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Original title: Spring of Yuan of thunder favorable reply ” meet season ” each other of personal enemy family is ripped, does noonday exploration pay theatrical work of equestrian dog blood?

20220224121554 621776fa67872

Recently the cause as a result of some society news, “Mental disease ” 3 words appear in the frequency before exorbitant, bring about see ” meet season ” medium Jian Minmin, Chen Xin (Jian Hongcheng ex-wife) with Haoqing Lin Shi, couldn’t help hitting a shiver. This three person not only mad batch, and mad approve so that that calls colourful, multicoloured, especially mouth of Zhang Xiao of Hao green Lin Yi, each saying word is Chinese obviously, closing together to be stupefied is to do not have word of a person, deserve to go up Li Naiwen deduces those who get written in a forceful hand ” complain kind of face ” , happy feeling is worth all the way violent wind rises.

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Just surrounding had watched a two concentration the situation with bell of pilfer of as sudden as lightning, between the brief home that rolls out at top speed and peaceful home familial avenge, war of trade of domestic ethics, city, again between the Jian Hongcheng of personate of overlay thunder favorable reply and the Ning You of Yuan spring personate gradually budding homebred and middleaged edition ” Romeo and Juliet ” mood feeling, your person looks at titles caption to go up huge ” the main actor that lead a market ” while, can’t help very absentminded: So thick the wind of blood of the dog that catch a horse that become, be to just be patted really actually ” germinant ” does noonday sunshine manufacture?

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Noonday, how many do you still have after all ” surprise ” don’t I know? Above all must approbatory is, ” meet season ” be colors is vivid actually on the filtration of target audience group. Gut of blood of the dog that catch a horse can grow fill do not decline, have with respect to the specification comparative to get numerous amount strongly. If do not love this one, see Jian Minmin develops Cui Jia like hysterical big show effect shout abuse, insanity is hit be bungled, in the hospital peaceful to Ning Huihe excuse me roughhouses, when do sth in a fit of pique runs to the side of the river to scream suddenly wildly, be afraid be about to produce retreat meaning. If this still can’t make an audience clear realize ” meet season ” story impression, again by because of former husband Jian Hongcheng refus picks up the telephone the Chen Xin that abrupt mood breaks down greatly ” fill on one knife ” .

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If sees here still can hold to, that has affirmed the eyes, be ” meet season ” the person of pitch on, presumably unapt be kidnapped by morality Qing Lin of Hao of the strongest Wang Zhe persuades to retreat. Next, two collect show the head quite rhythm of confused editing and rearrangement can say is advocate achieve a group to be in what make between story definition and narrative rhythm to accept or reject. Be clear about Jian Jiasan to be explained as soon as possible between sibling because contend for,produce the early in the morning that bring about to complain, ” meet season ” took most simple and crude form, had advanced the time line 2018 twice to jump forcibly turn time 1998, insert Jian Minmin to criticise father Jian Zhiguo is forcing she is married protect yard to want to give Jian Hongcheng and Jian Minmin to combine Zhang Lixin to contend for right of inheritance again to Zhang Lixin produce and squeeze Jianhong. Come so, look seem complex story setting and character concern very fast Anacreontic: Jian Jiasan sibling is responsible and familial contend for produce, the Ning Shu that Zhang Yi promotes personate is in charge of gentleman revenging 10 years not late, good luck coincidence encounters college age again ” Bai Yueguang ” Jian Hongcheng and knowing perfectly well Jian Hongcheng is Chou Jiazhi child Ning You is responsible ” Romeo and Juliet ” .

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If press as usual train of thought, say to be clear about brief, peace needs matting twice for ages with the kind and enmity between each part, there is no lack of even the older generation in the home is painful the crooked bridge of be bored with that appeals to family history and so on paragraph. And rhythm is slow, back and forth drag, just is the big fear that dog blood pays equestrian god theatrical work. The world gest is not defeated quickly only, want those who hold an audience to expect a cost, be about to wrap up a head one is spilled run, go attracting an audience truly with light rhythm and rich gut. Face 38 market such longer length, ” meet season ” advocate the perch that if can hold plot size,achieves moves, have new episode and new information infuse ceaselessly, make the relation between the part ceaseless generation changes newly and be derived, the tradition that may not is paying theatrical work of equestrian dog blood develops a new phase on subject matter. Experienced nevertheless ” germinant ” after later period magnanimity heats up search sale to cause negative public opinion, ” meet season ” fixed position ” city affection drama ” the origin of hot search Tag that in belonging to conduct propaganda to engineer with the gut of blood of the dog that catch a horse, loves most. Search is heated up to won’t be coulded there be by Jian Jiahe when the noonday conduct propaganda such as the hope sends force truly of the home arrange assorted each other to rip again cram, in eating one chasm to grow one wisdom ability to be able to keep audience frame of mind truly after all ” belong to high-quality goods surely ” fascia.

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