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Original title: Watch shadow Piao on the weekend ” between the world ” : Those who tell about times changes ” terrestrial accident “ During the Spring Festival, of CCTV open year of big play ” between the world ” the line of sight that walked into people, although just leave,sow, but already showed piece ” drama of year high-quality goods ” evidence. Regard time as drama, its detail is plump, the plot of a play is strong, be like is another ” hill sea affection ” . ” between the world ” by Li Lu hold guide and hold the position of total producer, adapt the homonymic novel from Liang Xiaosheng, wait for actual strength clique to present as leading role to act the leading role by thunder favorable reply, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yan Tao, with living in north a week of city of some provincial capital surnames a family the perspective of 3 acting people, the life that the free and easy that depicted ten civilian children to be experienced in the place inside nearly 50 years of time rises and fall, showed the social great change of the world-shaking that Chinese place experiences since reforming and opening in the round. 20220219160633 6211158935902 The Changchun element in shot of Jing colourful time ” between the world ” when filming, be in find a view of Changchun and other places, the house in drama reproduced the model before person of the Changchun in the photograph, no matter be the tractor plant in the story, the railroad car in drama, the winter of northeast still winter store dish, the skates on glacial face moves, and plain blue coat… each is vivid detail is true emersion that times; In fact, play staff to present what time feeling is full of in drama ” smooth word piece ” street, built the scene of 40 thousand square metre, the prop library that deposits the prop such as placard, calendar, dress also has more than 1000 square metre, district color is very rich. The netizen tells about: “The setting in drama let me return at a draught at that time, the story that answers the experience when recall is young in tear ” . In the Changchun element in camera lens, have the pursuit of simple to the vision sense already, have the memory of pair of history warmth again. To the audience character, the plain and true setting in drama brought pure aesthetic feeling, in the warmth of rich history Jing admired days. 20220219160633 62111589a90e0 The family dispatchs pay a New Year call, be ” between the world ” the grand opera in. The year big play that literary monumental work adapts ” between the world ” the homonymic novel that wins award of Mao Dun literature with writer Liang Xiaosheng is chief source. Before this, already won the recognition of literary bound, essayist thinks, “This work has bones and muscles, have morality, have temperature, be in recent years a novel an excellent work of rare, a be creation of Liang Xiaosheng novel more new peaks ” . ” People’s Daily ” ever evaluated ” between the world ” be ” afterwards ” ordinary world ” later another simple, genuine and full dip in the work of the heart that Bei sorrows ” . Origianl work novel is spatio-temporal span is big, depict character is much, covered 50 years of great history event of an experience of Chinese common people, the society that uses ordinary figure group the development that resembled showing 50 years and changes. In hold origianl work culture to inside information premise falls, the instead of novel fundamental key that the teleplay group that make will be the iciness like iron and steel originally is warm up Thespian fundamental key. Direct Li Lu to think, warm, active, to be apt to advocate fundamental key just is China is realistic, also be the lifestyle of generation acting Chinese. Broadcast at present in light of the circumstance, of teleplay adapt very successful, no matter be character depict development like bones and muscles exquisite, still be the clue describes with meticulous care like close together, can ideal explanation gives the style with more Thespian teleplay, let earnest literature and movie and TV change reorganize each shining more brilliantly in the other’s company. ” between the world ” regard year as big play, have the depth of earnest literature already, do not break the temperature of people culture again. 20220219160634 6211158a11a51 Bromide is unripe with fresh affection ” between the world ” the story begins at 20 centuries 60 time end, the leading role of the story is the Zhou Zhigang that plays mosaic builder from the farmer and wife Li Suhua. The Zhou Bingyi of central person son in drama, Zhou Bingkun and daughter week Chengdu are worth an audience to savour. Zhou Bingkun is the delegate of social ground floor, all sorts of predicament encounter in career and love, although the trouble is ceaseless, but kind-hearted, plain, serious situation is serious justice youth, the willingly bear the burden of hard works on the job, on love brave pursuit, let an audience see he rises and fall in free and easy the sort of gritty spirit in life; Zhou Bingyi upright not A, of one mind wants to serve for people, be have ” cc nots this type ” the civilian of heroic creed feelings. The love to Hao Dongmei does not leave Zhou Bingyi to be not abandoned, face career and love he chose love, was full of the romantic colour of idealism. In audience heart, since of one mind is Zhou Bingyi civilian official, it is a tenderness, affectionate son and elder brother; Daughter Zhou Rong is an intellectual that pursues freedom, her disposition is stubborn and affectionate, independent, its were shown in drama fresh, clever, glamour 4 ejaculation woman figure; They all are the epitome of that time all living things, pass its life course grow the depict with change, with small see big, show the changes that gives Chinese society history 50 years to come. In drama, come as the tirelessly path of the story, the leading role pursuit to love unremitting, as deep as parents, children and the close affection that exercise restraint makes a person use a facial expression. The life originally simple and ordinary, the story of common person often can make moving heart most, because everybody can find his sign from inside their story. This kind true with fresh, also became this drama to accept favour fully ” window ” . In prevue, advocate achieve with ” life generation, the wood one autumn, will be like harships, go seeming small this world ” will describe ” between the world ” . Between the world, even if years vicissitudes of life, before the road is boundless, everybody has respective struggling cause, have the great mission that bears severally. Gather together together when the ordinary life of everybody, the living that also can make common people is epic. (red net ยท lights young atelier to manufacture)20220219160634 6211158a66fe5 Origin: Red net author: Liu Jingguan edits: Wang Jin

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