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Original title: 43 years old by ” iron fist hero ” boil odd? Did 8 years ” formal gentleman ” ! Ran 20 years utility man! TVB drama anthology ” iron fist hero ” big tonight ending, the afterbirth younger brother of the Chen Zhanpeng of personate of a person of extraordinary powers of actor Zheng world of show having a share ” Bi Yi ” , since world a person of extraordinary powers expresses to broadcast from drama anthology, receive an audience to encourage message to his ceaselessly, and he himself also ” love is dead ” this part: “Bi Yi is me acting art a milepost on the career, get besides the show the audience admires besides, the heart road course of the part is performing art road to go up with me dozen of idea seem that go all out. After the first time before remembering 3 years reads a script, I had been conceived roll out a song for this part, want to take a commemoration day, yixi hopes the audience remembers my masterpiece in dramatic side. Yixi hopes the audience remembers my masterpiece in dramatic side.. 20220219160111 621114470bbc1 He discloses the new song that just rolled out ” not easy ” , namely with ” Bi Yi ” this part will name, the content life around uptodate Hongkong’s person is not easy, but always should hold a hope, carry out him to create musical concept all along, hold to namely. 20220219160111 621114476e3c0 Zheng Shihao weighs this the happiest it is to be able to follow TV screen to go up by look down upon big elder to perform adversary to make fun of, before he explodes oneself again, be in a field the awkward job that produce, filming one has a meal at that time play, someone else discovers the modelling with his out at the elbows a suit, bare very snow-white tooth however, the bilge that goes on lane of original beforehand specially falls off, the result should suspend filming, ask makeup girl to replace him again besmirch tooth ability continues to film. 20220219160112 62111448131a5 Actually Zheng Shihao was wireless agreement about with respect to the autograph in September 2001 art member, but the prize-giving ceremony that often is in a TV station is held the position of ” formal gentleman ” (be in charge of giving on award or award) . He says: After training class graduates at that time somebody looks for me to do gift gentleman, check and award are given on Show of big, diminutive, did probably 7, 8 years, till have,one year I take ancient costume theatrical work ” collect exceeding lofty or great to fall ” shave bareheaded just need not redo. 20220219160112 621114488b9de Do not pass some works or do not want with joy too early: Likelihood they feel I do gift gentleman very competently, even if at that time I already have one’s head shaved, they still continue to look for me, righter do I say you are not done? I complain you. Personnel of a behind the curtain complains it is reported at that time he rejects to accept the job to arrange, ask he continues to become ” formal gentleman ” , the result continues to be in charge of this position again. 20220219160113 621114491414c Ever attended 2013 ” astral dream legend ” , final You Zhengjun great (left 2) gains the championship, world a person of extraordinary powers bends Ju Yajun (right 2) , chen Mingen of mother-in-law of season army ghost (right 1)20220219160113 621114497c55d Arrive from 2001 now, almost every year drama anthology ginseng acts, but develop 20 years it is idle horn all the time. The drama part that the first ginseng performs is ” everyone is happy ” ancient costume edition, at that time he more here drama has performed more than 30 roles. 20220219160114 6211144ab573e The part of famous word has ” the person that the disciple goes ” Qin Huan is fond of personate (youth) , ” what love ยท comes home is happy fast give ” personate Long Li person, zheng Shihao says very unforgettable in ” search god is passed ” personate wood wolf one horn, 20220219160115 6211144b22bd3 What make him be touched most nevertheless is, can be in ” inscriptions happy match ” in personate family member one horn, he can’ts help since after-thought the eye is wet: A picture that good impression of my start working uses is, I can wear bedgown, loafer, the family can be in home house act in a play, this is anthology of my very deep a drama. 20220219160115 6211144b838f8 And ” iron fist hero ” pace blueness is formerly up to now most weighty male costar! Insist to be not await or enduring, face God actively however every arrangement, learn attentively, experience attentively. Where there is a will there is a way! The opportunity can be increasing after him what hope 43 years old!

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