean..

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19 days of evening, although Ren Ziwei’s reply is late but arrive, express: “I just see elder brother sheathing or bow case! Continue hard. ” attentive netizen still discovers two people had paid close attention to each other today.

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It is reported, this predecessor child power ever issued motion of ice and snow to popularize ambassadorial certificate to Huang Zitao, huang Zitao sends small gain to congratulate Ren Ziwei to gain the championship nowadays. Say to this netizen: It is dreamy linkage really.

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