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Original title: Beautiful language endows with: New old practice already open, qiu Yan’s new feeling line came ” beautiful language is endowed with ” had broadcasted half, also more and more people liked to go up this drama, because not be the play that adapts according to the novel, book pink and drama pink also are no longer eventually in barrage so people the place that each other rancors, everybody also need not be changed to whether accord with person of origianl work, leading role to set vexed, need not worry to be appeared by drama ahead of schedule more, because do not have a basis really, in can seeing drama process only, by oneself crack a criminal case finds out the answer.

20220219160109 621114451ccab

This drama with autumn home Qiu Yan of 2 young ladies spreads out for masterstroke a series of story, open bureau autumn to handsomed to go up He Jia’s bridal sedan chair, result hall did not do obeisance to bridegroom to become warped to death became warped, leave the Qiu Yan with exceeding and awkward unfavorable situation, more without of language is Qiu Yan how be gone up to overcome husband accusation, did not see even public face the word did not say on one is about to be his be buried alive with the dead. Fortunately Qiu Yan has the parent of of lineal descent that loves her to safeguard her all the time, help her cast off predicament, for not the dead truth that complicity family Qiu Yan begins to investigate congratulate home son, she falls to always be fish truth in Liang Yi and the help that the Qin Dynasty warmths, escape from congratulate Feng bier.

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Back-to-back Qiu Yan begins to investigate case of false silver-colored bill again, bump one case with Liang Yi again, then two people are checked together again case. Want to say Qiu Yan must investigate case of false silver-colored bill, also be to can be done for oneself marriage after her advocate. With Liang Yi escape from death checks a result, the time that looks at Qiu Yan is better and better, the thing of vexed also went, can be new story open, qiu Yan lost her most serious person.

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The person with be in autumn home the most serious to Qiu Yan is mother of of lineal descent, those people that are having kin mother of of lineal descent of be not a patch on loves to hers and teach, regrettablly mother of of lineal descent is dead however, she knows the cause of death of mother of of lineal descent has odd, seek clue from inside detail, still fail after all regrettablly bottom.

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Be in at this moment autumn home encountered again destroy the disaster of the door, decline by Qiu Jiache. Be in autumn before the old lady is mortal she a Qiu Yan of autumn home resign to, to can let Qiu Yan do not hate autumn home she tells Qiu Yan the dead truth of mother of of lineal descent, not be by person envenom, however she does not consider complicity autumn him home take poison.

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Although Qiu Yan does not want to but the entrust of she or according to old lady takes care of autumn home,believe, the misfortune of autumn home also let Qiu Yan receive new emotional line. Once Qiu Yan follows Qin Xuan originally come to an agreement or understanding should be together, the Qiu Yan after autumn home misfortune follows make a clear distinction of soft of the Qin Dynasty bounds, do not think complicity he. Because yuan of Lang step by step press hard on she begins to act in a play with Liang Yi, it is she does not know Liang Yi is false play only do really.

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Originally the Liang Yi in the contact from do not look to go up clever scheme of Qiu Yan, be conquered by her gradually however, know in him Qiu Yan is him especially once saved the girl below, that momently Liang Yi is muddled. He also is not concealed again to Qiu Yan’s love, autumn home is caught he tries to conserve autumn home the womenfolk of a family is blameless, people says he is for Qiu Min, only he himself knows is for Qiu Yan. The men and women in follow-up gut advocate emotional line is arranged eventually went up, qiu Yan became small concubine of Liang Yi, she also became Su Yiwan from Qiu Yan.

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Of Su Yiwan on the line also let this revulsion become love small sweet drama. The young associate that wants knock sugar people should look really. Liang Yi had been concealed none to Qiu Yan’s feeling, qiu Yan is foolish still foolish do not know, probably only herself believes Liang Yi is to be in act in a play with her. The proposal of dead, false silver-colored ballot of mother of of lineal descent already came to an end, qiu Jiameng bad luck already also was become finality, liang Yi and the emotional line of autumn beautiful eventually open, new old practice also will come. Just have pity on Qin Xuan, the predestined relationship does not have a portion.

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