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Original title: 3 years of 8 department sodden theatrical work, defeat smooth audience reason, be approved old ugly, yu Zheng also ” save ” not Wu Jin character Recently, ancient costume new theatrical work of Yu Zheng ” still feed ” go up formally line, and in serving as drama female Wu Jin character is in this the public praise in new theatrical work very break down, did not close completely inspect appeal force, and the person that a lot of netizens say to her Yan Zhi does not want hard sunken beautiful belle was set, did not accord with ancient costume belle!

20220224121609 621777093100e

Not only such, wu Jin character is returned by ridicule present Yan Zhi does not deserve to go up hero Xu Kai, appear old mannish very bony, she is in Dan Mingming ” the strategy that delay happiness ” in long also such, same thin body look, it is very argute goodwife is set, why was scolded this?

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Because Wu Jin character took theatrical work of 8 movie and TV in nearly 3 years,this is probably, but all of one suit is the sodden drama with bored convention, defeat light gradually oneself passerby predestined relationship.

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It is above all pat 18 years ” outside beach ding ” , she is in drama personate heroine Du Xinmei, it is a clever goodness have very much be in business of brains female.

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The making ordinary members of theatrical troupe of this drama is very pretty good, invited Guan Hu, Fei Zhenxiang two the name guides hold guide, of ox of old show bone, Chen Jin person in still inviting you to encircle is made to her match.

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But Wu Jin character still comes on the stage spit groove with respect to what drew numerous netizen, say she is dead pearl eye, act in a play to meet glare person only, it is the existence of complete hinder sb, then this drama sads silence ground attacks street.

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Then, yu Zheng lets again ” the strategy that delay happiness ” the the old cast was patted ” bright lanthanum is passed ” , this heroine still also is Wu Jin character, it is the big goodwife with custom-built body of a quantity is set likewise.

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At the beginning gut is puissant cruel daughter advocate, the strange mother that her saw with one’s own eyes witnesses him is pushed to enter the water well, and the Li Hao lanthanum that Wu Jin character performs also is excited attack, ground of shout oneself hoarse is crying greatly. Then this too coxcombical acting is approved by netizens she acts in a play not to take a heart, see mom be murdered died obviously, be stupefied is a tear was not squeezed come out.

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Not only such, wu Jin character is main in Yu Zheng’s drama it is fine-looking female advocate the person is set, but sheet sees her Yan Zhi be not highlighted, perform old beautiful woman of this kind of ancient costume forcedly, let everybody feel she is in instead rest on one’s laurels, the top is worn ” Wei Ying Luo ” filter lens, but cannot upgrade again dozen strange.

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At this moment Wu Jin character begins change play journey, in succession goes out performed several contemporary theatrical work, for instance ” the answer that you are me ” , ” still can knock happily ” , ” youth achieves a century ” etc.

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Strange is this trilogy did not lift a spray basically, attack entirely street, this also lets the public praise of Wu Jin character glide continuously, netizens spit groove again she performs beauty of bad ancient costume, run again the scrape is contemporary duty field person.

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Especially ” still can knock happily ” the grading on this play network only 3.3 minutes, average viewing rate 0.5, and she also is a partner male star Nie is far, the CP filter lens that causes two people breaks down thoroughly.

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But the Wu Jin character of the Yue Yong that jump over defeat did not quit duty field theatrical work, after partner vole is inspected, then she abundants again peach, present as leading role to go out acted ” green ” , personate Zhang Xiaoyu of duty field new personality one horn.

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And in this drama, yan Tao’s acting and Yan Zhi are ground control Wu Jin speech, the duty field of her personate Lin Rui of female strong person, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient a temperament that is city elite and glamour, more line gets Wu Jin character acting is feeble, offend come the opponent that netizens say character of groovy Wu Jin not to receive Yan Tao makes fun of, can say to she is not saved after inspecting only.

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It is after all in this drama, the performance trace of Wu Jin character is too apparent, regular expression is coxcombical, actor’s lines also reads aloud very to pull hip, the heart that cannot make a person completely acting enter a part makes fun of, this also lets her audience predestined relationship continue to sell at a discount.

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Although ridicule sound is ceaseless, but the resource of Wu Jin character is quite good still, receive again took new show ” my queen that cut price ” . Drama of feeling of this city talk was invited forest update and two great male minds aid Wu Ji grand blast, and their topic sex is quite tall also, still also can take unluckily do not move female advocate Wu Jin character.

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Above all the gut of this drama is very set sodden common, and the acting of Wu Jin character also as always float at the surface, men and women advocate dog blood feeling makes fun of all sorts of by gush, cause an audience people can go only Ke of crack with teeth in mouth male the emotional deputy line of 2.

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Many netizens feel make peace forest is updated and feel without CP sincerely, pull Lang Pei forcibly, the gut of integral convention very the impressions that affects an audience.

20220224121623 62177717c62ed

Then, experienced 3 years of Wu Jin character of 8 sodden drama, regain at Mom a group of people of same interest, with female identity goes out performed ancient costume theatrical work ” still feed ” .

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The one numerous female star in this drama is made to her match, have small stream of Chu Ran of king of ancient costume beauty, Wang Yan, Zhang Zhi, also floret Zhang Nan, He Ruixian is waited a moment, but defeat light the Wu Jin character of passerby predestined relationship, cannot have gained the full central point of the audience, bring about the CP with Xu Kai to feel greatly abate also.

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Actually sheet of Wu Jin character sees Yan Zhi be not highlighted, be like the recreational group of the cloud in the belle especially, her colour value competition ability is not tall. And she is Yu Zheng hard to hold in both hands, how to also hold in both hands however not red female advocate, although ever had ” of Wei Ying Luo ” filter lens, nowadays also already invalidation.

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The Bai Lu that holds even Yu Zheng in both hands later fire, and Wu Jin character however cake of form smoke into smother, seek the play road fixed position that forbids oneself all the time it seems that, acting in a play always also is float at the surface, accomplish very hard have resonance with the audience.

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This also explains, ” the strategy that delay happiness ” it is phenomenal class explodes drama, and the public praise theatrical work with real distance of Wu Jin character female advocate, still a paragraph of very long way wants.

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