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Original title: Between the world: Mother of week father week is tearful get offline, the Jin Yueji that did not show at the same time provokes numerous anger again Parents is in, shang Youlai is in life, parents goes, the person is born with a remnant one’s way home… tonight ” between the world ” the lachrymal item that several place allow a person to look, this is opposite Zhou Zhigang and Li Suhua conjugal love husband and wife, differ one day to die, accomplished truly be born to be the same as acupuncture point to death with quilt, let while the person is envied, also sigh with emotion, the old person of Home Zhou was done not have at a draught, the life of 3 children is complete a remnant one’s way home.

20220219160159 6211147711ba1

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The deduction of every part very give prize, passed in front so much gut matting, we also had thorough knowledge to the disposition nature of everybody, zhou Bingyi to this home be selfishness, week Chengdu prep let alone, had not experted, the smallest Zhou Bingkun is bearing domestic heavy burden all the time, 3 people also have on parental funeral show severally.

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It is nevertheless in this funeral, the most absorbing still not be them 3, do not have the maternal Jin Yueji of the Hao Dongmei that appear all the time however. Jin Yueji is little some can be in drama below any any circumstances, circumstances can the person of keep one’s hair on, so sober even that let a person fear, not quite true.

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The old lady of a lot of helps has given on a such jobs in Zhou Bingyi namely, be in however in becoming relatives by marriage 20 years with Zhou Zhigang, Li Suhua, also had not seen them. Home Zhou has much infer she, can see from one year spends the New Year, would rather not take a picture to also want to clear away waiting for Hao governor to come over, thinking of is miss, and this miss also did not wait one day again, close according to also did not illuminate into.

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Jin Yueji can be in the person that him help of a lot of moment wants to help, and still have the meaning of life beacon it seems that, but the people public servant that is not a qualification however. And no matter she is emeritus now old, it is in those days her v/arc be on the throne when, also be close to this exclusive relatives by marriage without overmuch ground, this marriage is being approved far from in her heart, but stop without mechanical resistance again, do not see relatives by marriage also is a kind of breathed revolt so.

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But as public servant, most the always boasts oneself stand high above the masses namely identity that abstain from, do not be willing to become one with with basic level common people, die even in pairs of exclusive relatives by marriage to be able to be not accomplished even present, why such marriage should be used? Zhou Bingyi lives OK and composedly in mother-in-law home 20 years actually, also be to let a person not have language.

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The love of mother of week father week lets a person use a facial expression, of grasping elder brother filial eye of tear letting a person, of beautiful burst into tears feeling letting a person is the same as experience, someone else, can breathe out only breathed out, those who say is again good it is only can allay one’s hunger but the snacks that fills not full stomach, compare with photograph of white congee rice, poor is not to be nodded 1:30…

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