Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Amusement writes down say: Is Bai Jingting in a dilemma? Zhang Xiaofei by black inside? Does Zhu Yilong offend a person? Wang Junkai easy melt the makings of 1000 royal seal? 20220219160606 6211156e214a0 1. Zhang Xiaofei is the closest because before paragraph of time ” carry golden pheasant ” behavior was sufferred many black judge. Must say, zhang Xiaofei is this also is to hold out be surprised, after all this thing has gone for some time, nowadays everybody however of the line on raise to the higher plane of principle, everybody can see is intended and do it. It is Zhang Xiaofei does not search to give act pusher hand at all now only, want to solve a problem to also cannot do it from essence, can let oneself suffer bit of grievance first only, wait for an opportunity to mature to beat each other again. 20220219160607 6211156f74ab8 2. Wang Junkai hopes 1000 royal seal can help easy melt very much really sometimes he builds bridge pull wires, let him then can arrange with resource of more movie and TV. It is the relation between them only already complete become rigid, the group is the chance that a bit does not give 2 people communication more, so Wang Junkai wants to reach a goal or seek another person additionally, fasten while the purpose cannot be reached, still offer to others ” humiliate ” his opportunity. 20220219160608 62111570b7f6a Because 3. Zhu Yilong displeased some actor inside the circle, it is so in the work that with its collaboration films, the camera lens of concerned Zhu Yilong undertakes very likely substantially cutout is decreased. Be opposite as a result of production and resource business nevertheless this drama is valued very much, even if is to face capital suppress and menace, do not hope to undertake any clues go up to drama anthology ” cutout is decreased ” , zhu Yilong’s camera lens also is withheld because of their tough attitude, and that male actor was not reached because of the purpose, other way comes to very possible have the aid of to undertake hitting pressing to Zhu Yilong, zhu Yilong should do good psychology to prepare. 20220219160609 621115716749e 4. Han Qing child because suffer affection to hurt one after another, before so she was changed completely now ” only affection ” manner, become on feeling some cynical, so that she is in,the wind inside the circle judges pelter. Han is clear nevertheless child since dare have this kind of change, she pays no attention to the thing of those empty naturally, anyway oneself are happy just be the most important, the idea of others is less important. 20220219160610 6211157258d50 5. Bai Jingting has an opportunity to join the company of movie and TV that has actual strength more now, after just joining these companies, he does not have person freedom completely, respect booth in vain so also very kink. After all everybody does not hope everybody is become ” dummy ” , but this circle layer is such, unless respect booth to be not one’sed mind disturbed by those high grade resource in vain, otherwise he must make corresponding sacrifice, fish and bear’s paw cannot hold concurrently, he considers cautiously even. 20220219160610 62111572c3e97 6. Chen Douling because oneself harbor wind modelling and bell Hunan sunlight appear one after another on the style collision, so Zhong Chuxi puts in harbor wind modelling ‘s charge of purpose those who be oneself is exclusive modelling, mention contemporary harbor wind that is to say, allow authority what think of for a short while is her Zhong Chuxi, is not someone else. Very apparent this idea is far from likely fulfil those who reach the designated position, and Chen Douling also won’t because interest of the other side is strong and choose ” self-identity ” , so Chen Douling chooses to want confront the tough with toughness, even if get hurt also will not grudge.

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