Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Zhou Shen ” smooth word piece ” go up line, the singing that he cures with warmth sings terrestrial fireworks, listen cried! ” between the world ” a teleplay that is the main actor such as You Leijia sound, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yan Tao, Sarina. This drama is adapted from homonymic novel, basically told about smooth word piece life story of Zhou Jia, father week keep in mind just attended ” big 3 lines ” construction, cornstalk Zhou Bingyi is educated youth of the first batch of go to the countryside, zhou Rong is love follow poet countryside of Yuan Fugui city, only the smallest little brother Zhou Bingkun and week mother depend on each other, this is a particularly good-looking teleplay, get a person too without experience, the gut in looking at a story also can be moved.

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When seeing this teleplay, forgot to have scene of purpose of how many tear, when Sa Rina sends the husband, child off as the mother helpless, when Zhou Zhigang visits Zhou Rong, the instant that Zhou Rong kneels down, zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan’s dribs and drabs, cannot forget in the for a long time in brain. What also saw Zhou Rong is helpless with selfishness, those who saw Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan is insignificant and great, zheng Juan is unfortunate, junior experience lets a person sympathize with, she is lucky, encountered the Zhou Bingkun that loves her.

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Broadcast from teleplay, young associate people discovered Zhou Shen can be sung ” smooth word piece ” this song, believe everybody metropolis and small like making up, awaiting patiently, expecting him to be met how deduce fireworks of the joys and sorrows in the story, world, when hearing this song truly, is everybody attracted? His sound is so tender from beginning to end, exquisite libretto, wind of music of sweat and agreeable, the singing that still heteronomy heals lets a person listen insufficient, listen cried, his deductive story feels too strong, listening to his singing, the one act screen in the story flashs now in brain.

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The singing with warmth explained Zhou Shen to happen in smooth word piece dribs and drabs, sang fireworks 100 condition and times changes, see the comment of a lot of netizens also is touched particularly, “Between the world in find you, too Orphean, too warm, listen cried ” , this is the praising to Zhou Shen, favour and you are acquainted, like to go up your sound, this also is small make up deliver the speech from the heart, a song that likes particularly.

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Zhou Shen ” smooth word piece ” go up line, the singing that he cures with warmth sings terrestrial fireworks, listen cried! Did you listen? Like this song? Have what kind of experience, can leave a message in comment area. Note: If have tort, ask connection to delete, thank!

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