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Original title: Male advocate than miserable sell a site into ancient costume drama, luo Yunxi some spells Cheng Yi, xiao Zhan whether surmount Wei Moxian From ” coloured glaze ” , ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” , ” Chen Qing makes ” later, male advocate than miserable sell a site with respect to what became ancient costume play, among a lot of ancient costume drama male advocate can be faced with all sorts of getting hurt even the clue of white hair. Luo Yunxi some spells Cheng Yi

20220224121747 6217776b6ca02

Cheng Yi is in ” coloured glaze ” in of personate male advocate, for achievement daughter advocate, 10 give birth to 10 worlds to did not get a good final result, cheng Yi also because of this drama, in becoming recreation to encircle ancient costume flimsy male advocate one of. ” with Jun Ge ” in, the slight move of the endure humiliation in order to carry out an important task of liege early days that Cheng Yi acts, became the hotspot of this drama again. Before Cheng Yi, the mainstream of slight move should belong to Luo Yunxi.

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Luo Yunxi is in ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” in of personate male 2 embellish jade, in starting ancient costume theatrical work male advocate the beginning of slight move. Lukewarm embellish is forced to depart with strange mother as a child however like jade, be squelched for a long time as the cornstalk of jade emperor, the heart puts be apt to to read aloud to give birth to hate because of love again, look at beloved person to be before helplessly into Chou You with brotherly fall out to finally caustic of jade of popular pass the time in a leisurely way. Arrived 2022, these two male star that feel extremely strong flimsily have theatrical work of an ancient costume, no matter be a person,be set or on modelling, have so that go all out

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Luo Yunxi’s drama is ” long night ashes bright ” , in this drama, the evil spirit of Luo Yunxi personate does not have affection namely natively filar person, he is powerful and stubborn, even if be abandoned,go double eye have not has shed tear.

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Cheng Yi’s drama ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” in, the Ying Yuan that serves as Di Jun also is a such powerful figures, he is useless because of battle, the hair spends blindness of white double eye, almost remnant is on his last legs at a heat. These two actors that are having weak feeling give the role that perform to basically having same destiny, who more get the better of one prepare true it’s hard to say to get Qing Xiaozhan whether surmount Wei Moxian

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Of Xiao Zhan become famous result from ” Chen Qing makes ” Wei Moxian, this part also calculates Wei Moxian to go up is one of delegate characters with the miserable destiny in ancient costume drama. Wei Moxian is a talent teenager originally, what even if be laughing and playing fights noisely to also can be mixed,repair refine seriously is blue forget machine meet one’s match in a contest, equal, he is elegant childe, appearance is pretty, how one’s life experience and experience are deplorable.

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Parents double die by person take sb in, be brought up in the scoff at of Mrs. Jiang as a child, after be brought up because be in charge of ” mind an issue ” door be destroyinged, the engagement that takes care of junior fellow apprentice to fulfill is real be dropped by analyse Jin Dan, be lost to enter random bury hillock to meet absolutely be born to be abandoned reducing everybody to call hit crooked means by junior fellow apprentice again however. Want to say to compare miserable role, find Weimo very hard to admire this kind a few times to rise actually rise and fall the part of volt, every time seem be unexpected rescued from a desperate situation, move toward more miserable final result again however, add Xiao Zhan colour, pardonable meeting fire.

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Xiao Zhan the new theatrical work this year ” jade bone Yao ” in when official of shadow great mind, also be a tragic part, look at helplessly beloved prentice fall in love with someone else, later because killed hellion by prentice destroy with one’s own hands. From inchoate divulge film titbits will look, of Xiao Zhan when the shadow also has fight caustic makeup modelling, however, the shadow when wanting to say and Weimo admire these two parts who is more miserable, the individual feels or the Kingdom of Wei prepares without Xian Gengsheng besides these a few drama, those who return some drama is male advocate, this field is being set in the person also is solid miserable, just end for instance ” lens twin city ” , the sea emperor of Li Yifeng personate, ending also is miserable really, fail to be together with beloved person not only, still change even for making love.

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Wait for sow drama ” protect a heart ” also be a such drama, inside male advocate it is a bewitching dragon, having a such words to the experience of bewitching dragon ” unplug · of part of Lin · cut pares bone · convict aeon of his eternal life, jerky · of · of cut out heart bans fetch · to come loose at great river north and south ” , can imagining this leading role is to have many miserable. Gongjun of Dilireba ” peace and happiness is passed ” in exposure female advocate white hair modelling, male advocate where is experience it may not be a bad idea less than, low-key inside the prince highness of collect, by oneself father emperor the name with offer amnesty and enlistment to rebels, award head of a bandit, still help father emperor hit the world escape from death later.

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The ancient costume theatrical work that a lot of waiting for was sowed 2022, those were not sowed first of fire, for instance ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” , ” peace and happiness is passed ” , ” jade bone Yao ” wait to having leading role especially without one exception what feel flimsily is male advocate, as propagandist dot, wait after broadcasting, who does compare can more miserable give a new height. Small make up think to sigh only: Ancient costume drama male advocate, fact is miserable! To this, what view do you have? Welcome everybody to leave a message in comment area, speak your true opinion.

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