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Original title: ” rustic love ” village flower shuffles greatly: 5 gold flower is invisible, new 5 beauty are held in both hands by force, point of red chamfer of 3 large networks is full Civil | The amusement that bake ” rustic love 14 ” should receive an official immediately, ” rustic love 16 ” also undertake filming tensely in ivory hill base at present, ” rustic love ” time outside piece ” ivory hill do good works is written down ” leave formally a few days ago sow. Zhao Benshan and his child people built giant ” system of ivory hill universe ” , keep the new record of teleplay of refresh country subject matter.

20220219160303 621114b7aeb5c

If go looking with professional eye, ” rustic love ” gut flaw countless, actor also can the defect that winkle piles. To a lot of people, look ” rustic love ” series teleplay, looking had been gut and acting not merely, more it is the feelings that a kind of company and continuance come down.

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” rustic love ” series broadcasts 16 years, there had been 6 actors to die outside play, the part inside play was to produce a lot of change more, especially woman role is the change that produced world-shaking more. ” rustic love ” broadcast 16 years, 5 gold spend ivory hill to shuffle greatly thoroughly, more and more new roles are joined ceaselessly, the importance of respective show share and part also had corresponding change, 5 beauty begin the ivory hill that Yang Xiaoyan presents as leading role.

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Not only such, the ivory mountain that the person such as Huang Yizhi forms 3 large networks are red gain expressional opportunity, but their audience predestined relationship all the time very poor, the expression in drama also is like person meaning very much. Always the 5 mom part such as powerful woman, Liu flower woman withdraws house second line thoroughly, became soy part gradually in drama. 5 gold flower shuffles greatly ” rustic love ” series is at first around ivory village youth do poineering work to spread out with love story, young beautiful girls also become the one big hotspot of this play in the village, 5 people are known as Wang Xiaomeng, Liu Ying, Su Yugong, Wang Xiangxiu and Xie Xiaomei ” 5 gold spend ivory hill ” .

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“5 gold spend ivory hill ” Yan Zhi is conspicuous, there is a kind of natural honest beauty on the body, their love story also is the key content of whole drama. Regretful is, as ” rustic love ” the propulsion of series content, “5 gold spend ivory hill ” the destiny also produced very big change.

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Female a Wang Xiaomeng feels weaker and weaker in the existence in drama, love line, career line and domestic line all tend stable, become together with Xie Yongjiang ” bogus leading role ” , left newlywed person the opportunity.

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Wang Xiangxiu marries in drama, divorce, remarry, divorce again, disappear in cast directly finally, the meaning in also making audience heart is made the same score hard. Liu Ying is more commonplace in whole set, without too much contradictory conflict, she what did not think of goodness of a person’s mind is regarded as suddenly by playwrite tool person, in newest begin to make bewitching ceaselessly rot in a work passerby predestined relationship.

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Xie Xiaomei for no reason at all is divorced, after leaving Liu Yishui, also did not have any show share, let the position to new personality actor directly. The man of the time of the village is before Su Yugong marriage, made of all kinds red hear contradiction, did not think of to show share is done not have directly after marrying, playwrite abandoned the appearance of ivory hill takes on, the operation that confuse unreal lets a person look not to understand, pardonable also audience replaces Su Yugong this part is regretful.

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As ” 5 gold spend ivory hill ” lose leading role aureola gradually, zhao Benshan also gave the chance of a lot of new personality in this series, among them 5 women role obtains song of Yang Xiaoyan, Li Qiu, Li Yinping, Song Qinglian and Du Xiaoshuang put sb in a very important position, they also each is young appearance is beautiful, the show share in drama is added gradually much, become ” ivory hill is new 5 beauty ” .

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This is opposite Yang Xiaoyan and Li Qiu song the man of the time that the mother and daughter that Shanghai comes to makes ivory mountain, li Qiu song and king day will wrap up bag to turn fail, although get offline,Wang Tian comes, but playwrite still is an admeasure of official of Li Qiu song Li Daguo, although gut lets a person be accepted hard, but also calculate protected Li Qiu song this part. Yang Xiaoyan is in drama with Zhao Benshan the king of personate was taken away one case greatly, zhao Benshan is opposite for years she very take care of, whole part also became protagonist from costar.

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This is opposite Du Xiaoshuang and Li Yinping good boudoir honey becomes Xin Jin protagonist, two people are in the emotional line in drama is more and more complex, the expressional space of the part is increasing also. The story line of water of Du Xiaoshuang, Liuyi, Jin Yan’s 3 people gradually Anacreontic, li Yinping becomes the target that the person such as Bai Qingming, Founder, Zheng Yu and large size adores, as if the earth should turn round her, the cosset of ivory hill is not her to not be belonged to.

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Song Qinglian from the orchard work younger sister changes body undergraduate, still become the wife of peak of dawn of hero the Song Dynasty finally, because Song Xiaofeng is become ” ivory hill 4 tycoons ” one of, show share of Song Qinglian also increases ceaselessly accordingly, ” rustic love 14 ” in she was become ” female edition Xie Ankun ” , continue to rot passerby predestined relationship. 3 large networks are red do not denounce happy event is whole ” rustic love ” the content of series is as times development change, so the net is bought, the content such as goods of belt of new grange construction, direct seeding also makes main the plot of a play. As the affiliation of these content, ivory hill also received red part of 3 large networks — Huang Yizhi, Beauty and Chen Shuang.

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Huang Yizhi is Huang Shiyou’s daughter, personate person Feng Xi is an actor and model, her figure exceeds quite carry, a few photographs that go up share gregarious media to often draw countless netizens to surround view. Huang Yizhi is inherent blush of a piece of net, come on the stage let an audience shine at the moment, but Huang Yizhi starts to talk to send the audience directly, sound lets pins and needles of person whole body, acting is awkwardness comes more extremely.

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Zhao Benshan is in ” rustic love ” arranged in series many prentice join, among them oneself daughter ball ball also gained an opportunity, she is in drama Beauty of personate bazaar elite. Very apparent, the exterior of ball ball and net are red this kind part more agree, with elite two words are complete not relevant, come on the stage so sufferred group of ridicule, of a kind English is to cause heat to discuss more, acting respect also appears very jerky.

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Sit the net Gong Chenshuang that embraces 1 million vermicelli made from bean starch, come on the stage take discharge to add oneself hold, but her fictile part shows the temperamental very difficult conform to that come out with its oneself, the generation of the audience is entered move is wronger, believe her performance very hard so. Playwrite arranged a lot of love to make fun of to her, but the set that the audience does not like this part more and more. 5 mom make sauce ” rustic love ” in series, liu Neng, king is old 7, the person such as Zhao Si, Xie Ankun, Wang Changgui becomes core person, their every act also makes the central point that everybody pays close attention to, but the backside in them, 5 mom roles that fill glamour become backup force, their excellent performance made this classic theatrical work jointly.

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The part of these 5 mom left deep impression to the person, they are paid silently in 5 families, maintained the masterstroke of the story. The part of these 5 mom is woman of cropland of sweet beautiful Mom, jade, young unconscious woman, Liu Ying woman, always powerful woman. Acting of these 5 mom is online, approbate with what their wonderful performance won a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch. Regretful is, as the change of gut masterstroke, the position of 5 mom part is smaller and smaller, a lot of parts are changed by the brim, dispensable existence had been become in drama.

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Thank beetle-crusher, ivory hill most the character of scene, the goddess in memory of ivory hill F4, of beetle-crusher supermarket steer a boat person. But ivory hill new role is increasing, service station makes the unboiled water that get wind, beetle-crusher supermarket also lost original status, this part also chases Xie Da foot fade-out form. Mr. Yu Yuexian leaves because of traffic accident, although ” rustic love 14 ” retained show share, but look apparently reach director group is intended and evasive this part, the person such as Huang Shiyou, Wang Yun also reduced camera lens accordingly.

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Always the bellicose husband on booth of powerful woman, Liu flower woman, in the home all the time willingly bear the burden of hard works, they just thank the foil of An Kun and Liu Neng, there is Gao Guang’s hour rarely in drama. ” rustic love 14 ” in, always powerful woman more and more hold back is bent, the arrival of family education teacher let her lose existence to feel in the home directly, whole person is sullen also.

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” rustic love 14 ” in, king is old 7 be kicked to go out from inside ivory hill F4 directly bureau, rare in drama appear, young unconscious woman does not have a few camera lens originally, this falls child make sauce directly, the figure that is less than her basically sees in drama, whole part also exists in name only. To ” rustic love ” numerous woman role, what what should say do you have?

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