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Original title: Extramarital love, one-night standing, sun Yizhen new theatrical work encounters difference is judged, the topic is differred after all without public praise be in? Extramarital love, one-night standing, sun Yizhen new theatrical work encounters difference is judged, the topic is differred after all without public praise be in? Went in Feburary largely, the big fight of drama of movie and TV after the Spring Festival opens gong formally also. Theatrical work of each old strong files in succession the market after section of race to control, make the good theatrical work of the last ten-day of a month gathered together in Feburary perform. Among them, show is most apparent is the Han drama market that teleplay industry developeds. Begin at the beginning of the month, some data orgnaization made public Korea ” topic of the hot in Feburary drama that sow Han is spent ” before 10. ” 25, 21 ” ” the people of weather office ” wait for a series of opening to sow new theatrical work all on with strong viewing rate a list of names posted up famous. 20220219160238 6211149e41403 However, be in this ” authoritative ” among a list of names posted up, unexpectedly a teleplay still is done not have sow the throne that took the 9th already magically, those who say is present as leading role by Sun Yizhen, the woman big play that Tian Meidou, Jin Zhixian acts the leading role ” 39 ” . Regard JTBC teleplay as the water wood drama of the stage, ” 39 ” from choose horn to begin namely by the strong play 2022 regards as collect inside course of study. Not only 3 women actress gets attention fully, the 3 males part of the partner in linking theatrical work also is heated up to discuss by the network for a time, went out even prevue several edition. Just meet right now, sun Yizhen and black Bin are high-key Guan Xuan, ” 39 ” it is difficult to want not to get attention. The message shows, calm archives broadcasted on Feburary 16 ” 39 ” , depend on the heating power of first teleplay after Sun Yizhen marriage, and distinctive female perspective, let this drama still be done not have sow had drawn not little attention, network topic spends certain from beginning to end room 2.71% , must admire actual strength of Sun Xian that carry theatrical work. 20220219160238 6211149ec8fd1 Of course, as teleplay head sow, ” 39 ” head sow viewing rate to also give heat subsequently. Real time viewing rate 6.37% , two collect lead the achievement of 4.4% on average to let with one action of JTBC TV station take whole nation of AGB of drama of Zhou Sanshui wood to close lead the first, see this drama actual strength. However, what become the force of inverse ratio with Han net data is fabaceous valve grading of home. With before Han drama is divided high generally different, ” 39 ” a branch is only 7.7 minutes. Up to before distributing news dispatches, this mark had fallen 7.6 minutes, and still have descendent tendency. Accompany to it still have one numerous SamSung grading. A lot of audiences that view this theatrical work express, if not be Sun Yizhen and Tian Meidou, this theatrical work is basic SamSung nots worth. So, after all ” 39 ” what story to relate? Be what content does not suffer our audience to wait for so see? 20220219160239 6211149f341c8 This drama told about sweet Che Meizu of 3 good boudoir (Sun Yizhen is acted the role of) , Zheng Canying (Tian Meidou is acted the role of) , Zhang Zhuxi (Jin Zhixian is acted the role of) , after from high school 2 grade become a good friend, accompany 39 years old when come to life to close greatly all the way. They have respective cause, fail to enter marriage however. Accordingly, average woman, husband’s father and mother should be served on, the aggravating life that the child should take care of below they never experience. Instead, in this age, live as before about wine, climb, the girl day that makes hairdressing. 20220219160239 6211149fa24bd Must want to say, han drama is in the direction-sense of woman theme respect all the time very good. No matter be female duty field, still be marital family, female group ever had been born like drama the work of high quality. And this, ” 39 ” was in look lock surely the lone woman of 39 years old of awkward ages, widened the female lives again show a side. In real life, girl of 20 years old likes to go after romantic love, hope the career has when 25 years old. Arrived 30 years old, the girl has become a woman, enter marriage already savor the flavor of parenting, maiden person the matrimony that longs to receive happiness. And arrived 39 years old as before single female sexual life, to a lot of people character already small numerous unfamiliar. And this, just about ” 39 ” hotspot and window. 20220219160240 621114a047ff9 With respect to the Che Meizu in taking theatrical work, Zheng Canying, Zhang Zhuxi, their collective worry is body functionary degrades let them dare not climb easily again, even if just hit golf to twist a foot to also begin,be an important matter; The appearance that keeps perfect must admire cosmetic of Lai Gao archives; The smoking that has deep love for originally drinks to also be massaged to mix by preserve one’s health gradually bubble sauna place is replaced. Awfuller is, in this age layer that does not go up to fall, lone they already of recognize marriage vague, avoid the feast of the invitation of friend marriage and child a baby’s completion of its first month of life to the utmost. Have occasionally when playing to hard luck, what face a friend even is early die. So, when ” 41 branches spend the man ” already red old, audience people have favour knowledge eventually, woman life truth of 40 years old after all how. ” 39 ” persistent heat besides Sun Yizhen, bigger attraction still depends on its distinctive perspective, it is a female almost group the blind area that resembles opera, also be its have fasten at congener drama the biggest killer mace. 20220219160240 621114a0e8826 But, even if is such, still cannot disregard ” 39 ” the blemish of play respect. Among them, the biggest question comes from what live to 3 females feeling at this drama to show. The Che Meizu of Sun Yizhen personate and elder sister manage a beauty parlour together. Although parental economy condition liberals, but to start a career, she tried hard 5 years to just pay off the loan of shop, still do not calculate the money that lends an elder sister. Forgive is such, beauty parlour or meeting somebody make trouble. A flock of catching small the aunt of 3 is opposite not only Che Meizu shout abuse, still start work avowedly dozen of person. The Zheng Canying that makes an appointment to come to beauty parlour give or take an injection repeatedly even and Zhang Zhuxi also played war situation. Finally, be hit so that nosebleed horizontal stroke flies, the hair dropped a big 3 sisters to make police station. What can let a person be surprised is, the husband of the person that lay a person is off the rails really hind for small 3 opened beauty parlour, however with Che Meizu the least bit relation is done not have. It is shop weighs a name to make the event of a Wu Long that come out only. 20220219160241 621114a1945a1 And the matting of this paragraph of gut, be in for the Zheng Canying of personate of derivative Tian Meidou namely with married before male friendly Jin Zhenxi (Li Maosheng is acted the role of) talking about ” Plato type ” extramarital love. Say for ” Plato type ” , because man both neither wants to divorce, loving Can flower greatly again. To guard oneself bottom line, satisfy oneself heart again, jin Zhenxi chose ” spirit is off the rails ” . Regard depict as the teleplay of adult world, the audience can be accepted completely ” extramarital love ” such gut set, the story that place of real after all life produces is far than having wallop more dramatically. However, this kind ” Plato type ” although special set can understand it is drama square for beautification Zheng Canying this part and the expedient that thinks out, but be based on actual consideration, make gut special suspension. Plus, the Zheng Canying in drama is a life respect free and easy, working respect has the part of definite idea very much, more serve as a foil to gives emotional clue violate and feel. 20220219160242 621114a20b206 Watch instead, che Meizu and eaves of be apt to of homecoming doctor gold (Yan Yuzhen is acted the role of) one-night standing is about true realization is much. Show completely the reason that gave adult to face physiology to need and objective. Meet 3 times, immediate response, though cannot represent the photograph prescription form of 39 years old of all mature men and womens, but accomplished at least true. And, car of after the event shows awkward talk slightly between United States ancestor and eaves of golden be apt to, the other side of Che Meizu excuse oneself from continues the request of contact, also reveal piece big and lone female choose occasionally predicament: Concern encounters a married man, become a target not carefully small 3, be like the love of Zheng Canying and Jin Zhenxi; Be afraid that good man has a girlfriend, resemble Che Meizu first time accosting before when orphanage and eaves of be apt to encounter, dare not go up; After be afraid of one-night standing, oneself are deep-set among them cannot extricate oneself, united States ancestor is so peaceful but face about runs, also want to reject the request that the other side makes an appointment again. 20220219160242 621114a2744d2 Lone ripe female the life dilemma that face becomes independent absolutely besides economy, the society bears loneliness besides, also want to always prepare to suffer the discrimination between the same sex and the harm that come from the opposite sex. After all, the feeling of some people is put in the heart, one pace misstep, want those who bear consequence to have his only. Show share of Sun Yizhen is primary above content ideal explanation come out. Regrettablly, playwrite blame arranges an orphan one’s previous experience to the elder sister, the instant let gut explore to rise to the brim of dog blood. Do not let an audience associate by the ground the 3 broad ax of drama of Gu Zao Han, special defeat good impression. 20220219160243 621114a365350 Straighter white ground says, the audience sends ” 39 ” so many difference is judged, prime cause depends on the bridge paragraph of set not exquisite, the person is set and the matting of gut flows at the surface mostly. Want to behave the friendship of 3 boudoir honey, have a meal namely, massage, climb, several when have a meal again turn; Want show ripe female emotional predicament, arrange an exaggerated shrew group beat up; Want to break a romance forcedly from reality sweet drama, arrange leading role of male and female all sorts of ” chance encounter ” . Watch falls in orphanage, hearing a concert is around, recruiting a dermatological department dean just is the other side, these are homebred sweet the common bridge that bestows favor on drama paragraph, almost perforative ” 39 ” the first collect. Do not blame audience doubt, the play of this kind of completely mashed is out write film after all ” Jin Zhiying of 82 years ” Liu Ying’s elegant hand. 20220219160244 621114a45554b Can say, ” 39 ” before two collect are completely take good subject matter rotted. Not only clue burnish is gotten insufficient, the rhythm of teleplay was not taken completely also. And before saying romantic love compares Sun Yizhen, make ” the crash of love ” differ very far, assume only repeatedly ” quick-witted doctor lives ” Hua Heyi loves the song that 1/4 feeling makes fun of can second ” 39 ” a few streets. Although take,change as before excellent, those who build also is the life of female of human high quality, but the friendship that develops 3 sisters easily a little while, dig the dog blood of the life realistically a little while, tell the love story of belle of handsome young man again a little while, create this gut division laggard, inflection point is abrupt, rhythm a little while high-energy, fall a little while wisdom. 20220219160245 621114a507c55 Anyhow, compare with heat photograph, at present ” 39 ” behave some disappoint actor of good theme become reconciled, integral effect is inferior to anticipating. Vermicelli made from bean starch of no less than says in that way, if you are being taken ” crash ” and ” aircraft medical service ” this drama is possible in light of filter lens, perhaps the meeting on follow-up gut has relatively about-face, low go tall to leave also perhaps. But, if be the audience that wants to see public praise play, that walks fasten the home, again consider had better.

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