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Original title: Huang Rong is clever generation, muddleheaded temporarily, her antemortem decides, make Wu Lin confused about a hundred years Of Jin Yong ” hero ejaculation vulture is passed ” , ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” and ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” close call ” trilogy ejaculation vulture ” , of the time span as a result of 3 composing big, come on the stage of the character, the exciting of the gut of laid, ” trilogy ejaculation vulture ” it is Jin Yong has distinguishing feature most undoubtedly, have most circulate spent knight-errant is gigantic make. Scrutiny passes ” trilogy ejaculation vulture ” the knight-errant is confused people can know, the Guo Jing of golden commonplace the wording and purpose of what one writes is ” trilogy ejaculation vulture ” incorporeal character, he is those who shoot vulture is male, it is the crucial figure of divine carve times, had calculated hundred years arrived the times leaning on a day of yuan of face last years of a dynasty or reign, the renown date of master of Guo Jing Guo resounds through all corners of the country as before.

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Guo Jing can the name uses all corners of the country, with him virtuous the relation that wifes Huang Rong is having countless ties. Guo Jing although south Shi Chengjiang 7 strange, the breath that learned Ma Yu to impart in big desert again says the way of accept, but do not calculate after all on top-ranking ace. After encounter yellow Chengdu, guo Jing gets fortuitous meeting repeatedly, he drank adder treasure blood first, be in again of Huang Rong assist next societies big 7 fall fairly dragon 18 palms, finally is He Huangrong more hand in hand in all make a living wandering from place to place, got complete set edition ” 9 Yin Zhen classics ” . Textual write, classics of Guo pacify all previous several years after learning frequently to practice hard, his fall 18 palms can be in dragon in a moment between add 13 reserve strength repeatedly, a better than together, fold heavily, it is all-conquering continuously, without do not defeat by force. This is he realizes the excellent place that come out from inside 9 shade true classics. Even if be big 7 fair in those days, sheet is enrolled with this and talk, also do not have such spirit abstruse attainment. Inbreak when Mongolia main forces Central Plains when, come out boldly of Guo Jing, yellow Chengdu, a large number of heroes of lake of rate navigate a ship on a river this world of assist of a guard, protect the home to defend a country. Resisting during foreign enemy inbreaks, guo Jing often take the lead, ever visited battlefield and bathed in blood of Mongolia main forces to fight bravely for many times. Huang Rong develops intelligence an wisdom, became Guo Jing’s soliddest backup force. In relief city of assist of guard of Guo Jing, yellow Chengdu is old, repelled Mongolia main forces frequently, wait for a reason finally because of be outnumbered and imperial court corruption, the institute of 100 thousand cavalry that is headed by Mongolia Hu Bilie is killed, left ” of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct big person, it is for the country civilian ” title.

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Similar meritorious service cannot do not have Huang Rong, can use ” to the end of one’s days of spare no effort in the performance of one’s duty ” will describe. Can review Huang Rong’s lifetime, all along with her clever wisdom is celebrated, have it seems that ” clever generation, muddleheaded temporarily ” act. She made a decision before on one’s deathbed, make Wu Lin confused about a hundred years. Original, yellow Chengdu heart knows abdomen bright, gubernatorial fatuity is incompetent, assist in relief city is remaining troops made up of the old and weak mostly, him even if is mixed Guo Jing exert one’s utmost effort, had not touched Mongolia after all 100 thousand cavalry. Then Guo Jing, Huang Rong 2 people weigh Xuan Tie sword frit, after be being added at western essence gold, made a knife of dragon of a massacre, sword leaning on a day. Hid in this pair of Dao Jian ” 9 Yin Zhen classics ” and ” Wu Mu posthumous papers ” secret, with respect to this world calculating assist the city is defeated, wanted a person with lofty ideals to get Dao Jian only, with respect to the can large base that exhibit a fist, continue raise ” drive Da captive ” banner is precipitant. Such plan it may be said is close and complete, can be in inheritance sword when, 2 people committed Guo Jing, Huang Rong however fatal error. Textual write, guo Jing, Huang Rong’s couple passed massacre dragon knife Guo defeat captive, passed sword leaning on a day Guo Xiang. Such inheritance act whether greatly inappropriate?

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Above all, guo defeats captive aptitude fatheaded, gest is poor and common, does Tu Long the knife pass wood to slow doltish Guo defeats captive to there is He Yiyi? More important is, since Guo broken captive already was of massacre dragon knife send a person, why helping in relief city of assist of his die in the last ditch again? Brought about Tu Long directly finally Dao Pin is numerous easy advocate, invite dispute of all corners of the country about a hundred years long. Next, although Wu Xuetian ode is extremely tall,Guo assists, but she fully by Yang Guo ” delay ” 14 years long. From her 16 years old are crossed in wind hill see Yang Guo begins first, till 40 years old before, guo Xiang is ignorant. Later, be utterly disheartened Guo Xiang simply shaven for the Buddhist nun, become a monk or nun in high mountain eyebrow. Although Guo Xiang founded high mountain eyebrow to send, but this her act and a person with lofty ideals of gather all corners of the country ” drive out Da captive, restore Chinese room ” go very far, below the door eradicate division too, if Zhou Zhi also is full of a few cruel and evil apprentice.

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Who should massacre dragon knife, sword leaning on a day pass? 1, although Guo Fu of Guo Fu, Ye law neat couple is in young when Diao Man is capricious, cut arm of Yang Guo, but she goes up in integrity of major issues of principle, nation a bit unambiguous. As to Ye law neat, his gest extreme, know a thing or two. Be being added is beg side advocate, tu Long sword of Dao Heyi day gives Ye law neat, Guo Fu is custodial, issue side of the first beg to serve as solid backing one day, even if the land of country is broken, massacre dragon knife, sword leaning on a day also won’t fall into evil person hand, won’t let a foul wind and a rain of blood of later ages all corners of the country more, you contend for me to grab.

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2, Yang Guo, small Longnv’s couple Tu Long knife, sword leaning on a day gives associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is custodial, more not the choice of 2. Some people can say, yang Guo, small Long Nv does not know in He Fang personally, how entrust? Actually, gold needs Ceng Zaiyi day is written, in barrow although do not see the sign of associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, can still lady-in-waiting of a few barrow is in expect, need only lady-in-waiting of sword resign to, poplar, 2 people always have dragon one day.

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Just fizzle out fact of Chengdu this action is gut need, if does not have this one mistake of Huang Rong to decide, which have the teenager heroes Zhang Moji of later ages come out boldly? Each master, do you feel?

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